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  1. @Yodah..one @dalsingh101 Do you know this guy? Shed some light if you do
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PzjJ9m76Ng&t=119s
  3. I've been doing pull ups, press ups and squats. Planks at the end. Im doing each set to failure. 3 times a week. Ive also been stretching every day as my chonkra lasts about an hour before I get all stiff. For those struggling on chonkra, i would highly recommend lower back, glutes, hamstring and hip stretches. Every day if not twice. Ill see if i can find a youtube clip on this and will then post it.
  4. Watch "The PERFECT Home Workout (Sets and Reps Included)" on YouTube This is for beginners and intermediate level. Its not about being muscular and looking the part, but just being healthy in general. There's also other simple methods such as star jumps, jogging on the spot, walking up and down stairs. We don't have to be fitness freaks but a little exercise here and there will go a long way. Even though we have our unique biological bodies it will be interesting to know what people eat, how much and how often.
  5. You doing shikaar? Jhatka? Hope you are following 'hukam'... Dont forget the sukha..lol
  6. Great interception. Ill also like to add that i will tone it down as and when i come and give my 2 cents here.
  7. This is what isolation does. The simran posts are pretty good on this forum, especially the older posts. Yeh they were jatt, cos thats the only jaat that shows up time and time again. & idont think you get all this jaat paat stuff. It is important, its easy too just look at the negative traits of all jaats.
  8. Ground level sh!t??.. & our so called 'sikh,' boys blackmailing the same girls they 'saved,'..,?? Have a admin cut day off..
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