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  1. I have started with Mool Mantar Jaap, but i stopped after 40 days. Had some days off, now started again but this time doing Waheguru Simran. I think kalyug is winning (summer holidays, schools are off, kids at home) as i am not getting up on time and doing it little later in the morning. I think i need to work very hard, it's not that easy. Doing about -50 malas of 108 beads rosary of Waheguru Simran, taking about an hour, facing sunrise direction, water in cup next to me, white aasan to sit on, speaking loudly or whispering or in mind, just trying my best for the next 40 days.
  2. “no test is 100% reliable”, even those that meet regulatory standards for performance and safety. Therefore, it has emphasised that lateral flow tests are only authorised to be used as a “red light” test in order to find infectious people and ensure they self-isolate quickly, and not as a “green light” for people who test negative to enjoy greater freedoms. This is because, unlike PCR tests, lateral flow tests cannot detect very low levels of coronavirus in a sample. This means the test may not give a positive result if you have only recently been infected; are in the incubation period; or if you have mostly recovered. The accuracy of lateral flow tests is also dependent on the person who does the test. Training of supervisors at lateral flow test sites and regular use of the tests will help to mitigate this, as people become more proficient in using lateral flow tests.
  3. Join prabh simran ka chao group by Simranjit Singh tohana. You are doing very well. search his videos on you tube , he is naam abhiyaasi
  4. Except vitamins, zinc and Paracetamol rest are prescription only medicines and advise is not to self medicate . These recommendations were issued in india for people having more than milder symptoms.
  5. Steam inhaler would be useful for blocked nose, not for killing covid virus as some people are doing. Many customers have bought nasal cleansing solutions or sprays to rinse off any virus or daily micro organisms. Like sterimar nasal spray or Neil cleansing solution. These days its mostly running nose symptom in UK. Paracetamol would be first line medicine. If severe, then sudafed nasal spray or 30mg tablets could be taken to alleviate the symptoms. These tabs should not be taken by someone with unstable BP OR heart problems. To boost immunity, i would recommend vitamin d 4000 units daily (dr Fauchi American medical advisor taking 10,000 units daily), elemental zinc 30mg daily, take iron tablet with zinc like ferrous fumarate 210mg daily. Healthy diet, more fruit and veg, easily digested food would be good. Plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated especially if having fever. Many customers have taken electrolyte sachets daily to keep their electrolytes normal. Not going in more detail, if required please ask me again. Hopefully, it would be fine. Do Ardass, the most powerful weapon. Use your time to jaap naam simran.
  6. Isolate the affected person, if possible he /she could use separate bathroom or toilet. Serve food etc in their room. Clean all the door handles, cupboards , railings, electric switches, window handles etc. Give them separate mobile charger, don't use their belongings. Use paracetamol or ibuprofen for fever , muscle aches etc, or other over the counter meds for relieving minor symptoms like cough, running nose etc. In case of breathing difficulty, contact Dr. Hopefully it would not happen. Wish you very good luck for not having covid!
  7. Haha, lol, no i read it online about truck drivers . I use it for busy weeks, very handy, but it needs time to explore cooking times with the type of recipes you try. I work in healthcare.
  8. I bought instant pot electric cooker and it makes my life very easy during busy weeks. check you tube videos, i usually go for manual timer as their automatic mode usually burn our tadka or sabji. best for cooking daals, currys or rice. No need to stand next to it as it works on timer and automatically turns off. favourite among truck drivers. Bulk tadka (this batch of tadka must not have spices like chilli, turmeric, masalas as you add the spices based on the amount of daal/sabji) is best, once cooled store in a glass container in the fridge and could last upto three weeks. If you use too much oil then it would be fine up to 6-8 weeks like achaar. My sister does achaar like tadka. Make sandwiches on weekend, wrap cling film around your daily required pieces and store in big rectangular plastic box. In the morning, just pick up your daily amount and enjoy. Buy ready made soups like Heinz, wholemeal naan breads or buns etc. Try sachets of porridge and it is filling too. I am not sure if you could cook paranthas. These days (kids summer holidays) I cook vegetable paranthas by mixing variety of vegs like shredded cauliflower, potatoes, spices like salt, masalas, green chillies etc, or whatever you like with flour and roll out paranthas. Once cooled, use sweets box like celebrations for storing in the fridge. I use foil as the base layer and around + baking paper in between each parantha to avoid sticking together, close the box properly and store in fridge for up to a week. No hard edges at all, taste very fresh when warmed on tawa. all healthy and nutritious.
  9. I messaged main Gravesend Gurudwara via Instagram but still waiting for reply. From previous experience, I know other big local Gurudwara in Rochester don't deal with it either, I would try to call them today.
  10. Could anyone guide me how to do sanskaar of old Gutka Sahib, Sikhism books and synthetic Wall calenders please? I could use suchhi big karahi (kitchen pan/utensil) for this purpose. I know I have to do Ardaas. Many Thanks
  11. Very true! easy to talk and very difficult to walk the talk.
  12. I come across this beautiful illustration, before this things were bit confusing for me. This pic is for those who are listening to Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohana or prabh milne ka chao or Waheguru Simran you tube channels for naam abyiaas. I know it is kind of spiritual science anatomy, but it is true and helps a lot.
  13. True. She is in Canada and all they do is posting pics on social media to show off what they have. In reality, there is no peace in these things and it is just fake life. In uk, it is different here. May be because we don't have close relatives living nearby, i find it peaceful.
  14. Very interesting, i didn't knew that. But i know that cold shower would give you shock like feeling and helps to stop any ongoing thoughts or general anxiety issues. It helps a lot for building up concentration for naam simran in the morning after a good night sleep.
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