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  1. How you come to that opinion, he told you so? Any evidence that Gurbani condones and encourages bonde poona?Historical evidence?
  2. Truth bombs from Ragmaala and GurjantGnostic Veerjis. I'd like to advise you to stop watching Bollywood love movies or TV serials. It's not real, just opium for the indian massess so they forget the misery of daily life and live in fantasy love lalaland. That "very pure soul" is having a narcisstic trip with you playing all these mind games shes enjoying every moment of it. Don't give her the power. Start by stop answering her calls or tell her to buzz off if she does. Tell your mom to stop taking her calls too. For now give 100% to yourself and your parents,much more worth it. This "very pure soul" eats, shits and farts just like you my friend, you carry on with life. By the way,just curious, did you use to go to your pind gurudwara, city gurudwara, a few aethaasik gurudwaras, at Nanaksar Kalera and at Harmandar Sahib to do Ardaas before "very pure soul" dumped you? If no, then maybe it's a blessing in disguise this happened,at least you got darshan of these Gurudwaras. Hope you are not a one post wonder and do post responses to all the good advise given in this thread. I want to know the update of this "Dilwale Very Pure Soul Lejayenge".
  3. Gurfateh ji. Are you the author of the article "The God of Dasam Granth is the God of Sri Guru Granth Sahib"? Read it a long time back. Please stay here and post more on this Missionary gang of vipers. Would I be right to say Dr. ji that the Sikh Missionary Society of Singapore and their legion of well organized minions are funding and guiding Missionary activities and the take over of Gurudwaras and key Sikh Institutions in Peninsular Malaysia? Currently going through that link you gave ji. Highly informational and a good read to arm oneself with verbal and mental defense against Missionary koor parchar.
  4. Do you know any specific reason for No. 16? Bred swine.
  5. Exactly veerji. thats a perfect example of backfiring when those that are incompetent attempt to meddle with the spirit world. The hunter ends up becoming the hunted, or should i say haunted. When tribal land of indigenous people here was acquired by force by the government and greedy developers, they also encroached and cleared up their burial grounds. Till today the massive development on that land is still being haunted. Their shamans made it a point to add petrol on fire by releasing more wild spirits in that area. The resort developers are still flying in taoist monks and thai shamans to pacify that place so business can go on.
  6. Love this topic,lets hear more experiences. In my opinion,rather than hunting ghosts unsuccessfully it's better to invoke them if you have the knowhow and protection,even then usually those with an active third eye are able to see and communicate. Chance encounters are the fun ones,not much damage done,just get spooked,spirit just miserable or wants to play tricks depending on type.many were never human. spirits/jins sent by a shaman at the bidding of someone are the deadly ones. Here, the real deal shamans don't keep low grade spirits to do their dirty jobs but old powerful damned creatures who have decades or centuries of experience passed down from master to student. these are the ones to stay very far from. But can't do that as you dont know when you could get hit because of somebody you offended. If you do get attacked this way usually manifests as sickness/accidents or you start seeing them,cant sleep,going mad etc. Then you're left with few choices,either go through it with faith in the Waheguru and accept it as his hukam or you find another shaman to heal you. Either the shaman has something much stronger that hes able to bash that creature and the aggressor shaman away(aggressor shaman ends up very sick or dead in this scenario) or the most common ending is a deal is made between the 2 shamans spiritually,that the target has suffered enough etc,let him go, we'll call it even. Being a middle man good samaritan trying to help out the victim in this case is equally dangerous, as you end up being targeted for interfering even if you were only there to provide transportation and emotional support.
  7. Good job penji.Keep it up.You are an inspiration.
  8. It would be a great idea. Those already working with companies/MNC can post if theres any opening in their organizations.
  9. A little late but heres my 2cents. Then get married. Many girls have gotten pregnant and a marriage was arranged fast,no problem but as another poster asked,is the man a Sikh?You just mentioned indian man. Why shame now,no shame during 10years together unmarried? And your answer to cover this "shame" is to end an innocent life?He/She already has a heartbeat at this age. Why ask this question here when you have made up your mind to commit murder to cover up your own actions?Are you looking for approval,sympathy or a group hug session?Looks like the man has higher moral values than you as he doesn't want his child to be murdered.By your post you seem more concerned about yours and your families reputation and "honour" more than the life of your own child in your belly. I'll tell you what you Should Not do for your own sake. Please Don't kill the child. He/She is your OWN flesh and blood. He/She is already your family member. Its murder and a very big sin and it will haunt you for the rest of your life and you will have to pay for this evil karma,no escaping it if you proceed with abortion. Either get married or put the child up for adoption,I'm sure are many couples that would love to adopt.It's the right thing to do. Im sure you will read this and i hope you will update us on your final decision although i doubt you will.
  10. True, justice delayed is justice denied. And knowing India, I doubt this fella is going to suffer much, at least not on the earthly realm. But it's a symbolic victory that hopefully can give some relief to the families of the victims although nothing can ever make up for their loss and suffering. The thousands of hindu men who committed the rapes and murders are still roaming freely without facing any consequences.
  11. Keep it up! Autopilot experience is awesome. Any feeling on the top of your head, like someone is pulling you up with a hook in the top of the head?
  12. Lol bondu,whos the cry baby who wants to buy a ticket and come get my Darshan?Hahahaha. Jatana da koosa. Hey dallo,even your village has the word Jat in it,hahahahaha. Enough distraction & obfuscation, back to the point Dally. Why are you BANNED from entering CANADA?
  13. You have a point. I can see you are a reasonable and objective person by your reply. At least you are not threatening to get on a plane and fly half way across the globe to rape my mother, lol.
  14. Ok dally,calm down boy,now tell all of us why are you BANNED FROM ENTERING CANADA? You are the one changing the subject everytime I bring it up.Was a simple question.Why so hard to answer?Is this why you cant sleep at night dally boy?
  15. you have this neverending fantasy of abusing women.Did your mothers boyfriend do that dally?Did you get your ass whipped after he was done with that hag?Let me guess,was he a Jatt or a Gora hence your hatred for them?Its not our fault your mom is a whore dally.
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