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  1. Spot on Bro! That's why I love you. You know how to put feelings into words so well. I get lot of help from this forum as I keep on reading your guys past posts and conversations. Rest I read a few books of Sewa Singh ji and others. I am not that good with Punjabi as a language so keep getting stuck at words in kathas, for which I have to call my mom then. She starts brabbing as soon as she hears words from me like sukhmana or samaadhi etc. "Mai keh ri haa eh Sikhi Ni tuera rasta galt hai" and how do I tell her that she has reached there as she has been seeing those lights with knowing
  2. Thank you Sceur. Exactly what @Sat1176 veerji is saying. I am trying to walk on the path too and really it isn't easy when you have to live two lives. Sometimes I feel that the Jogi's path id way much better and easier cos they had just one thing to manage but then when I think about their physical hardships, I drop that thought
  3. Yes I have a few, if you would take them Please We should have buttons to block, report someone. There should be more reactions other than like and thanks for instance love and dislike etc. Third we should be notified that so and so liked/ loved/ disliked ur stuff and so on You should allow only one status update a day to avoid clutter, also limit the number of posts a day or something like that. Positions on the profile should be according to the likes/ loves one receive on their content not the number of contents. That's it for now... Will keep on adding mo
  4. Why do you say so veerji? What did you feel? Has anybody else met/ heard of him? Anymore reviews please
  5. You were right sista. This person is immense Vella. Now come-on another page on this .. lol
  6. WTF can't you simply see man that there are 3 people finding you inappropriate and you are still arguing instead of apologising, as I thought you have been thinking and polishing your ego that you have won the previous instances - I won't call them arguments since she simply ignored your barks, we all witnessed that. Only YOU and your fat ego thought you won. And yes if you call me a chamcha I am happy to be one. Though we rarely connect but I respect her and as rightly said by still Nascent brother - we should respect Gurmukhs. You are NOT in the list Bonne chance
  7. Yes, yippee, yeah at least somebody spoke up otherwise this is the third or fourth time I am witnessing this, she would say a line or two and get a page long meaningless lecture as @Still nascentrightly said: then she would hold hands and back off. He will get encouraged as no one else objects, thinking he won. What a hypocrite- talks about humility and tolerance? There's an old saying :: if you keep quiet in a crowd of intelligent people, they may think you are a fool : but if you speak up- they will be sure about it - think about it@harsharan000 jiii Everyday I open this forum, s
  8. Hi, Sat Sri Akal all This I just heard has touched on many important topics- RoM ROM, Anhad naad etc is there a way we can get detailed version of these. Any more recommendations please
  9. I have heard someone talking about this literature here . Please give your feedback as a Sikh if it's worth reading? I mean close to our school of thought. I came across this in another forum and found it interesting- pasting as it is from Quora. Pls suggest if I should go about reading this further Thanks Sat Sri Akal What is your favorite meditation or activity, and why? My favorite meditation is doing nothing at all. This is the meditation of absolute stillness. The technique? Sit quietly.
  10. Thank you very very much Veerji, I am nobody as compared to the inspiration that you have been to me, to moorakh bhenji and to so many of us here. You may not remember how baffled I was when my own Mom wasn't ready to share her spiritual status with me, your posts and moorakh bhnji helped me to overcome that state. I can't tell you how inspiring this and "my experience" thread of yours and @Lucky , Bhagat Singh and His servant Veerji's words have been here to me. You guys are my heroes
  11. Thank-you so much Veer ji you are always a help. I am so thankful to be a part of this forum. But wouldn't my state be like I have rather fallen on the graph? I mean I have lost my Naam kamaai for some reason?
  12. It would be good if you pm more learned and experienced members here like sat Veerji or lucky paa ji to get a proper reply. You can also go through question and answer Brahm de Sawaal jawab by Simranjeet Singh Tohana on YouTube. Those are really good. Sat Veerji suggested them to me You can also take soul sessions/courses on SikhNet. Hey all, you can all try these SikhNet courses- I took one. It's good learning during these lazy and boring days.
  13. Sat Sri Akal All, I am stuck again, please help @Sat1176 @Lucky @HisServant @Mooorakh guest Singh ji and other members, your inputs are highly appreciated. I have been hearing this sehaj dhun since a long time now, and I progressed to drums,then panj Shabd. Everything was good but since few days as negativity took over the whole earth. I am no longer able to hear any music or drums. I am back to the flat sehaj dhun. There's not much change in my meditation routine, only that I am not working and a family member was unwell so pretty worried. But now since my first love -med
  14. As much as I understood she didn't say Brahmin she said Brahm,(I guess she meant The Brahmgyaani, else why would she say Brahmin can't hide himself ? Probably it was a misunderstanding. Peace guys. But even I didn't like using the word womanizer specially when you were talking to a woman, probably that is why she didn't reply further. She's one of those person I admire on this forum. She's straight and too the point. I have never seen her arguing.
  15. Like the one from Akal Sahai posted by sat Veerji in experience thread or any other? . Please
  16. Ssa @Sat1176Veerji, Very nice video though background voices are a bit distracting yet it gv me a gist on dhyan. My answer still remains as it was. intentionally NO I didn't do anything like that but subconsciously may be. I don't know. All this while I have been thinking or hearing that we should not concentrate on any body parts, only on dhun n thas way I was following
  17. Though that's not what I meant but thank u tonne. This list will help me. I am not sure about the color of waves cos normally wen it's not dark it's white light. As I could see them in the dark, I called them white. Thanku for the video . Will go through it ( its long) and let u know, if I by chance did wat it says.
  18. Lol, I always wanted to fly as a kid. When mom used to scold me to get to sleep every night and I didn't feel like it, she used to say - "waheguru waheguru kar nind aa jaegi" , and I started to feel my body light and fly. So intentionally NO I don't do anything like that but subconsciously may be. I don't know.
  19. Thanks so much for taking my query. All this disturbed me a bit though but seems to be a blessing in disguise which made me feel that I wasn't wrong in telling them ( the Right direction) .. This is what happened. As I sat for Simran today, those circles/ waves appeared again. They were like going from big to small( it's not easy to put in words) . Inwards movement. As I continued since they appear more often now, I kind of have started taking them normally. So they were getting smaller and smaller and then as I reached there centre guess what? It was an -EYE Yeah I got seized
  20. This is really a limit! Who are you now?? Don't even have an Id here and now u have jumped in scolding me here. U are so RUDE Mr.. look at yourself first.. .. I have already apologised more than once. Soulfinder is my friend since long if I didn't write ji in front of his name ( which seems to be an issue with Mr. Prabhtej) that is because he's close, and he's always talking about Nazar etc which is not Sikhi, and I have pointed it before to him... . He's cool here, realising he repeated what we hv discussed earlier. Rest all have issues. Whatever.!! Think whatever u may. I see sat Vee
  21. First of all I started my post with apologies cos I knew I was going to say something u both won't agree to as per ur conversation but veer soulfinder did I say u annoyed or upset me? I respect you and u always talk about saints so I just reminded u of one the bachans of Baba Nand Singh ji. I am sorry if u felt otherwise. And Prabhtej ji I don't know much about u, again I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Whatever I said was said on your face and not behind ur back, so Ninda of course it's not. U are mistaken on the concept. I jumped in ur conversation because I thot that I might direct
  22. I m sorry, I don't agree. If you would not share how would you know - what was it that happened with you. How would we have forums like this??. If sat Veerji would have not shared his sweet taste in mouth experience or Anhad sounds and lucky Veerji too or his servant Veerji about auras- I would have never been motivated towards this path.. Thanku @HisServant veer , @Sat1176 @Lucky @Still nascent for not thinking like these people. And waheguru ji is not stupid to take away your Bhakti or lessen it - if you are motivating others on this path. @Soulfinder u talk so much about Sa
  23. I am so sorry for the late reply but I was trying to figure out the ans to ur question, all this while. These circles as I sit for meditation are like circles of light ( light waves) in my vision. In my mind. As I sit for meditation I hear Sahej dhunn and see these waves - sometimes outwards other times inwards or like feel earth rotating ( I mean something is rotating- the circular motion). I don't know what it is, or if it means anything. Thanks in advance
  24. Sat Sri Akal all During meditation I feel co centric circles or circular movements at times. Has anyone felt that way? Is it normal. Can any abhiyaasi veer pls shed some light . Thank u so much
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