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  1. Can anyone explain what does matrix mean in terms of spirituality. What does it mean according to gurbani.
  2. I’ve heard about this too. There’s a documentary as well DMT the spirit molecule. Would like to know the views on this.
  3. Read the previous posts on this and I’ve heard some other people saying not to do that some like preachers and some other says one should. Reasons not known
  4. I don’t do chakra meditation. But when I do simran I put my attention between eyebrows because that’s what I find the most easiest way to focus or maybe it’s because now I’m so use to concentrate on third eye... if I try to focus on heart chakra or anywhere else it wanders easily thn have to bring it back there. But so many people say one shouldn’t focus on third eye.
  5. This use to happen with me a lot before. Now it rarely happens. Don’t know what’s going on with me now where am I going.. I didn’t know it’s called locus of awareness but thanks to u.. amazing topic.. after reading ur and happy days posts I’m confused where one should be keeping their dhyaan.. where??
  6. I agree with u on this.. So many people think sex is a sin. We are suppose to keep sex under control and not keep thinking it’s a sin even with our partner in marriage. Everything becomes sin when not under control.. it doesn’t apply only for sex.
  7. Oh ok I said that like that was a question from me to that poster coz he said don’t get stuck in counting and ego something like that. So I was asking him like what counting and ego.. Hanji misunderstanding ji.
  8. So did I said something else? That’s what I said ego is there doesn’t matter if u do khulla pehra or chalisa. But some people bring ego within chalisa and says I did this many or he/she did this amount of paths or jaaps and with khulla they don’t judge.. It’s the intentions and how they do it and why they do it and for what they do it. It’s different for everyone.
  9. How counting or doing x amount of Jaap leads to ego.. I think ego can still overtake when u do khulla pehra. Why it’s always considered that chalisa is useless and its always said that it’s the ego of a person.. I think it’s the intentions that matters whether if rememberance is done under a specific amount of time or u do it unconditionally.. whatever u said is absolutely correct that it’s not us or me who does the Jaap but it’s the mindset of a person so I think we can’t say everyone who does is egotistic.. I still have ego and ego isn’t something that can be won over night for a sinner like me but These X amount of Jaaps can help in getting over haumai if done with true intentions.
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