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  1. Angy15 could you please elaborate on ek sikh rehat maryada
  2. Yeah I have chosen to stick to gurmantar it is much easier and I was reccommended it by a Mahapurakh
  3. I find that there is a lot of peace at takkht sahib and one can do a lot of abhyaas because how peaceful it is. Personally when I went there I was in total bliss and experienced some things which I haven't experienced anywhere else. I would like to keep these experiences gupt but I think the Sangat knows what I mean. The maryada is also very good and there is a lot of respect for maharajj jee that's why I think it is so peaceful. Plus Mahapurakh is there.
  4. Vaheguru Jee ka khalsa vaheguru Jee kee fateh Hazur sahib maryada is awesome I would just like an open discussion with all the Sangat on this forum about what you think of hazur sahib maryada and. Personally I think it's brilliant and when I visited takkht sahib there is a feeling which cannot be experienced anywhere else. Bhull chuk Muaaf jee
  5. Yeah giani harbhajan singh is a vidhvan and when they started there Katha they were told that they can't do Katha but they carried on and have they finished Katha all the missionaries were ashamed and came with baba jee back to bhindran kalan
  6. I was talking to giani thakur singh Jee about this and that the people who made the video were people who didn't like what he said about missionaries so they created this video to defame and try and make him stop his parchaar. There is no solid evidence and have talked to him myself also another thing to note is that giani thakur singh Jee has done Sangat with many saints and I don't think he would ever do something like this. The reason they made the video was to try and make giani Jee stop his parchaar. But giani Jee won't let that happen giani Jee said let them do what they want they will
  7. Vaheguru Jee ka khalsa vaheguru Jee kee fateh Is anyone interested in doing a group Chalisa mool mantar Jaap for the countless shaheeds of the panth and for our own benefit so we can get closer to akaal purakh vaheguru. Bhull chuk Muaaf jee
  8. So at the gurdwara today I saw this Singh and started doing vichar and he reccommended me to do gurmantar simran all the time but at least one mala of guru Gaitri mantar. So I'm going to stick to that when we do guru Gaitri mantar this gives us motivation to do more simran and this Gurmukh told me that gurmantar abhyaas is the most important but this gurmukh was advised to do 1 mala or 30 mins of guru Gaitri mantar he was advised by Mahapurakh and has told me to do the same so paapiman that's what I would do if you are starting off.
  9. Well I started a couple of days ago and once I started I felt peaceful and content I am quite hot tempered and that cooled too I was talking to an abyasee gursikh and there said that this shabad/ mantar is very powerful and will kills ones ego I that got me thinking that that is something I want I want to kill my ego and also once you start u do notice that it works pretty fast. So personally I have been doing 1 mala and gradually going to try and do sava lakh. I reccommend everybody to at least recite this mantar for 30 mins everyday. Bhull chuk Muaaf jee
  10. Thanks for all the replies I understand now that By chanting his name we will reach our destination. Waheguru simran is a must and the easiest possible way to get to mahraaj Jee. I was listening to giani thakur singh Katha and they have clearly said that and also the replies on this thread and have also made me understand. I appreciate everyone's replies. Giani Jee also said that one should at least do 30 mins abhyaas of Gaitri mantar because this creates the love devotion and motivation in ourselves to continuously do naam simran. Bhull chuk Muaaf jee
  11. It is called Gaitri mantar because it is very powerful and atunes the mind very quickly vaheguru simran and this mantar is the fastest way possible to get to mahraaj Jee I have heard this from giani thakur singh
  12. By the way Gaitri mantar is gobinde mukande udare apare haarian karian nirnamay akamay which every amritdhari reads daily it's in Jaap sahib it's not from another religion or dharam just wanted to clarify that Bhull chuk Muaaf jee
  13. Vaheguru Jee ka khalsa vaheguru Jee kee fateh I am new to this forum and this is my first topic so I apologize beforehand if I insult or say something incorrect. My question is that instead of doing waheguru simran my mind tunes to this mantar is it OK if one does abhyaas of a different shabad or mantar instead of waheguru simran I know that Sant isher singh rara sahib Mahapurakh and Sant baba attar singh Jee mastuana would recite this mantar instead of waheguru simran. I just want reassurance from the Sangat that is it OK to do this mantar instead of waheguru simran vaheguru
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