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  1. Sound and practical advice Ji. This won't deprive any Sikh from pursuing an honest line of career.
  2. I agree with what you are saying and understand where you are coming from in principal. But the day a heavy tool lands on your head in a construction site will make you change your mind,if you are still alive after that.Many sites wouldn't allow you in without a helmet because of site safety rules made by the government. Same goes with motorcycle helmet.How many good young boys have passed because of head injury. I am not talking about the right to wear turban or going to war.I'm just talking on a practical level. A dead Sikh is of no use to anyone,neither to the panth nor
  3. Much better than before.Healthier with a much calmer mind.Thanks for inquiring.
  4. No in Asia. Im not sure about western scientists.It was recommended to me by the sinseh in the traditional chinese medicine shop.Worked very well for me so I've been recommending it to those with lung problems since.Feedback has always been positive.
  5. What time you usually sit for Jaap? You do it in the dark or with light on?
  6. I would like to know too ji. According to the grapevine your disappearance had something to do with you doing intense bhagti in a hidden cave in some remote mountain.How true is that?What new insights have been revealed to you ji? Bhul chuk maaf
  7. If you ask me It's the intention that matters. You are thinking about others and that's good. Don't worry too much.
  8. Exercising is a must for this to work.Helps elevating mood and keeps mind away from thoughts of substances at least during exercise time.
  9. No never tried.Just cold turkey.Most of it is in the head,nothing much physical. My full blood panel last year showed no abnormalities. Nothing much can be done for lungs. But a good product for lung health/strength is boiled crocodile skin with chinese herbs or dried crocodile meat made into soup. I feel the lungs get stronger after a 3 day course of this.Extremely good for lungs.
  10. Wow that's an awesome experience.Truly lucky.Thanks for sharing bro.Great you understand your purpose in life and what you have to accomplish.
  11. Can you elaborate more on your visit to the court of Dharamraj?
  12. Great idea,a true 'Yodah' would have no problem facing a challenge by a 'Samurai'. Lol, doubt that would materialize as dally is a keyboard warrior that has been spamming forums for the past 10 years,clown is a legend in his own mind,all talk no action.
  13. Khusreya no balls to do anything just say it,no wonder you have been barking for the past 10 years,all talk no action.
  14. SO when are you going to approach the parliament speaker and air your grievances to him? You are in the UK,instead of lecturing us go be a Yodah and show us your greeeaaatttttt warrior prowess and hardcore social activism. Dont just be a khusra spamming forums with your rubbish.Go on and show us. I guess your kala boyfriend again broke up with hence you are spamming the forums to vent your frustration like usual.
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