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  1. Some 'human' factor is always there, who ever you may listen to except SGGS ji. Try n ignore anything you hear negative and pick positivity. Actually our mind is somehow trained to pick other's faults since janams.. so its tough.. No one is perfect except Waheguru and as Simranjeet Singg ji ( m not sure) said in his recent katha .. we have to move on this Bhakti path as a person who takes care of his actions when he wears all whites. Bachaa k chalna painda hai ji.
  2. Waheguru ji, You are absolutely correct, I am not contradicting any thing you wrote nor m trying to argue. All I am saying is what I understand as per my experience. Being Nirbhau isn't easy. We all know Guru Nanak sahib told us that my waheguru ji has these amazing attributes. He's Nirbhau, Nirvair, Akaal moorat, KartaPurakh, ajoooni .... I would love to go on and on On this... we all want to be like our supreme Dad of course. But it isn't easy. I have seen many abhiyaasis getting scared in their Abhyaas. I have felt a terror myself. Being Nirbhau is just isn't something you can
  3. I am sorry but i feel nirbhau and Nirvair are those distinctive qualities of Akal Purakh which can only be attained once a person reaches a certain Avastha. First step is to just walk towards this direction. Pray to waheguru ji that i want to walk on the path of 'liv' .. request him to pick his child or make him walk on his path. That's all one can do.. Rest is all in his hands. If he makes you do his Bhakti, Jap naam, enter sunn and imparts to different Avastha etc. Haina?? At a time we start realising our faults and bads.. get to know the rights n wrongs... Somehow gets connected to s
  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru jiki Fateh ji They ( Sach Nao vadiaayi vichaar) have created another daily Simran group on Skype.. Anybody who is interested in joining can download Skype and pm me their watsapp number please This group is conducted by Bibi Maan Kaur ji - student of Bhai Dharamjeet Singh ji Waheguru!
  5. Yes you were right veerji he's the same person He's also conducting sessions on Google meet everyday, I am adding a small recording only for reference for sangat to get an idea of the session. You can contact him to join his whatsapp group and get link to join these meetings . @Ragmaala veerji in one such session one person asked Charanjeet Singh Gorkhi about his looks and kes. He got emotional and said that his mother and kids are Amritdhaari however he is in a merchant navy job of a Singapore based company which does not allow him to keep hair. He further said that he can't leav
  6. Waheguru ji thank you so much for your kind reply. I was really keen to join this group before I found this channel and spoke to a couple of nembers there like Bibi Maan Kaur ji. She also mentioned this 50 members constraint and then I somehow got to this channel on YouTube. I realized that this was once again Babji's game as my husband may have not allowed me to join this 'class' otherwise but now I can be a part of it and still watch it like any other video. I am anyway not even close to the avastha of the 'speakers ' there and would have occupied a precious place of someone more d
  7. Waheguru ji This could be a bliss for abhiyaasi Gurmukhs. Live Simran streaming all day long. If any of you is a part of this Skype group Pls dm me the link.where I could join from .. I would be grateful Else for us all we can take laaha here https://youtu.be/yHa945HHDRY
  8. @Jageera veer. I can try translating it for you. Pls all, correct me wherever required. 1. If it's a moving river or if it's a calm lake - water it is,, similarly it's 'chit'- your concious state- stable or not. 2. If you can differentiate between 'samadhi'and 'uthaan' then that's 'asamadhi' and if you can find and feel a place which is equivalent to them then that's Sehaj samadhi** 3.if you are aware of 'Bhrahm' in all that's Brahmkaar like water in each wave is water anyway ** in his servant veer ji and lucky veerji's conversation somewhere I remember reading this
  9. Not exactly something like this but yes kaal is always at its work in one way or the other to take us away from bhakti.. Personally, I am not (has never been a social person), Don't join groups, clubs etc and don't meet many people only few people who means alot to me like close family surrounds me, so this doesn't suit me. Professionally of course people want their work done and you get paid for it. So thas normal.. some are easy others bothersome.. What takes me away from naad is disturbance of mind/ routine and yes kaal does that to each one of us i guess ... unless we hav
  10. Heres a piece of Q/ans recording sent to me by still Nascent ji which I want lucky veerji and others thinking about him to hear. cjSinghG question 1 a
  11. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh all So good to see all on the forum interacting about bhakti. Long time. Sukhpreet and sat veerji are missing. and being missed . Veerji i have been so confused myself, that I didn't know what to tell you. He doesn't seem fake, however jis claims are too high. Now after seeing his pic something clicked me, so I thought I would share. @Lucky veerji i request you to please correct me if otherwise The point is. We have been reading Gurbani, going to Gurdwara sahib, doing ardaas etc since childhood. As it was your case that
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