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  1. I come across this beautiful illustration, before this things were bit confusing for me. This pic is for those who are listening to Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana or prabh milne ka chao or Waheguru Simran you tube channels for naam abyiaas. I know it is kind of spiritual science anatomy, but it is true and helps a lot.
  2. True. She is in Canada and all they do is posting pics on social media to show off what they have. In reality, there is no peace in these things and it is just fake life. In uk, it is different here. May be because we don't have close relatives living nearby, i find it peaceful.
  3. Very interesting, i didn't knew that. But i know that cold shower would give you shock like feeling and helps to stop any ongoing thoughts or general anxiety issues. It helps a lot for building up concentration for naam simran in the morning after a good night sleep.
  4. Very true, many ways of reaching to Waheguru, Prem must be present in all of them only then one could escalate to higher stage otherwise it would be pakhand.
  5. Jugati or technique makes any work easier. Like there are formulas to count the given data in statistics, one could imagine how long it could take someone to add them manually. Same in life, we use specific techniques to finish tasks easily. You must have heard about the Great Farid Ji bhagat, his tapasyaa was very famous as it was for years and hard on his body. These days human bodies and minds are not that strong, we could not do that. That's why guru ji has given us an easy way of reaching The Allmighty Waheguru and that is Naam Simran. As we do Naam Simran, kalyug is actively trying to deter us from collecting the precious naam and bombard us with kaam, krodh, loss of concentration, job promotion, kids problems etc . I am experiencing jealousy these days as my sister bought very big house. Now i am telling my mind that it is trick of kalyug. I could buy bigger one too, but then would waste all my time in earning money and time to maintain the house standards. Time to go back to work, would share the rest later.
  6. Another nice one for those who are practicing naam abhiyaas or want to do. This group is very good and mind opening, audios are later saved on their you tube or Facebook page.
  7. Received this on Prabh Milne Ka Chao Telegram app, very nice illustration.
  8. I listened to this audio too. Tinnitus symptoms are also experienced by people who are alcoholic, smoke, far away from any spirituality. I think it is Anhad Naad for naam abyiaasis or spiritual people, but a medical condition for others. Because Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana is a very high level naam abyiyaasi, he is seeing only the positive side. Once i think Krishna told Yudhistra in Mahabharat that you are good that's why you think that the world is good too. When the same world is seen by duryodhan (who is kind of bad person), he sees the negativity and bad points of everyone and thus saying this world is full of bad people. Typed above in a bit of rush, don't know if it make sense. Bhul chuk maaf!
  9. very nice and true, we think we would live for 100 years and nothing would happen afterwards. This life is like a long dream, once the death would open our eyes, this dream would be over and we would be back in 84 million joon reality.
  10. It's 100% true that Hindu Devi Devte existed and exists. Previously i used to believe they don't, but after listening to many kathas by puran Brahmgyanis, like Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale, i believed in their presence from the core of my heart. I also believe the existence of prophet Muhammad and Jesus. Currently reading biography of Sant Baba MahaHarnaam Singh Ji Bhucho Wale and there are many references in those books too. No further question or doubt left in my mind.
  11. Update: There were days when i couldn't get up in the morning and was feeling guilty. Now started again last week aiming for 40 continuous days of mool mantar jaap in the morning. I never stopped reading biography of Sant Baba MahaHarnaam Singh Ji before bedtime and now reading volume 8. I am more aware of tinnitus as focus going on in between the ears during the jaap, sometimes it jumps to front of eyes or on hirda. Concentration getting better each day, listened to Bhai Balbir Singh USA , a naam abyiyaasi, and his advice worked for me. Long way to go but i am glad i am on the right track. Gurbaani makes more sense now, feeling calm and little detached from world. Feeling like i should focus on naam abhyiaas and gurbaani as don't know how long to live. Must earn this treasure before the death or the end of human life.
  12. 1984, after nearly 28 years, how much life has he left now? Indian legal system is a joke, a very big joke. That's why we end up in foreign countries.
  13. I could not copy paste Gurmukhi on this forum, could somebody help plz?
  14. Start with 'Gaori Sukhmani Mahalla Punjava' and then read the following highlighted text. If you would do this for fifty times daily, then you would wise and intelligent. @paapiman Plz correct me if I am wrong. I tried to do copy paste but it didn't work.
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