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  1. Would you be so kind as to post the FB link on here ? I can't find them on there...
  2. It seems like there is a double narrative going on Pakistan. Is the sangat able to gauge what is truly going on here? The conversion of non Muslim women does not appear to be changing....
  3. I have seen this, what name do they go under now? Are there former articles and write ups available? The tumblr account seems to have alot of their original work missing....
  4. Does anyone know where this website and material has gone ? Literally seems to have gone AWOL...
  5. @dalsingh101 that its phenomenal . I am truly humbled. Do you have any more translations. What made you and bhagat Singh not translate the rest ?
  6. Morning DalSingh, Great work there, I shall investigate accordingly. It's ironic that's Sikhs themselves destroy their own virsaat. Be it buildings or granths. I know in punjab there has been this bizarre thing about burning 'birid' old granths. Goreh manage to preserve scrolls from Pompeii!!!!
  7. The thing I can think is actually going there. But unless you know a khass banda. I can see that being a massive headache, they would take full advantage and hustle the 'valeti'
  8. Khalsa fateh Sangat ji, I was listening to a katha about Jassa Singh Alhuwalia. And heard how the Guru's mehls (wives) Mata Sundri and Mata Sahib Deva, moved to Delhi after the Siege of Anandpur. I believe they stayed in Delhi here after. However, I was wondering do anyone know what happened to them after ? The 1700s after Aurangzeb, concerning Delhi were truly chaotic given the frequent invasions carried out by Nadir Shah and Abdali. We know that Mata Sundri adopted a young boy who, looked like the one of the sahibzadeh. And was advised by Bhai Mani Singh against this. In t
  9. Fateh Sangat ji! Can anyone recommend good books which go into detail about the Sikh contribution and additional details during ' world war I' ?
  10. Bhaiji did a search and it was published in 4 parts at the turn of the last century. They did the same thing with twarikh Guru Khalsa, released it in volumes. Read this http://www.learnpunjabi.org/eos/GUR PUR PRAKASH.html
  11. @Soulfinder that's the one. Gurpur prakash Granth by Sant Renn Singh (descendent of Guru Angad Sahib) so looks like this Granth was printed in 4 parts. Does anyone if its still available?
  12. Fateh Sangat! I was wondering is anyone has any nuggets of info about this Granth, sadly it's missing now( an on going trend) . What kinda stuff was in it? When roughly did it go missing? Did anyone make notes on it ? Is there parts which were copied or preserved by scholars or vidyatees?
  13. Fateh Sangat! Wondering if anyone knows the background of this bani? It appears in the namdhari nitnem. But I've never encountered it the Dasam Saroop and it does appear to be from Sarbloh Granth ji. Any pointers ?
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