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  1. If guru sahib didn't start baba bidhi chand dal why does everyone claim they did? If baba avtar singh ji is the 12th mukhi who are the first 9? I know of baba daya singh ji and baba sohan singh ji but can't find any historic record of the first 9 anywhere. I also want to apologise because I've only been amritdhari since hola mohalla 2017 and i don't understand why someone would lie about their lineage especially somebody as famous as baba ji. It makes me question the motives behind it and I'm nobody really but it would be very disheartening if true.
  2. Wjkkwjkf this year when i went to india for the second time in my life i went to amritsar and was blessed to have darshan of baba avtar singh ji sursingh wale. Someone who i was traveling with (random) told me baba ji was the 12th jathedar of bidhi chand dal which was started by guru hargobind sahib ji. I felt so lucky to be in the presence of someone who had a lineage from guru sahibs time. After leaving for sri harimandar sahib during the journey a farladhari nihang singh who was traveling with us was arguing with the same guy saying baba avtar singh ji isn't a descendant of baba bidhi chand sahib because baba bidhi chand sahib was not married. He went on to say baba bidhi chand sahibs last name was cheema and baba avtar singhs is chimba and that baba sahib singh kaladhari gave baba sohan singh permission to start a samparda in baba bidhi chand sahibs name. I am still learning and don't know much about this subject and it confused me a lot because everyone claims bidhi chand dal was started by guru hargobind sahib ji. Could anyone provide any sources to prove this? Or any record that shows baba bidhi chand sahib was married or had kids? I have tried to research it in many granths but found nothing. It would help me a lot ji bhul chuk muaf
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