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  1. Paji, could you please explain the difference between anhad shabad and anhad naad?
  2. Wjkk wjkf I just wanted to hear experiences of those who have had or have amrit ras. When did you first get it, at what stage etc. With Wahegurus grace, I have been hearing anhad shabad for the last 8 months or so but I have never experienced amrit. I have heard gurmukhs talk about it and have heard katha. Different people say it happens at various stages but I would love to hear peoples experiences. Wjkk Wjkf
  3. Thank you paji for the response. What you have said all makes sense however I do have 1 question still. Regarding the point about those with perfect destiny will unite with Waheguru. I dont and cant doubt Waheguru but maybe my small mind isnt understanding this correctly. As in my example. The particular person has only now paid attention to what the gurmukh has been saying and has started doing sangat and abhiyas. So if we say he has the perfect destiny but only the gurmukh can see it hence the reason he has put so much time and effort in trying to convince this person to attend san
  4. This makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for this. I know that ultimately our goal is to meet Waheguru and along that journey is guess we dont need to impress anyone except Waheguru. (If thats the right word). I guess in this case, the person in question is someone i know well. The Gurmukh has been calling on them to attend sangat for a few years now (they used to attend and then stopped). The Gurmukh seems to take extra time out for them when all i see is that person doesnt really seem to care and takes it for granted. They have now started sangat so maybe that is why the gurmukh tried so
  5. Other than this clip, ive watched a few other clips on youtube of this babaji. Everything he says is from the Gurbani however he seems to mostly talk about not saying anything, instead just having dhiyaan of waheguru. So no chanting of gurmantar needed, just concentrate and think of Waheguru instead. Maybe I have understood or interpreted incorrectly but that is how it came across to me
  6. Wjkk wjkf I have a question that I need some help on. We hear that a real Gurmukh treats everyone the same and shows no impartiality to different people as they see Waheguru in all. What then if you think you are experiencing this? As in you feel that a Gurmukh is treating you differently to others which leaves you feeling a little upset? I appreciate that our avastha is not high enough to understand what a Gurmukh is thinking but still any insight would be greatly appreciated. Hope the question is clear and not confusing. Wjkk Wjkf
  7. Wjkk Wjkf It's difficult to explain but I think you are saying 'Wahe' when you inhale literally in which case you won't be able to say it. When you inhale, you need to bring in your stomach about an inch, it's at that point you say Wahe, then Guru when you exhale. Atleast that is how Bhai Sewa Singh Tarmala ji explains it and how Bhai Ajit Singh ji explains.
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