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  1. Also in Bani there is a lot like a lot of ਮਹਿਮਾਂ of Guru. There are abundant references to the Guru who will help us to understand and carry us to true home. I also read somewhere in first 300 angs of Guru Granth sahib ji that once we are ready Guru will come into our life, cant remember exact qoute. So I believe we will come in contact with someone with ultimate Awastha to guide us through different realms of creation and not to just keep enjoying there but carry on thr journey to true home. I see a lot of people are against dehdhari gurus which is understandable why! But how come
  2. Hanji Harsharan bhaji, This is what I encounter again and again While reading Gurbani. His grace is abundant. With His grace anything we shall go through this. May Waheguru blessed us all.
  3. Thank you again bhaji for detailed account. Glad to know that there is some progress being made one or the other way. Waheguru sarea nu bal bakhshe. Ill carry on with current state and see where it leads to. Have good day. Sat Sri Akal
  4. Thank you brother for that. So far in Santhya of Sri guru Granth Sahib ji I havnt seen it thats why I said haha. Should have waited for the entire santhya to finish.
  5. Thank you Harsharan bhaji for such a deep and detailed insight into the NAAM. Its very helpful to help me understand that not to get lost in which naam this one or that one but instead jaaping naam with love and devotion. Yes bhaji this is where I need to have patience and try even harder to latch onto jaap and get going. But at the moment its very hard and not working out. With Wahegurus grace waking up at amrit vela is no issue but doing more that an hour of sitting and meditation is. Also I find it very hard to concentrate on jaap. Hopefully that will improve over time.
  6. Thank you everyone for detailed responses and tips. These doubts which mind creates are very distracting and really send you in wandering . While reading Gurbani, this question pops up so many times why none of bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib mentions word Waheguru but mentions many other NAAM. Then I believe that as awareness rises these doubts should clear up. Its all possible with Wahegurus grace and forgiveness. Hopefully time will come when there will be progress in mind focus as well as rise in awareness. Sat sri Akal
  7. Dear Sangat ji, Everytime I read bani mind wonders in following... what is the origin of naam 'WAHEGURU' , who started it,why We chant Waheguru Shabad which is not mentioned in Sri guru Granth Sahib ji instead of other Naams eg. Har Har or Ram Ram? Please note I am not asking about Akal Purakh itself, I am wondering origins of Word/ Shabad Waheguru. Thank you in Advance. Sat sri Akal
  8. Thank you Bhenji, Since I started again I have been reading a lot. I have been reading all the posts related to meditation and trying to take on board the directions. Last few days has been kinds sad but no vairag or anything like that.
  9. @Lucky @Sat1176 @BhagatSingh @harsharan000 Dear all bhajis if you could point me in some direction too that would be kind. Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you bhaji. I re read this few times and it makes sense. If you could elaborate more on that it will give me some more guidance.
  11. @BhagatSingh bhaji Sat sri Akal, I was wondering Where is there painting mentioned above? Cant see it anywhere and would love to see it. Thankyou
  12. Sat sri akal sangat ji, After a long pause I have started doing meditation again. Most days I wake up between 3am to 6am and do meditation for an hour. I always want to do more but I endup giving up after an hour. So I was wondering what is best way to: # keep going for longer sessions and how to stay motivated? # while mind stats to become still I start falling asleep but that sleep starts with a sudden onset of a dream ie a dream starts and my head falls forward ans I wake up. If I lay down then I fall asleep and its all dreams and just usual sleep. No meditation or naam jaap
  13. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, This thread has very valuable and eye opening information. May waheguru give us strength to do jaap of naam. 1
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