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  1. Awesome mountain background.Is the images section on the front page necessary as its the same old images?Great upgrade admin
  2. We are aware enough not to dig up threads that are 17 years old just because we got our feelings hurt. You are the one registering an account and resurrecting this dead and buried thread to have the last word. Shouldn't you take your own advice & live and let live? Ok have a nice day.
  3. Was wondering the same thing. Do you mean the Buddhist system of meditation on the breath and other body parts etc? You mentioned Ishavar Amalok,any english version vailable ?
  4. Namdharis again prove they are the Indian governments loyal running dog. Dalip I thought your brother expelled you from his cult?What happened?So now this cult has 2 "Gurus"?I think these guys took the saying '2 heads are better than 1' 'literally. These are the 2 wannabe gurus who killed their own previous "Guru" Jagjeets wife in cold blood for their power struggle over this cult. Before lecturing the Sikh panth with bullshit propaganda you might want to look after your own house first dalip.
  5. Good in what sense? Please be specific. If by good you mean he's pointing out hypocrisies,superstitious beliefs and misguided practices then yes, what he says does have truth in it as they are happening in India and worldwide as people seem to be getting absorbed in maya and are not interested in true bhagti and prefer to do rituals for earthly pleasures. Even then his tactics of mocking people and shaming them does no benefit as it does not rehabilitate anyone and only creates more defiance and stubbornness. Just focusing on the negatives in the Panth and mocking it on stage does not mak
  6. Found this while reading a biography of a Thai Buddhist Monk. "Meditation is a good means for making a clean break with the unseemly business of the kilesas. Meditation techniques are arguably somewhat difficult to practice, but that’s because they are designed to put pressure on the mind and bring it under control, much like trying to bring a monkey under control in order to tame it. Meditation techniques are actually methods for developing self-awareness. This means observing the mind which is not content to just remain still but tends instead to jump about like someone who’s been scald
  7. 1) Don't get involved with intoxicants and make friends that are not involved in it too. 2)Put in much more effort in studies. 3)Start Naam Simran and stick to it no matter what happens.
  8. Happy Vaisakhi 2020 to all members,although we have to celebrate from home for most of us. Stay safe everyone.
  9. Really? Ok, Ill put Rabb da radio on my to watch list.
  10. Ya this was the older version, 1978-1980 if not mistaken. Very popular because of Sun Wukong(monkey kings) antics.
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