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  1. hows a bungah gonna help!!! i mite jus shave ma head
  2. Its really bad now!, i mean my hairline is only slightly recieded but my hair on top is VERY thin. any1 got any tips for gettin ma hair back. i.e diet, oils etc etc Ma mum says to let her massage ma head but i dont want her to rub away my current hair. PS my hair isnt very long (about shoulder length), it hasnt ever been but it has always been VERY thick unitl now, im only 22 aswell so it surely cant be baldness!!
  3. wow!, thats 1 old vid!!! nice 1, amazin to see how sikhs still look the same 20yrs later. i.e if that had been moneh, they would have had sum dodgy hairstyles and sum freaky clothing, who needs fashion!!!
  4. i dont know much about dubai but it is a muslim country right? if so im not surprised its hard to open/run gurdwareh/mandirs etc there
  5. very interesting post
  6. wat a shame, they were all very young aswell fateh
  7. wow, i must say in that pic it doesnt really look like india, if golden temple complex wasnt there id say it looks like a standard western area
  8. yeh i always wonder about bhindranwale's crew? did they really go out killingm urdering etc etc, were they really terrorists?
  9. is this site also run by shastevidiya sarbloh n them lot cos i swear this budhadal site was 'in construction' for like a year just like shastarvidiya.org @ the mo. Secondly when this budhadal was in construction the homepage mentioned sanatan n all that? wats goin on?
  10. had a look at the site, seems a bit odd u know! ithink muslims to fear sikhs considering how many of them there are it is a bit of a joke really!
  11. so ppl the khda that 'we' use today, is it a flase one. what about all the NISHAN SAHIBS across the world, should they not have the MODERN khanda on it
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