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  1. HI You could contact Bhai Mohan Singh Ji from Sikh awareness society. He is recently in talk shows and raising awareness on topics like sexual abuse, domestic violence or grooming etc. I am sure he would be able to help you or direct you on the right path.
  2. Came to this discussion page via other topic page, as a mother of teenage sons it would help me understand my sons' future problems. We do talk about most of the things as I belong to a medical profession, but these real life issues never came to my mind. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have recovered from this problem now or at least in control!
  3. i havent attended any protest physically, but i am actively participating on twitter, insta and you tube. Doing hashtags on twitter doing tea-breaks and lunchbreak. I have also donated money to khalsa aid who are actively helping out farmers there.
  4. Don't want to say anything wrong, but i think he means that only knowledge of gurbani is like nothing. We have so many granthis, lecturers in uni, organisations' presidents, SGPC members etc, they all have knowledge but they don't practice naam or gurbani, and I won't hesitate to say that they don't believe 100% what they know. I have learnt how to practice naam but I don't do it, and instead carry on sleeping late in the morning. Does my knowledge means everything ? would it take me anywhere ? No. I do love gurbani, and it is the love which would help me reach the spirituality heights.
  5. I wish you very good luck on this sikhi spiritual path. May all your dreams come true and you get the most out of this human life.
  6. Thx bhaaji. Yeah, i think it is a blessing of Waheguru that my kids are vegetarians. They could not even stand a thought of having non-veg, so i am hoping they would be fine when grown-up as adults. I have failed to teach my kids punjabi and gurbani which i regret a lot, but my elder son loves Waheguru and listens to nitnem on you tube in his free time. Hopefully, one day he would follow the right path. I have always prayed Waheguru for him to follow the humanity and charity path.
  7. started just to see what has been posted, but it is very addictive and full of WAHEGURU love. THANK YOU FOR POSTING!
  8. It might be possible that white authorities are not directly labelling some communities as groomers. The system is softer here comparative to India. They are conveying the message to the general public and raising the awareness. On the other hand, there are so many paedophile in these western countries. I don't remember the name, but i still have a photographic memory of the Muslim man turned sikh, and committed this horrible grooming or sex trafficking crime in UK. He was wearing orange dumala on his head and had beard. He created this sikh image because of their community alrea
  9. We live in medway. I noticed just few local sangat people who visit gurudwara sahib for their love for gurbani or Waheguru, rest seems like just attending for their friends, regular attendance, langar or managing chores in kitchen or office etc. May be i am looking down on others! Sometimes we don't know the other person's spiritual state unless we talk to them. I am glad i am on this forum as feel like i have company now to appreciate The Great Waheguru. Like you means gurmukh naam abhyaasi. I met a simple looking village girl during my secondary schooling in India, and that gir
  10. @Sat1176 do you live in Kent? I could not imagine people like you are here.
  11. Watched the show yesterday on Akaal channel and it was horrible listening to a father who's daughters were groomed. I think sikh awareness society is doing great as we need to raise awareness in society about all the wrong things happening within the Asian community. Earlier, I like their effort to aware sangat of wrong behaviour of a sikh granthi in America, who was touching a young teen girl inappropriately in her own house. Horrible listening to these videos but it is the reality of kalyug.
  12. It would be great honor to have sangat of brahmgyani mahapurush in current times. In kalyug, we all need to be very careful of fake saints. I follow Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale and he told the sangat that if they would think that he (baba ji) is there (Rara Sahib), then he would be there for them. On the other hand, If they would think he has left this world, then he would not be present for them (for those belivers). I just try to imagine the great baba ji is here for me, I imagine him standing, sitting, smiling, blessing me in my thoughts and during naam simran and tha
  13. Very true, thanks waheguru i have not spend years here and there. I always listen to Baba Isher Singh Ji and now am following Baba Waryam Singh Ji too. Baba Waryam Singh Ji was instructed by Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji to make videos and audios for sangat. Leaving for work, would post rest later
  14. Thanks for the full paori @Soulfinder. I wrote the above for @akalpurkh as he used bad words for Baba Nand Singh Ji. Don't think he is on the forum, as he last signed in 2019. I have realized that there are all types of people on this forum with different views and beliefs. How could somebody who consider himself a sikh/saihajdhari sikh talk like that about THE GREAT BABA NAND SINGH JI.
  15. Very true, me too keep listening and reading gurbani and not practising enough. I have started simran and do enjoy it. Thank you for wording your experience as it is what most of us are going through, sometimes we don't realise what is going on until somebody points it out. Even though you are saying that you have wasted time gathering knowledge from the different sources, but your realisation would definitely save many mores time in the future. Like me, a beginner for simran would focus on simran more, but i must admit listening to katha helps building up trust and love wit
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