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  1. Majority of sikhs follow sikh reyat maryada. We can all agree that - A sikh can be gursikh and one with waheguru while following sri guru granth sahib and sikh reyat maryada. Keeping away from controversial topics like dasam granth (which divide the panth as it is impossible to reach conclusion due to external influence [brahminvaadi and santani influence, rss etc. ] and vested interests of groups and constant interference by indian govt in sikh religeous affairs - can only be solved by establishing khalsa raj and khalistan) it is hard to also draw conclusion on other things which ha
  2. Many sikhs do not have full faith in many puratan sources and question their reliability and authenticity. Without delving into controversy it has been accepted that one can be a full gursikh by following the teachings of sri guru granth sahib and the basic sikh reyat maryada. The main point is that you should not be worried too much about whether you wear a sarbloh or non sarbloh kara. It is more a choice which should not affect you becoming one with waheguru.
  3. I am not that knwoledgable about bhai chaupa singhs rehitnama. Might be mistake but you called him "bhai" chaupa singh. Bhai is an honorary title and is commonly used for shaheeds. E.g. khalistani shaheeds, shaheed bhai gurjant singh budhsinghwala, shaheed bhai lachman singh babbar, shaheed bhai gurdev singh debu. Even for older shaheeds, e.g. bhai daya singh, shaheed bhai taru singh ji. Or panj piyare Bhai daya singh, bhai dharm singh, bhai himmat singh bhai mohkam singh, bhai sahib singh
  4. The ten gurus in human bodies are all forms of guru nanak and sent by waheguru. Their job was to create sikhi and to fully establish all princaples and implemwnt miri piri sant sipahi khalsa etc. And spread sikhi took time of 10 gurus. After 10 gurus sikh religion was finished and ready and the real guru (shabad guru /gian) was moved into sri guru granth sahib. We do not worship body of yuru nanak we value his gian and knowledge in his gurbani. There is bani of 15 bhagats (including hindus and muslims) in sri guru granth sahib, there is bani of 11 bhatts ij sri guru gran
  5. People saying sat sri akaal is out of lazyness as they have shortened the battle cry bole so nihal sat sri akal. A sikh is instructed to greet another sikh by saying waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. Normally i hear the sat sri akaal amongst culutural sikhs or mone. Sikhs use waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.
  6. Type of kara has nothing to do with sikhi. It is best to reference sikh reyat maryada, normally anything above that is either superstitions, waam/ parm or delving into controversy or at times fully anti panthic. You will not become patit if you have non sarbloh kara, waheguru will not punish you.
  7. Bikrami calendar is anti sikh and pushed by brahminvaadi forces. It is a disgrace to call bikrami calendar nanakshahi. Gadar e quam Badal even got his puppets at sgpc and akal takth to release this brahminvaadi calendar. https://www.sikh24.com/2021/03/14/amid-row-giani-harpreet-singh-again-releases-amended-version-of-nanakshahi-calendar/
  8. I agree they areimportant but their isnt set reqards for doing a certain amount of path or something. There is no poont reciting baani if u get nothing out of it. If you hear, understand and implement baani it is good. If you do it because it hepps you connect with waheguru or battle 5 thieves then good. But if you do it so you can hit 125k to get some made up reward then it is not good and is anti gurmat. Saying waheguru X amount of times does not give you anything, the point is too clear and control your mind/brain and focus on waheguru. There is reason why gurus took us away from
  9. Doing paths does not achieve anything, the point of sikhi was to break out of rituals jot create them. If i get a speaker and get it to play jaap 125000 times it wont achieve anything, same if i get parrot to say it 125 000 times or if i get someone who does not know gurmukhi or punjabi or meaning to say it 125,000 times. I could do one million akhand paths but if i dont learn anything from sggs or implement gurus teachings then a singh sehaj path is a million times better. Im pretty sure these is something which explains this in gurbanj, e.g. the one about how the musalman prayer circle walki
  10. The only thing stopping sikhi from becoming a sect of hinduism is the disipline, identity, our history and criticism of hindu practises. No religion solely based out of india can survive if it has leniency. What's the point of increasing our numbers if the people are not committed. We want sant sipahi's not people who sell out their religion at the sight of danger or the 5 choors, kaam (lust), krodh (wrath), lobh (greed), moh (attachment to phyiscal things inclduing people) and ahankar (ego/ pride). A major part of sikhi is commitment and discipline, if you can't follow the teachers of sggs (s
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