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  1. Good for you. I imagine my astral body as a cheetah, fearless. These animals don’t care, they’ll attack and kill an animal three times their size without thinking. Fear is an Illusion. It isn’t real. And the Creator doesn’t fear His creation. It exists because of His Light, he powers the sun, moon, creates the playground these astral beings walk in. They can’t exist without Him, their really just His Jyot, as we all are, Keep going. You’re evolving. Talk to God whenever, he hears every prayer no matter how quiet, and He’s always there. You’ll fall in love with Him in the Dukh and the Suk
  2. You’ll be okay, relax. All happens with His Kirpa. Just believe the Guru and walk the straight and narrow path with courage. God Bless You
  3. You don’t wish you saw it. But make yourself immune, train yourself that no matter how scary looking a demon rising from the dust may be, you’ll not be afraid and recognize it for what it is. Yes, f them. Ive seen a lot of them, and not a single one is able to override the power of Truth. Once, one was coming and I sat down, laughed and said, oh God I know it’s just you in disguise. And the white light came and I was fine. Gods is everyone everything everywhere, every situation, so don’t fall for the BS, don’t sink into it mentally, relax, be at peace and stop the chatter in your head. Yo
  4. When u rise it’s normal. Even if you see one in real life, don’t be scared. Recognize it’s illusory form, it’s just God. Don’t fall for the BS. A Gurmukhi sees through the khel and hence lives in peace. Don’t lose heart and keep going and rising. This will make you stronger. Even when He beats us, it’s to make us get up fight and get stronger. If you want to, fire up an image of your astral body as a lion, and bite its darn head off like a boss.
  5. Do ardas and naam simran. What I did was to accept the reality that nothing and no one is real, just false images, that God is everyone everything everywhere. Now I sleep fine. Those things can’t touch you if you believe they’re false images. You’ll live in a higher frequency, they’ll keep back. Also in your daily life And also when you’re going to sleep, just don’t care about them or about bad souls. If you care too much about others crap, ie nindaks, bad people, you’re caring about an illusory frequency that is lower and darker. Care about Truth and your own life and focus on that.
  6. Child sex abuse is also rampant among many politicians and the elite, it has been for decades. Many cases are covered up because of the apparent high societal standing of the perpetrators. Mentally ill people who should be brought to justice but go free. It’s bad.
  7. There was a book written a few years ago, and In it, there was a virus called the Wuhan400. There were many other signs this pandemic was to come into being. The world isn’t as we see it. Some go too far with this and are deemed to be conspiracy theorists. But if you truly read up history, the richest families, what America was made and based on, you’ll realise who Actually controls the world.
  8. Kidsama Bhaji. im not trying to argue with you. I simply spoke the pure Truth. Whether man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Humans are Equal. The Panj Pyare are Equal. Hence their gender doesn’t matter. As for your reply of not taking another janam. It’s easy to fall, and we cannot know the future, only He does. We can only pray that we stay on the straight and narrow path and never fall. God bless you.
  9. As I said... He will Happily make you a woman in your next janam, what then?
  10. Women all around the world are being beaten by sexist men who think women are less than men, And don’t deserve certain roles or priveledges...mainly in Muslim and brown countries. Dont be one of them.
  11. Mai Bhago wasn’t stuck in the kitchen, she was out there on horseback. Was that too progressive for you
  12. Are you serious? If Guru Gobind Singh Ji saw Mai Bhago, his bodyguard, as one of his fiercest and most loving warriors and servaks, then why would he want the current panj pyare to be men. The fact that you find it so difficult to swallow is that no woman had offered to give their heads that day. If they had, the panj pyare back then would have consisted of Women. The roles you speak of are BS sexism. Open your mind and leave your brown backwards Punjabi thinking behind. We deal in Truth, not Manmade Culture.
  13. The Illuminati are the richest families and people in the world, who fund government campaigns, control politicians and politics and the world in general as much as they can.
  14. The thing is that covid was man made, apparently even trump admitted it. The Illuminati created it to keep population levels down and turn every country into a police state. Read more about the Illuminati.
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