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  1. Iran must be prevented from getting its hands on a nuclear device at all costs, if that means the US has to bomb their military and research installations so be it. I can't think of anything worse than a tin pot third world country run by fanatics getting there hands on the most destructive man made weapons. Realistically they will never get it as the zionists will never allow it.
  2. in reply to the title of this topic, definately yes, and still continues to be spread through manipulation, violence, and threats. Although it is also spread through none coercive means to.
  3. i just visited this forum after a long long time, haven't posted for years and i feel what drawof is saying, a lot of BS. The forum has definately gone down hill, can't see much pyaar here. however i do feel i have to make some posts to counteract some dangerous ideologies being propogated here.
  4. "Get a one way ticket to Khalistan and fight it out with the Indian government or any other clownish state organisation. You chose to idealise him: I idealise none. Again I just say that they are as worse as each other. But then again I guess that means I must be a traitor..." Don't get emotional man, your labelling yourself there, not my words. Just look at the facts rather than getting emotinal and hot headed, and perhaps making grandiose statements without the evidence to back them up. My opinion on Mahmoods book: it is pretty good, and based upon FACT (sources stated throug
  5. "If people like you dream of a state without barbers and where the diet is restricted to saron da saag and makhi di roti good for you but I believe we were born to achieve much more than that and that the world is not restricted to Gurdaspur disctrict." I have to agree with Dhillon, you are jumping to big assumptions about what he thinks and perhaps libelling people. I would classify myself as a khalistani but wouldn't welcome being subjugated or living under the taliban regime you think any proposed state would be. I don't think it is valid for you to make assumptions that all people who h
  6. "Hindu Nationalism which I hate passionately as much as I hate Wahabism and Neo-Sikhism." and don't hate, it blinds your judgement and makes u no better than a wahibist or salafist "As I said before I think the only difference between the militants and the Indian government is the uniform: all I see is men enacting violence on civilians. The ones do it in the name of a saffron nishan sahib the others for India's triranga.It's just the colours that are different: the cruelty is the same!" joker, i dunno if i shud really start to answer this. Difference was Indian forces went out to des
  7. "Bhai Ranjit Singh actually visited Jarnail Singh Bhindranvala at the Golden Temple Complex before the attack of the Indian army. Bhindranvala refused to see him and this is a fact." Can you woute sources for this. and i mean reliable sources, not your beloved KPS Gill
  8. also i think international law promotes a peoples right to self determination. something that the indian regime has denied many states trhoughout the union of india, as well as numerous other violations of international law. its ironic that indian state apologists then use it to justify the attack on harmandir sahib. furthermore Sukhraj is university educated, and from a top university at that, so lets stop the mudlsinging, it doesn't befit a singh to have so much hankar and look down at ppl with such sorts of superiority complexes.
  9. Can you use any sikh references to say the akal takht or any gurudwara should not be used for political purposes, as far as i know politics is a highly integral part of sikhi. Please givr sikh sources which criticise rather than trying to view histroy through anglocised constructs. international law refers to state entities, not individual people. And stop being an apologist for indian state terrorism.
  10. Dude with all respect to nihungs santa singh was played by the indian govt to become the front man of their much needed requirement to get a known sikh to rebuild the takht. its not like he went to the govt and requested money. they contacted him as they needed somebody, and he fell for it hook, line and sinker. lets face it hes only human and can make mistakes, not the faultless demi god some nihungs make him out to be. i think bhindrawale was right in most things and support him a lot but i think he did do some wrong as well. don't have blind faith
  11. bahadur sometimes you amaze me singh. Your an educated guy and a lecturer, surely you know the difference between a biased source and an unbiased one. KPS Gill was a notorious terrorist by everyones reckoning yet you quote him like hes reliable. bhindrawales men or people who just claim to follow him? does this justify the attempted genocide by india? try destroying a people, their language, culture, religion and way of life and then ask, are those people going to resist?
  12. have u found this speech? i would be interested to hear it as personally i believe it does not exist. i think the speech u refer to was made at maddison sq gardens, nyc in 1986 by a canadian.
  13. looking at Argentinas performance against the serbs they must be favourites now. England are gonna crack against any big team they play, and they will meet germany soon. i have a sneaky feeling the germans will do it. brazil may do well but only due to the quality of individual players, as a team they ain't gelling well. and judging by italy's performance today, well, enoguh said . . . . . .
  14. i registered 1984.org.uk back in the day but never got round to setting anything up. just did a whois look up and its not in my name anymore so i guess it must have expired. would have sent u that otherwise.
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