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  1. Think so. I'll check the Khalsa Moolmantar in the Budha Dal Sundar Gutka. Even if this Nand Singh was not a part of the Panj Mukte, It's most likely it's another singh than the Nanaksar wale Mahapurkh.
  2. This a different Nand Singh to the Nanaksar wale Mahapurkh. This Nand Singh was a part of the Panj Mukte (first people to be blessed with amrit after the Panj Pyare).
  3. They keep something to keep there head up underneath their head
  4. 1) All/Most Dal jathedars have a farla 2) You have to keep a maryada of the farla. You cannot lie down straight if you have a farla as the nishan sahib should never face down. 3) A Farladhari should add a few more bania to there Nitnem I think. 4) As I said most dals Jathedars have a farla accept Baba Bidhi Chand Dal Jathedars. 5) Farladhari Singh = Walking Nishan Sahib A Farladhari Singh has a higher ranking than a normal singh (in the Dal) as I know
  5. Not to the husband. This shabad applies to men and women.
  6. On the day of Vaisakhi, it was only men who stud up. If we are trying to represent them (which we are as the historical panj pyare are not physical here) they should all be like them. It is not just women but it is also people who have lost a part of their body(e.g: lost a part of their finger on disabled). This is because non of them had a missing part. If a woman had stud up, there would have been a woman in the panj pyare. People like you don’t question why the gurus were all male but then jump upon this.
  7. It’s not just about women on their monthly thing. People who have a bag for their pee are not allowed on tabia. If your nose is dripping with snot, you shouldn’t be on tabia.https://youtu.be/8TFxh8IJDU4
  8. If you see it from a technical point, Guru Sahib is male so it only makes sense for a man to do it. Even the Aunti Jis at my local gurdwara agreed that if Guru Sahib is male, the men place all the rumalas and we will just fold the old ones up.
  9. This form is making me laugh my head off.
  10. Are there any mahaphurakhs in the uk at the moment that are known of?
  11. If you read 32 daily, you will win every battle you will face (physically or mentally). 108 times is like Chardikala. This is as far as I know. Just make sure you have sharda. Even 1paath will do if you have sharda.
  12. The only way that we can stop these Missionaries is by reading Bani, learning Sikh history and by becoming Gursikhs. I would recommend the Sangat to watch Basics of Sikhi Why Guru course and the Anti Conversion videos. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾ॥ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਹਿ॥
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