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  1. I find it kinda funny, if u cant poke fun at yourself, ure to uptight, jewish people always make fun of themselves, dancing rabbis on SNL or how all jews are cheap and are great accuantants, its a fact of life, now the trend in mulsem commedians in the US and UK ever since 9-11. this way people are inclined to see who sikhs are after they hear somthing about them. It was all for good fun anyways, nothing harmful. the bigger issue if anything is what John Kerry had said about sikh supporting terrorism, if people want to make a big deal about somthing, make a big deal about that, otherwise we al
  2. Here is the link to Rediffs Special for Operation Blue Star 20 years on. these articles were probably some of the most anti-sikh articles i have read in a long time, all the facts are distorted, I highly recommend that people send comments to REDIFF about these bias, corrupt articles that defame sikhs everywhere!!!! http://www.rediff.com/news/2004/jun/03spec.htm As someone who lost 19 members during the anti-sikh riots, i found this special highly offensive Manbir
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