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  1. Its pleasure telling this news that we are NOW allowed to wear sri sahib in flight here is the detailed news https://www.google.ca/amp/m.hindustantimes.com/punjab/sikhs-can-now-wear-small-kirpans-on-flights-in-canada/story-SQEEHMK6IdpwP41C2Ic87N_amp.html
  2. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh I have seen in photographs of many high avastha saints holding a rosary for simran. Sant Ishar Singh Rara sahib, Sant Kishan Singh Rara sahib, and many others. Although Sant ji used to say Rosary is needed in initial stages of simran, a part of our mind is diverted to play rosary beads and the second part is then becomes more easy to focus on naam. I have no doubts regarding the avsatha of these sadhoos. This is however, still a question that when there are no further stages left after their enlightenment, why they still used rosary? May be they wanted to remind us about simran, or possibly some other reasons? I feel more good without rosary, otherwise a part of my mind keeps doing math regarding how many beads are left to complete the cirle, or sometimes I get into confusion that may be I missed one bead as a result of which I reverse one bead and do it again. Rosary doesn’t let me do my full but all these brahmgiany sadhoos use it, there might be some secret benefits. Sant Ishar Singh ji Rara sahib, Rosary Sant Nand Singh ji Klera Nanaksar, Rosary Sant Kishan Singh Ji Rara sahib, Rosary Mahant Krishan Dass ji Kashmir, Rosary Sant Ajit Singh ji Hansali Wale, Rosary
  3. Nehklanki avtaar, or Kaalki avtar or sometimes mentioned as Klki avtar is explained in much detail by sri dasam pita ji in “choubis avtar” in sri dasam granth sahib. he will come at the end of kalyug, on a white horse, with 350 feet long sword, guru jibhas explained how beautiful his face will be, his eyes his hands and everything, its very interesting katha everyone should listen. ( he will show up in a small village of Orissa, India in sambalpur inside of a vishnoo temple) i also checked some hindu granths regarding kalki avtar, he information is much more same as in Sri Dasam Granth
  4. I get darshans of mahatmas many times but I always think its just by chance like other regular dreams, some of dreams I remember one dream was like 5-6 yrs back, I saw I am riding a bicycle and Sant Teja Singh ji Rara sahib wale sitting on my cycle one dream was something like a big ocean, many people ( also some snakes) are walking on the surface of this ocean, I was standing on one side as I was scared to walk on water, then sant Ishar singh ji came to me in pure white clothes with smiling face and told me to walk, Go u can do it, also pat on my back and I started running on water, I was about 3-4 yrs back but I can still feel this dream. one dresm was recently, i saw that i was sitting and doing simran, i was frustrated that no improvement in my simran then all of sudden satguru nanak dev ji put his two fingers on my eyes ( my eyes were still closed I didn’t see guru ji face I don’t know how but i felt it were guru jis fingers), agter touching my eyeslids started to get light inside and I was very happy when I got up.
  5. I am not sure if you guys will read this reply now as this post id more than 10-12 yrs old. According to a tape of sant ishar singh ji rara sahib, 4 types of smadhis are there: 1. Shabad roop- saaVikalap: means its withh shabad and with though waves also, example , u r chanting gurmantar and thinking about God also,( more or less but there are thought waves) 2. Ashabad roop- saaVikalap: in this u r not chanting any mantar but only thinking about God, 3. Shabad roop- nirVikalap: its when u r chanting a mantar( by tongue or by mentally by baikhari or by madmaa or by praa or by psanti) but there is absolutely no thought waves, all the thought are merged in shabad, no other thoughts. ( the rom rom avashtha can approach upto here, in this there is no thought waves but yet there is one thing that is shabad) 4. This is the 4 stage of samadhi, no kathavachak tells this way baba ishar singh used fo tell sangat, most kathavachaks says that this avastha a person can live only 7 days or 5 days but according to sant ji its Ashabad roop-nirvikalap means no shabad no gurmantar no light no thought waves, complete sunn, sant ji also used to say that its to hard to say what exactly is this stage, they said no idea what this stage is, only who approach can feel
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