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  1. Thank you again, and now I completely understand why did you want to share the post with me. Actually while looking for a way of not sleeping, by the grace of guru ji's, I found how to do rom rom simran. what you shared I also started doing for last 10 days. I am going to keep on practicing this. I am making good progress but wants to do rom rom simran all the time instead of me focusing and starting this by controlling my breath and moving the focus on heartbeat and then naval pulses. I hope this will start automatically at some time. Thank you again for sharing this, It confirms that I
  2. Could you please share the link for rom rom simran? I tried to look but found many links and not sure which one to concentrate on? Thanks
  3. Thanks @Mooorakh, I think this video really helped. What I understood that the sleep comes because of thoughts, and for stopping thoughts coming you have to stop air for a bit. So when I am doing naam simran, whenever my mind start wondersing, I instead stop the air flow and trying to do naam simran with heart beat which I found that as soon as I stop my air in and out I can hear my heartbeat and then I start concentrating on naam simran with heart beat. I found after that my thoughts are getting controlled. So it has helped I think I tried twice this and I didn't sleep and was able to do naam
  4. WJKKWJKF, I have a question and was wondering if any gursikh could help. I have been doing naam jaap for 3 months now. Sometimes I do good and reach a state where my mind goes numb and I hear Shabad etc but this does not happen all the time. most of the time while doing naam simran and when I start getting dreams, I still try to do naam jaap but I forget and then in the dream state I fell to sleep, Is there any way, where I could still keep myself in Dyan and do not fell sleep? Any gursikh who had done naam simran for some time, might understand this state and help me how did t
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