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  1. Hello Veer

    If you do not mind, may I know how old you are? In 30s, 40s or 50s. Your posts are very touching

    1. Sat1176
    2. Kaur1510


      Achieved a lot,  thanks for motivating others

  2. Thank you, It is very good advice
  3. I used to be a non-veg. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was cooking chicken drumsticks one day. I had a sudden thought that my baby would have similar size legs and what if somebody cooks my baby and say something like-'yeah its tasty or no its yuck.' It was very difficult to get rid of that thought afterwards. First I stopped eating the pieces (only tari), and gradually stopped everything. I could not stand chicken or any meat's cooking smell now. Both my sons are vegetarian too. yeahhhh
  4. Hi Please do not take me wrong. If he is following sikhi, started visiting Gurudwara and blocked you , it might means that there are difference in thoughts/believes now which occurred over time. It would be difficult for you guys to carry on like this, so better to forget him or started following sikhi in order to show him that you do not want to lose him. May be with the blessing of God, you would get true love from both. Apologies for any wrong word/advice, just tried to help you.
  5. I think it depends how much you believe in reciting, how deep is your prayer, what are you asking, do you believe that it is only the Waheguru Almighty who could give you or are you just experimenting and so on. I had astrology horoscope book thing when I was a teenager, most of the things in it were true. One of the worrying thing written in it was that I would not have children for many years. When I got married, I has miscarriage (first pregnancy) and I was very sure that I would not be a mother for many years now. My parents tried for many years and after eight years of their suffe
  6. I think they must come up with some lame excuse to justify their actions. strongly believe it is not what our gurus did or advice us to do.
  7. Our Guru Granth Sahib begins with Ek Onkaar, God is One, which I strongly believe. Why Muslims eat halal meat or Christians eat different meats? Even Jesus served lamb (apologies if I am wrong). What might be the reason for this difference?
  8. @Soulfinder so the conclusion is to ignore chakras activation, do Naam Simran with love and technique to reach higher state. Thanks
  9. @ragnarok superb reply. Thanks Actually don't have right words to say how thankful I am to read this.
  10. just explored this website, it is indeed very interesting. Thanks
  11. Thanks veer, I was looking for answer to my question as to which chakra to activate first, Trikuti or Mooldhaara. Is it best to start from bottom and keep moving upwards? I have the diary book of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji in which he states Va sound from navel , He sound from heart, Gu sound from throat and R sound from trikuti for naam Simran. Does it mean we should start from navel , not the lowest chakra, the root chakra? Or would it be ok to activate the Navel/Sacral chakra first by concentrating Naam Simran on that part for months or years until the point of focus moves up?
  12. @karmjeet I read it. Even before reading it , I wonder that our Gurus must not have done this to have kids and I was right.
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