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  1. To be fair to myself, her messages are hard to decipher. But really, I have a character flaw and it warrants an entire post? Grow up. You’re probably older than I am physically which is the sadder part. I’m aware of what ‘Daasmee Patshaah’ has written, I just don’t follow it. Why? I have personal reasons. There’s only one Satguru and It transcends all description, rules and laws regardless of what we as ‘Sikhs’ think. I do what I do without egoic thinking, there’s a purpose to my actions. I can’t say the same for you ‘Ragmaala’ (really? Picking the most divisive username? Attention seeking hab
  2. The basic principles are actually quite different. Christianity’s basic principle is to achieve the goal of life which is to believe in Jesus as God and Savior and his 3 days on the cross was real and he died for our sins, so before he arrived and died no one could actually go to Heaven as he was the perfect ‘lamb’ aka sacrifice. Islam, the basic principle is to believe that Allah is the only God and Muhammad was his final messenger and prophet. If you don’t, you go to Hell forever on the final day of judgement that takes place in the future. If you do go to Heaven, you get all sorts of p
  3. I mean, you took the quote out of context. The previous poster said I may be a Brahmin, so I told them my heritage and yes, I am not perfect like you are sant ji. I never would’ve mentioned my ‘caste’ if it weren’t brought up, I’m not showing it off or being proud of it, just stating a fact. Sounds like you have some reflecting to do on what it means to be non-judgemental. Thank you for the essay. This is the full quote btw. “There are a lot of enlightened people, they just don’t mention it. The ones that call themselves enlightened are usually not. I just brought up the idea of it, to
  4. There are a lot of enlightened people, they just don’t mention it. The ones that call themselves enlightened are usually not. I just brought up the idea of it, to see where you were mentally. And I am not a Brahmin lol. Kshatriya-Jatt heritage though. Probably why I love womanizing.
  5. I’m not saying I have or not but technically, only those who have reached it and Vaheguru would know, so therefore you would not, by your own admission because you label (judge) before you understand, thus an indicator that your soul hasn’t reached a more truthful disposition.
  6. No, cuz a lot men are dopes too. Playing genders against each other is not what we do, that’s what I was trying to point out. A lot of Sikh women fought in wars and such. Biologically it’s a different story, but we can choose our behaviours. Westernization says man = bad and brave or loser/emotional and woman must fight man for power or trick them. I believe Sikh thought is more like, all of us are bad and we must accept Guru for power, and we get it, usually. Lol
  7. What? It’s true I don’t need forgiveness because I don’t have a reason to feel guilty for any of my actions. Appreciate you calling me Kaal though, he did a lot of penance to control Maya and all the souls within it. Thanks for that compliment.
  8. Don’t judge what you don’t know of. Urine therapy works for some.
  9. @Mooorakh you say men are emotionally weak but you don’t want to argue anything? Sounds like you’re being emotionally weak. Both sexes are like this, women play games and men pretend to be someone else to please the woman. charitro pakhyan. Sounds like the guy did this ‘girl’ a favour. He is never going to love you the way you love him. Get over it and find someone else lol
  10. I got 39 seconds and I wasn’t trying lol edit : ok i tried and i got 36 seconds
  11. I’m sure Vaheguru will forgive you, but can you forgive yourself?
  12. I eat meat, I consider myself a Sikh. It’s food, eat it. Why would Waheguru place chickens on Earth? For them to be our best friends? They have brains the size of your thumb. Pretty sure the ancient Sikhs ate Jhatka meat, and they were already strong and had extremely high testosterone. You new ‘Sikhs’ need meat more than them. Get strong, use your common sense.
  13. @Mooorakh wow that’s completely abhorrent behaviour, using the weakness of westernized men against them? Bad bad bad. There’s a reason sulleh say that ‘hell’ is mainly filled with women... that’s straight up abuse of your power as a female. Don’t encourage this ‘princess’ look puppy-dog nonsense in other women. @khalsapanth you don’t love him, you lust for him, if you loved him you would let him find peace of mind in Sikhi. How can you call yourself a Sikh of the Guru if you are obsessed with a human man. You should have that kind of bairaag for Vaheguru not for some ‘lover’. How old are
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