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  1. Good job penji.Keep it up.You are an inspiration.
  2. It would be a great idea. Those already working with companies/MNC can post if theres any opening in their organizations.
  3. A little late but heres my 2cents. Then get married. Many girls have gotten pregnant and a marriage was arranged fast,no problem but as another poster asked,is the man a Sikh?You just mentioned indian man. Why shame now,no shame during 10years together unmarried? And your answer to cover this "shame" is to end an innocent life?He/She already has a heartbeat at this age. Why ask this question here when you have made up your mind to commit murder to cover up your own actions?Are you looking for approval,sympathy or a group hug session?Looks like the man has higher moral values than you as he doesn't want his child to be murdered.By your post you seem more concerned about yours and your families reputation and "honour" more than the life of your own child in your belly. I'll tell you what you Should Not do for your own sake. Please Don't kill the child. He/She is your OWN flesh and blood. He/She is already your family member. Its murder and a very big sin and it will haunt you for the rest of your life and you will have to pay for this evil karma,no escaping it if you proceed with abortion. Either get married or put the child up for adoption,I'm sure are many couples that would love to adopt.It's the right thing to do. Im sure you will read this and i hope you will update us on your final decision although i doubt you will.
  4. True, justice delayed is justice denied. And knowing India, I doubt this fella is going to suffer much, at least not on the earthly realm. But it's a symbolic victory that hopefully can give some relief to the families of the victims although nothing can ever make up for their loss and suffering. The thousands of hindu men who committed the rapes and murders are still roaming freely without facing any consequences.
  5. Keep it up! Autopilot experience is awesome. Any feeling on the top of your head, like someone is pulling you up with a hook in the top of the head?
  6. Lol bondu,whos the cry baby who wants to buy a ticket and come get my Darshan?Hahahaha. Jatana da koosa. Hey dallo,even your village has the word Jat in it,hahahahaha. Enough distraction & obfuscation, back to the point Dally. Why are you BANNED from entering CANADA?
  7. You have a point. I can see you are a reasonable and objective person by your reply. At least you are not threatening to get on a plane and fly half way across the globe to rape my mother, lol.
  8. Ok dally,calm down boy,now tell all of us why are you BANNED FROM ENTERING CANADA? You are the one changing the subject everytime I bring it up.Was a simple question.Why so hard to answer?Is this why you cant sleep at night dally boy?
  9. you have this neverending fantasy of abusing women.Did your mothers boyfriend do that dally?Did you get your ass whipped after he was done with that hag?Let me guess,was he a Jatt or a Gora hence your hatred for them?Its not our fault your mom is a whore dally.
  10. Give this same advice to your boy dally before being a fan boy.Have you even read the shit he has thrown my way the past 2 years. Be objective and not a blind follower your whole life. I am acting right.You can keep on waiting.
  11. Lol look whos talking after threatening to buy a flight ticket,fly half way across the world to commit rape and violence. I just do it as response to all you have done these past 2 years.You bastard did it in the farmers thread.Penchoda. With every post the pendu from jatana reveals himself more and more. There cant be a bigger pendu than you dally. Pendus usually threaten to meet and fight in the same city,this pedo wants to travel half the world to rape.What a miserable sob. Hahaha i guess exposing dally as a pedo or using his dp finally made him snap and cry like a admin cut.
  12. Lol,your post proves my point of what a criminal chuda machod you are. Me and anger outbursts? Lol look whos talking. The penchod who cant sleep because of his guilty conscience for all the sexual crimes he's committed. Lol penchod pedo begged and cried at admin to delete the other thread where I exposed this admin cut and his crimes.Imagine being banned by a Canada for being a pedo,how low can someone get.Oh ya I forgot,we're talking about a pendu from jatana here,hahaha.Your chudi mom must cry herself to sleep every night knowing her illegitimate child is now a pedo homo.Sigh. Please do come over,no joke, I will make sure a you have a hospitable and unforgettable stay.Don't worry,there are many african students here,you can still get your daily supply of kalah lund.Hopefully your Ugandan bf back home doesn't get angry.
  13. Says the pedo chuda criminal who is banned from Canada for sex crimes,lol the irony
  14. People in Canada should also be thankful that this criminal dally is banned from their shores. Who knows what could happen if they allowed lowlife scumbag criminals in.
  15. The link is still up in the 2nd post quoted comment.
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