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  1. Don’t cheat, just study harder. Live life with integrity. You don’t yet understand what school is and how detrimental it is to your adult life. I didn’t take school seriously. As a woman, I was brought up to think I would get married and that would be that, and school and university were not important. I ended up being physically abused, forced to leave home and fend for myself. I struggled so much with money and came across many who.saw me in a vulnerable state with not much money and were also abusive (because I was vulnerable). If I had only taken school seriously and finished my
  2. Games.. All I’m saying is that God is All and we are nothing. There are no games, I spoke the Truth. How do you think the Gurus were able to see the worst type of human beings possible (demons in human form) with love. There is Nothing. We are Nothing, we have Nothing. There’s only God. It can’t get much simpler, but most humans like to live in complication. It’s beyond worldly logic and ego. It’s discovered through Love.
  3. You can’t force anyone to agree with you, which I don’t. Everyone’s God, we just are ignorant and arrogant to humble ourselves as nothing and accept it’s all Him. Thinking you are beyond Him is ego. If He weren’t you, you wouldn’t be able to move, breathe etc. Your desire to be right has clouded your judgement. You think Him to be far away when He Is You. It isn’t ego to think He’s you, it’s ego to think He’s not and you miraculously move around and were born by your own grace.
  4. The Gurus gave us Gurbani to realise what they did. God blessed us with the 14 Realms to realise what He has. There is no contradiction and there Is No Logic in True Love. We are Nothing, yet we are the drop in the ocean, made from the same stuff as the ocean. I’m not getting gurbani twisted. You haven’t read gurbani properly. It says He is the angel, He is the demon, He is the Good, the Bad, the Light and the Dark, dressed up in different costumes. sometimes he sits as a king, sometimes a beggar, sometimes a good being, sometimes a bad being. What you fail to realise is that it’s all an
  5. The international news outlets haven’t reported on the efforts of the Governement to discredit the farmers, or of the history of the Indian Governments horrific crimes against Punjabis to date. The media is Governement censored, the British government won’t allow it due to their trade and the money they make in partnership with the Indian govt. Punjab is still trying to get over the genocides of the past and then this.
  6. No, I love Him as me and me as Him. Denying that He/ Truth is the powerhouse of everyone and everything is ego. We are Nothing. The reality is that we cannot eat, live, breathe without Him. He is us and we are Him, ocean in the drop, drop in the ocean. We humans deny it for the sake of being right, humans find it difficult to accept that we are Nothing.
  7. How are we not Him, when everything, everyone everywhere is him? I’ve read gurbani many times. We are Him, but are in maya, the illusion that we are not. Gurbani (the Guru) pulls us out of it. I won’t deny that the Lord and Master, my true Father is All, hence we are Him and He is Us. Our bodies, the sun, the moon, our houses, it’s All Him. It’s stated in Gurbani many many times. To deny the fact would be to live in illusion. The dukh, the sukh, the pleasure and the pain, angel, demon, all him dressed up, all hukam and karam. Wordly logic has no place in True Love. He is the power that runs th
  8. We’ve always been One, we just live in the lower psychology and illusion that we’re not. The Gurus are merged with God but still have their differences, the astral body etc, they were married, had kids, different associates etc. But the Essence is the same, as our essence is, we are One. Many would oppose this fact, saying the Gurus are higher than us. But the Gurus of all souls taught us that we are Equal and we are One, that God pervades each and every one of us and we are Him and He is us. In accepting this, in Nirboah and Nirvair, we can begin to see through the illusion.
  9. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is all that’s needed, it’s all in there and we keep moving on the path with naam simran, practicing Truth in real life. We’re not supposed to worship saints, were supposed to apply gurbani, which has given us the first step in applying Truth and walk the rest of the path alone with God. If you come across a sant then fine, if not, there’s always gurbani. People likely won’t always name names on here because a lot of the time, real saints are demonized, to the extent that some are physically hurt, sometimes even by full amritdharis no less. The Gurus and the sants they asso
  10. Lol maybe. Yes people can be extra with that stuff. They’re the second/astral energy though... we’ll see that stuff when we’ve passed on. God put us on earth to accept life here and not dwell on the astral realm, hence they taught Truthful Living. The gyan regrading the realms though, is that they don’t actually exist, including this realm, as in they’re a projection of the nothingness, Truth from which we came. In the silence, the primal void, there’s no colour, imagery, etc, just Truth/ God. Anything with image is an illusion. But we accept life on earth in the khel and experience and learn
  11. Just do it with a nightlight on. If you’re afraid, shabads help more than you can imagine, they are very powerful. Ive been playing them through the night recently. That demon is nothing, they’re like puffs of smoke in the khel. I’ve seen worse than that believe it or not. I struggled with those negative visions all my life until a few years ago. One time I woke up with one at the end of my bed but by that time I was so bored of seeing them I just ignored it and went back to sleep. Ignore and continue with your own life and also bhagti. A serial killer, rapist has a messed up/ demoni
  12. It’s okay, try it with the lights off, if not then try a dimmer night light. Try saying Waheguru, I say Satnaam, out loud and then internally intuitively. To hear the sound, you need to quiet the mind and relax your body. The reality is you just need to not fall for the b/s of the illusion/khel. Even the most demonic entities you may see are God (as are bad people). They’re just false images, illusions, god dressed up in costume. A highly evolved friend taught me to visualize myself in meditation as an eagle and a cheetah, animals who don’t fear predators way bigger than themselves. They
  13. Try it and see, you should be able to feel it when you begin. Sitting in lotus pose is good, or with your back leaning on the wall for support with your legs crossed or out. You can also start off sitting then lie down, go deep into it and you’ll knock out for the night, or you can do it lying down, however you’re comfortable. You can adjust your legs as needed while you’re in the samadhi, you’ll just go back into it after. You may get to a stage where you can’t feel your body, not the usual physical numbness, more of a spiritual one, in that case just relax and keep going but if y
  14. Naam from 12.30am for 2.5 hrs is effective, very powerful time, until morning.
  15. Sometimes. Illness is paying off our Dukhi karams, it washes our Karam. Im normally in tune with it when resting and recovering
  16. Lol, it’s Truth, ie God. It’s the reality, ie pure unconditional Love.
  17. Beyond worldly logic. He is right in front of us, he Is us, he’s everyone everything everywhere. Around 8 years ago, I had a strong vision. Out of my heart, God projected the universe, stars, planets, everything. Then it all sucked back into my heart And I was alone, just us (me and God) in the void. In that moment, I learned that it’s All just Him. The good, the bad, the people, the highs, the lows. The universe, everything, is Love. Humans strive for decades and ages to find Truth, when Truth was here all along, its All Pervading. All we can do is Love Him, as He loves us.
  18. Online Sangat on here is good to have, discussions and talking about gurbani is good. Above all, read gurbani, and believe the Gurus. The world/ humans and even spirits will try and sell you rubbish once you step onto this path. The True Bhagats don’t buy or believe it. They only believe the Guru.
  19. The aim is still not to dwell on the astral though and to live life in the third energy, here and now. There is a lot to be learned here on earth, even Truth masters learn here. We go to the astral upon death, but life is here and now on earth, accepting that is important. Working, supporting your own life, Practicing Gurbani in your daily life, enjoying life and learning as you go along is the best way to live. But respecting life, so not meditating in the hills all the time etc. We take to exercise and meditation in the evening and night and live life during the day. Not needing darsha
  20. Sometimes He shows us how to navigate the astral realm for purposes we may need later. Doing naam simran while in the astral realm is great. I’ve sat on the floor a few times and done it and learned a lot that I’ve applied in my daily life.
  21. Guru Gobind Ji wrote of the incarnations of Vishnu Ji in Sri Dasam Granth Ji. There are many Devi’s and devte who were/ have reincarnated.Some incarnations also go astray and some come back onto the path in their current janam. It depends on the incarnation.
  22. Agreed. Many men and even women have twisted it to their own meaning. Reality is that you or I could have been there and offered our heads, and the Panj Panj Pyare could have been mixed genders. One need only to look at Mai Bhago leading men on horseback into war to know that Sat makes no distinction between male and female, both are able to have strength and do the seemingly impossible and Are worthy of Gods Love.
  23. Being alive is a miracle within itself. We were made out of nothingness, we were literally formed from nothing. Gurbani says the world is illusory, like a dream, and if we accept that gyan, we come to realise that All is a miracle and our preconceptions and worldly logic about life drilled into us from youth is crushed. God/Truth is all. Gods literally staring us in the face.
  24. Hence why it’s said that Truth is beyond description. It can’t be described, only experienced. It’s beyond worldly logic. Once you see through the illusion, that’s a great step. Keep going.
  25. Hi. Develop strength. Take care of your mind body and spirit, ie work, exercise and mediate. Betrayal happens, but we have to be strong and believe the Guru and what he teaches us, learn any lessons there are to be learned and push through it. Read gurbani and apply it to your life practically. Forgive those who have betrayed you and treated you badly and develop an I don’t care attitude, focus on your own life and leave blame. Be fearless, for everyone everything everywhere is God, see him in every person, in every action. Practice gratitude for the small things you have in life and buil
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