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  1. Thank you ji, i will try this?
  2. Dhanwaad ji Tbh it was arguing with my father about silly things. Mainly because he used to complain always about being stressed and i knew sikhi was a way out for him, so i always used to push him to read bani or listen to katha which he didnt want to do, therefore we would argue. Now i realise how stupid of me this was, and I guess it kind of backfired on me. I would tell my friends about this too so it may be that i ended up doing chuglee this way. All i know is that since these arguements sikhi just hasnt been the same for me and i dont feel maharaj is happy with me.
  3. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i was blessed with amrit almost a year ago, but since then i seem to have gone on a downwards scale mainly because of coming into a series of arguments about a month after taking amrit. After that time sikhi just hasnt been the same, i dont feel anything when doing simran anymore and the love for sikhi just isnt the same. For about 8 months now i've just been trying to get back on track and get back into sikhi properly but its been really hard. I try to spend much time reading bani, doing simran but it doesnt seem to do much effect. Right now feel like i've really dropped and in my mind increasingly im starting to have really bad thoughts when im in sangat or even out and about (mainly nindia). I dont know how to control these thoughts and i know that they're wrong and i shouldnt but i cant help it. after beant ardaasa to maharaj im now just hopeing that the sangat can give me some support and show me the way. I really wanna increase my prem for maharaj but i dont know what to do anymore. also i went to gurughar today and whilst listening to akand paath i picked up on this shabad: ਅਵਖਧ ਸਭੇ ਕੀਤਿਅਨੁ ਨਿੰਦਕ ਕਾ ਦਾਰੂ ਨਾਹਿ ॥ Avakhadhh Sabhae Keethian Nindhak Kaa Dhaaroo Naahi || All kinds of medicines may be prepared, but there is no cure for the slanderer. your answers will mean the world to me, thank you sangat ji?
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