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  1. Definately... Baba will bless me with more Sumat!
  2. This is what... But stil i cant get over it
  3. Waheguru.. I got it now... But why the mentality of hindus claims that women isnt pure in these days? They dont go to Mandirs, they ignore doing any thing religious i mean i found it so difficult...
  4. Waheguru! Thanks sista! You mean to say tht In Sikhism.. You can continue your Simran Path in month days too? Is it not sinful?
  5. Waheguru bro... Actually i'm kinda in that area where is No Gurduwara And Guru Sangat... There are alot of Hindusuim rituals Sangat and much more But sorry to say there are ppl doing rituals like hypocrisy and Show off.. I am 25 years old u found so later that you want only Conection with God to have a peaceful life.. No material things no more relations and a high figh life.. Only accept and thank for what u have and what are you going through.. Life has a lot of lessons and circulers some are happy some are hard sad but all leads us to God.. So i found
  6. Thanks alot ♥ Waheguru bless you
  7. Waheguru... Thanks i m trying my best.. What is Aarti Aarta? I mean i dont know Gurmukhi.. So some how Waheguru blessed me with Urdu Sunder Gutka so here i do my Paath's.. Where from i can find Aarti aarta? Im sunder Gutka? And more question ... I dont get attached every day idk why i feel like my lust is asking me to wakeup from Aashan haar and stop Simran... I get horrible thoughts, noises of my home gets in my mind and i get distracted.. I try to put some Baanis on mp3 so i can reconcerntrate, but i cant, some time i get attached like i
  8. Waheguru Piyaron! I am not a Sikh ... I am Hindu but from 4 5 years i am believing in Ik Onkar and my life is going much easy! From last year i have started doing simran in the evening.. First i do Mala of Mol mantar.. And then Path Of Shiri Jap Ji Sahib.. I continued this few months then i added Choupai Sahib.. then now i have added Rehras Sahib too.. Suggest me how i can be still better? I also do two mala of Dhan Guru Nanak Chanting.. And sometimes i get alot heart in simran that i got in rhythm.. Also at some times i feel so distracted that my Eager is as
  9. Kalpu


    Satta Balvaad De Vaar Ramkali Ki Vaar ? What is this, i dont have any info?
  10. Kalpu


    Is it okay if we do wrong Oochaar of any word of nitnem by mistake? I mean there are many contexts have fear that if you do wrong ouchar u will b punished... U know i am new, so it happens alot of time, kindly plz guide me
  11. Kalpu


    Yeah this is what... Just hoping Guru Nanak bless me with his Nam & Simran...
  12. Kalpu


    Exactly what... I am new so i need time to say corect words, i still use audio file & context written together to do right Oochaar... Of every single lafz... I do listen Gubani videos daily too... It takes alot of time... To do everything together... So just trying... I dont want to leave anything.... Just want to make my habit of daily life... Nitnem! Conection to Guru Naanak
  13. Kalpu


    Dhan Guru Nanak I have a question... Is it is necesary to do jap All the context of Japji Sahib, Jap Sahib, & Anand Sahin daily? Tav Parsad & choupai are of 7 8 mins. But these three are of 25 to 35 mins... It takes 1 hour & 45 mins to complete this 5... Can we jap them short?? Or is it okay to jap them one by one on diffrent time... I am not able to wake up at Amrit waila... This happens rare... But i want to do nitnem daily but it takes long time... So what can i do? Even i want to make Rehras Sahib & kirtan sohaila als
  14. Maybe somenot... But sentances... Every sentance... Very clearly!!
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