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  1. Following are my views of your queries: 1) No, because the soul jeev atma has reunited and merged into that Supreme Being who is beyond births and deaths, who is ajoonee. 2) No because if he goes into any joonee, be it even the state of Vishnu Jee or any other avatar or prophet, then what was the need to devote to the Highest Being Waheguru Akal Purukh. You see the bhakti of the Highest who is ajoonee, takes you directo to Him for once and ever, not any other wise or means or substitutes. 3) If Guru Nanak told anybody that He will come back, that is because, He being the manifestation of Waheguru Akal Purukh as it has been hapening since Aad Jugad, comes time after time, to deliver the message or jugtee of how to attach ourselves to that Aad Sach, Supreme Truth known as Satnam. He may for sure not come in the same swaroop as 600 years back, nor same family, nor place of birth, that is entirely upon His Mauj, the main thing is to recognize that Power of Sat Shabad, for that we have to go to Gurbani, to check if it is Truth or falsehood, for that we have to carefully read and understand each shabad Guru Jee tells us in Gurbani, and nos just blindly recite it as parrots. But then too, I suppose it will be very difficult, for our petty mind, for we are so used to see who talks, and pay no attention to what is talked about. We get fueled very quickly and in out of ignorance and fear, we may harm or abuse that Bhagat, Sant Jan, Gurmukh, like many misbehaved with our Guru Sahiban, for not recognizing and understanding what they said, but stuck into their deep ignorant manmat. Nobody can ever recognize a True Gurmukh, a Guru da pyaraa, unless he catches us by our arm and pulls us towards him. The reality of any saint, mahapurukh, is not in their outer appearances or attire, it is more to their close union with that Satnam, when one goes within ourselves in the spiritual realms, and see their Noor or Shabad swaroop. 4) Jeev atma does not take any body, because then the drop of water has merged into the Infinite Ocean of Truth, Satnam and become one with IT. It is no more a drop, but, it has become the Ocean itself by His apaar kirpa. 5) The question of requesting anything just does not arise, because, as said above, before, the drop of water under delusion was a limited individual, but now having shattered those barriers of maya and mind with the guidance of Shabad Guru, has become one with that Sat Shabad/Satnam.
  2. All incarnations of Vishnu Jee or any other trinities or gods even .... are not the saviours of any souls, they have a particular role to play assigned to them, as for example, the incarnations of Vishnu come for the sole purpose of restablishing righteousnes, or say Dharam, and that´s it. Whosoever adores or venerates them, will only reach Swarg or Baikunth at most. For the salvation of the souls, if there is any entity to make it possible, it is as seen in Gurbani, is the GURU. That is why Guru Jee tells us: mat koee bharam bhoolay sansar, Bin SATGURU koee na utras paar. The main difference between Gurmat and any other paths, is that, while others depend on their different divinites manifested at different times during any of the 4 Yugas, in Gurmat, we only depend on the aid and guidance Guru Jee, be it in any Yuga. Some may not agree, but that is only relative, for as sikhs of the Truth, we have to only understand and follow what Guru Jee or the highest Bhagat Jan tell us in Gurbani. All incarnations or physical manifestations of any divinity come to our level. either to confuse us with their powers, or as Guru Sahiban and Gurmukh Jan come, to remind and reveal us the Truth of the true Aad Guru, Jugad Guru, Sree Guru Dev, which is also known as Satnam, Sachee Bani, Anhad Shabad, Amrit Bani or even more clearly "Shabad Guru", who is the True everlasting and eternal Guru, which Waheguru Akal Purukh has kept within each one of us in equal manner, irrespective of our color, caste creed or nationality. As said, Guru Sahiban direct our attention to this Shabad Guru, who was with us before we were even born, and will be with us when we leave this world or any other mayavee plane with all the physical forms behind. Now, how to manifest this Shabad Guru within us? Third Patshahee Sree Guru Amar Das Maharaj tells us : Nam jiskay man vaseeya, vajeh Shabad ganere. He says. when we meditate on that Nam/Satnam, it will manifest its divine melodies within us, an by holding on to them we shall cross each spiritual plane to finally reach and merge in the only existing supreme Truth of Satnam. At other place Guru Jee clearly tells us: Jap man SATNAM, sadaah SATNAM. The thing is, we keep on looking here and there too much and get impressed by these outer and petty things in comparion to Guru Jee, and we read the Bani like parrots without seeing what it is telling us to do, thus we we are strongly entangled by our "manmat". Salvation is only possible by understanding and putting into practice what Sachee Bani tells us to practice as per means of devotion. not otherwise. Anyhow, I will never blame anyone for their shortcoming, for as said in the Bani, only those wadbhagee jeevas, who are pulled by Him, are the fewer ones who will follow the teachings in Gurbani, the rest of the poor jeevaas, what can they do? If He the creator, does not pull their strings, for somehow or other He wants Hs creation to keep running, otherwise if it was that simple to return to Him by our will and efforts, the creation will gradually come to an end, that is why so many Avtars come, so many gods, or godesses, different religions exist, and so on layers of confusing braham..... But in spite of all this paraphernalia, Waheguru has given us His Gurbani, so that we can attach our surtee to it, to cleanse ourselves throughly and be receptive to His apaar kirpa, in order to get attracted to Him and finally merge in Him. If any glory, that is only of Guru Jee and Waheguru Akal Purukh.
  3. Bro, thanks a very good reply. Just my 2 cents, in addition to your comments above. It is sign of a real "sant", who out of true humility, when as you say: the Sant syas go to SGGS, don´t be my chela. This is because, Guru Jee is the highest authority where spirituality is concerned, in the end it is the relation we establish with Guru Ji which counts, for it is Guru Ji who can ferry across the jeev atma, from the mayavee creation, to the ultimate realm of Absolute Truth: Sach Khand. In this respect, the Bani is very clear when it says: Mat koee bharam bhoolay sansaar bin Satgur koee na utras paar. Which means, not our efforts, nor any devotion to any other spiritual entities, apart from one Waheguru Akal Purukh. If we place our faith and love at Guru Ji´s Lotus Feet, then Guru Ji will surely ferry us across. Just as simple as, when we sit in the aeroplane, we have just to sit and not do anything else, in order to fly from Amritsar to London for example. This sitting in the plane, is giving our love and faith to Guru Ji alone, who as a geniune pilot of spiritual realms, will take us back Home, such is the law made by the Creator Lord. That is why also, Gurbani tells us: Shabad Guru surat(surtee/soul) Dhun chela. Now, if we have Guru Ji, and we go go Him, it means we go as students, as disciples, as sikhs, in order to learn something from their infinite Wisdom. And they as being an Infinite Ocean of Love and Mercy, give us their Parshaad. So we may ask, what is their Gurparsad? Their parshaad is their teachings in a nutshell, for our spiritual uplitment as souls and our reunification with our origin Satnam. In reality any of their teachings contain references to that Absolute Truth, Waheguru or Satnam. But if we have to refer some of them for our simple understanding, it could well be, that, they with their utter love try to remove our strong wrappings of deep ignorance, by engaging us in such a practice, which if followed diligently and preseverance, will surely make us shine as pure soul drops of that Infinte Satnam samundar. That practice is none other than our seva, our devotion done with our mind or soul subsequently, to that One true Lord God, Waheguru Akal Purukh. Again, in this respect, Guru Ji tells us the seva to be done which is approved and accepted in His Darbar. ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਕੀ ਸੇਵਾ ਸਫਲੁ ਹੈ ਜੇ ਕੋ ਕਰੇ ਚਿਤੁ ਲਾਇ ॥ Sathigur Kee Saeva Safal Hai Jae Ko Karae Chith Lae || Service to the True Guru is fruitful and rewarding, with the mind focused on it, for it can reveal that Truth consciousness within us. (not otherwise or by any other means nor short cuts by our own chaturaee) So, Guru Ji says: Jan NanaK kau, Guru ehe mat denee, jap man Satnam sadaah Satnam. It is by only doing the jaap of Waheguru/Satnam, that we manifest or reveal that Jot of Satnam within us. The supreme importance of Guru Ji in our existence is for all that Guru Ji stands for, but mainly, because He tries to shake us from our deep ignorance and falsehood, and attach us with the only one reality or eternal changeless Truth since Aad Jugaad, and that is Waheguru Akal Purukh (ONLY).
  4. SSA penjee Dayalkaur and all sangat. This my present post is in response to the posts of member @Jageera a couple of weeks ago in a thread created by sister Dayalkaur and which is now deleted. Jageera Jee, since I joined SA last year, I have being following your posts, and I do have a good imprsession of you, but, the other day you dissapointed me, not only because of your nasty foul language used to insult some members, but somehow the wires in your brain got messed up and had a shortcircuit, which made you lose your temper and mental balance. Before calling snakes anybody and trying to beat anyone, kill the snakes of your ego and krodh from you, remove your mask of fanatism, and and become a good human being, thus a good sikh. Whatever you said about me, was totally incorrect. First of all, for me only Guru Jee is the True Guru. As the Bani says: Satgur bajoh hor kachee hae Bani. So I don´t go looking or searching for anything or anyone else. If by chance anything appears before me, I try to see how it is said and the context in which it is said, and if only it matches with Gurbani, and inspires me to increase my love and faith in Guru Jee, then only I apreciate it, be it a namdhari, a sikh, a hindu or christian or be it anybody... I do not see who says it, but what is said and if it matches with Gurbani, or as said before, and if it inspires me to strengthen my faith in Guru Jee. Did you notice I never ever said to anybdoy to accept that guy or any other one as guru and bow down, rather to listen and see by ourselves in order to be entitled to have a sound judgement by our own reasoning. If it inspires us, ok, if not discard it and leave it, and if it is anything against Gurbani, report it, condemm it by reasoning and prove it, not just with deaf ears. Frankly speaking, until that day, I am in my late thirties and until then I had never ever read or heard any thing by that namdhari guy, but the title of the thread started by sister Dayalkaur called my attention, so I said myself to hear what is being said in it, and as I found it satisfactory, for it inspired me to deepen my love for Guru Jee. I usually stick to the topic, and that particular statement which maybe short or long, but, it should be in the direction of Gurbani, apart from that, what others do in their lives, or have done matters me not much, but only what is said at that particular moment, in that particular statement. So please next time before just insulting and losing temper, see exactly what is said, don´t go beyond it those limits. For nowhere, I said anyone directly or indirectly to follow that guy. I just liked that short video, because it was about loving Guru Jee, and that is most important. Now, if as per you message, that fellow has murdered or not, or what has done, it is relatively important, for it has nothing to do with me, or for my love for Guru Jee, in the end, sikhs or not sikhs, all have to heavily pay for their misdeeds/karmas. So brother Jageera, chill down, for it easy to start a war of insults, but I do not want to fall at your level and become restless or mad, which is also a disrespect for the sangat here as well as for the visitors to this website of SA. Being a sikh has to do more to control one´s tongue and mind, and be less judgental needlessly, for no one is free from faults, or do you really think that just by being sikhs in appearance/attire, we will be free from evil. If that was the case, why is it that in our community we are not free from robbers, paedophiles, smugglers, drugaddicts, alcoholics and so on... Many a times, I am grateful to Waheguru for being a sikh, for as said in the Bani, when He wants to bring back some souls, He puts them on the path as per Gurbani, and to the rest of the creatures He keeps them entagled in "koor". So brother Jageera, if He in His wisdom wants to keep someone away from Himself, what can a poor jeev atma do? Or do you think, you are a sikh by your own decisions? It was He, who put you in a particular place and family where you took birth, and by His grace you are into sikhee howsoever, so brother who can go against His hukum? That too when He has decided so? If you are so convinced about your faith, try and go convince a hindu, a christian or a muslim that sikhee is the only path.... and see how they respond you. It is not in any man´s hands, to change or convince someone to be on the right path, it is all His grace. So rather cursing others, is it not better to pray Him to bless all others as He has blessed us, and make them know and believe the truth of Gurbani. The main thing is, how faithful and strong is our love in Guru Jee and be fearless, others may try to convince us or convert us, but we should firmly and respectfully tell them to leave our way, in order to avoid hatred, controversies and thus fanatism which means utter madness. The creation has to continue until He wishes so, for that, there has to be many religions, fake gurus, liars, and so on.... if all understood the truth in a simple way and accept it, all would be on Sikhee, and the creation will come to and end, for all will return and merge in Him easily, but unfortunately that is not the case. We are all tourists /guests in His creation, which exists before our coming, and will continue to exist and run its due course, so our job is not to interfere in the mangement of the creation, for it is absolutely not in our hands, rather why not focus on ourselves to follow and try to better understand Gurbani, and mould our lives accirdingly, for in the end what counts in His darbar, are the "karam" each one of us have incurred into, and the amount of kamaee of that Truth known as Satnam or Waheguru, rest is all "koor"
  5. A Sardarji from Amritsar was visiting the UK for the first time, and had boarded a train from Paddington and was on his way to Cardiff to visit his sister and her family. In the train, sitting across from him, this rather stoic and proper looking Englishman in a pin-striped suit was engrossed in reading the morning’s paper. As the train rolled on, the Sardarji was soon bored. Wanting to strike up a conversation he leaned over and asked the Englishman, ‘Excuse me Sir, what is your name?’ *Not very happy at this development, the Englishman nevertheless obliged and said, ‘John Smith. And what is your name Sir?’* The Sardar replied, ‘Banta Singh. And where are you from Mr. Smith?’ ‘From Lancashire’ And you Mr. Singh?’ Making every effort to keep up with Mr. Smith, the Sardarji replied, ‘From Amritshire!’ *This confused the hell out of Mr. Smith.. He knew of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Lincolnshire, Worcestershire; but Amritshire???* *Eyebrows raised, he asked the Sardarji, ‘And on what “longitude and latitude” would Amritshire be Sir?’* Now it was Banta’s turn to look all confused. But not willing to show his ignorance, and not knowing the meaning of these words, he replied in his new found accent ‘ Sir, You see, in Amritshire we don’t use Latitude and Longitude we have the more advanced geographical coordinates “Bhenkitude” & “Maakitude”* Mr. Smith is still searching the dictionary for those words !!!
  6. Though this is quite an old thread, yet I have just come across it and found some interesting points in it. First of all, Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj, is Waheguru Himself. Secondly, all creatures, whether males or females, are just coverings on the spiritual beings called jeev atmas or souls, which are essentially all drops of the One and only Truth: Satnam. Do you really think, Guru Jee will not initiate/baptize someone just because of their gender? He is an Infinite Ocean of Mercy, how can anyone think or believe, that just because if some soul is born as woman, has not the same rights as me to saved? It is just ridiculous. It is not being born as a man or woman, which counts in His eyes, for He sees all as a projection of His Jot. Guru Gobind Singh, and all Guru Sahiban, just as all Bhagat Jan, come into this creation, with the Water/Amrit of Truth, of Nam, anybody who practices it, gets ferried across. What does baptism really mean? Is it not, that one accepts Waheguru as the Highest and eternal Truth, and promises to do all the needful with purity, love and devotion, in order to manifest Him within and merge in Him? Then? How is that a woman, for just being born as a woman, has no right to get her soul saved? Does it not sound ridiculous? Sikhee, is path which leads to Him, irrespective of who walks on it, whether a woman or a man, for in reality it is none of them, for the bodies of both are left here as ashes, it is the ray soul of Waheguru, which treads that path of Love and merge into that Infinite Ocean of love and mercy. Please let us first understand well what Guru Sahiban are in reality, and what is their message from Akal Purukh for us as souls, before making any baseless statements/questions. Following are some Satbachans of Guru Sahiban, which in simple and clear words describe what are their teachings in summary for all times and all beings: jay vad bhaag hoveh vadbhaagee taa har har naam Dhi-aavai. If someone is very fortunate, and is blessed with great high destiny, then he meditates on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. naam japat naamay sukh paavai har naamay naam samaavai. ||1|| Chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he finds peace, and merges in the Naam Guru Sahiban, do not come to create divisions nor drown us with nonsense/ignorance. They only come with the lamp of His Name/Nam, so that walking with this Light, we may cross the creation of untruth and reach the abode of the eternal truth of Satnam. That is why, Guru Sahiban in the second verse tells us, if we repeat/chant His Name, one literally merges in Nam, and beileve it, these words are not of any gyani bahman, or pandit.... but rather the very manifestation of Waheguru, Guru Sahiban.
  7. It is a good sign. In order to feel/get something greater and better, it is first necessary to empty the cup of mayavee filling, then with His kirpa, one can be filled with His divine love. In order to get something (divine), one has to leave/lessen something(maya). So now the question may arise, what is that to do, in order to vaccate the cup of maya witin us? Listen His kirtan, katha, to get inspired and a type of "bairag"so that with soild faith of a rock, one may keep calling His divine Name, which is all through CLEANSER/PURIFIER. His Name carries all His attributes, which if repeated with love and devotion, it will ferrry us across from this side of the Mahabhavsagar to His abode of Sach Khand.
  8. In short, kachee bani is any teachings /path/philosophy, which does not inspire or engage a jeev atma into Nam bhakti as per Gurmat for the only purpose of the merging of the soul in Waheguru Akal Purukh, the highest and only TRUTH. In this respect, Gurbani tells us: SATGUR BAJOH HOR KACHEE HAE BANI..
  9. Batman Sir, it is not in the physical body where the different spiritual stages are. If Sach Khand is there, and it is the highest spiritual realm so to say, then for sure in our spiritual ascending within, there are different spiritual stages to be crossed before reaching Sach Khand. Then too, it is not a matter of talkig about these stages before reaching Sach Khand, but, to do the proper jugtee of going within and then seeing it with one´s own eyes. Gurbani is about practice, not mere talking. Only those who have did the true Bhakti like Gurmukhs, Bhagat Jan or Guru Sahiban themselves, have crossed all the between stages right from this gross creation, then the astral, then the causal, and then much much farther than Dasam Dwar to the finest of Sach Khand. Gurbani talks of Panch Shabad, which correspond to each of the 5 stages or realms up to Sach Khand, each Shabad within has a particular sound and light, so when one ascends within stage by stage, different sounds and Jots, are like milestones indicating where our surtee has reached. Even Waheguru Akal Purukh the highest Truth, without the proper spiritual practice or effort from our side, can ever be acheived.
  10. Between the Guru and people, for a sikh it is undoubtedly obvious to choose the Guru. Follow the people by listening to their agyanta, one is sure to go astray in the endless wheel of 84. Follow the gyan of the Guru, and one is bound to return our true Home.
  11. Do Hindu Gods Exist? Hindu gods are not actually gods of hindus alone, but rather they are energies, working out their roles in the immense and huge creation. Just as we do not get any hindu sun, or a muslim moon, or christian stars, and so on .... It is all deep ignorance (maya) in the end at all levels. It is only when we go within ourselves by meditation, we can clearly see where each jeev atma stands and what is their actual condition. Right from the beginning, there is only One Truth (IK OANKAR), Ooch, A-paar, Be-ant, SAT-NAM, and in the end when He wants to end the khel, it will still remain one, Sat-Nam. Rest is all of His creation. Now, how can anybody ever cross all the khands and brahmands at different planes and reach that One supreme and changeless Truth? Well, Gurbani can not be more clear and benevolent for us, when it says: Eko Naam hukum hae Nanak, Satgur dheea bujhae jeeo. The Bani says: O Nanak, the only commandment to be followed, is to hold on one Nam alone, as instructed by the True Guru. The creation is characterized by varieties, diversities, in countless forms, sizes, colors, shapes, but, He Waheguru Akal Purukh is One, and it is to Him whom we have to pay attention and shower all our love and devotion at His Lotus Feet, so that we may not get lost in the wheel of 84, and in the end merge and become one with Him. Different divinties, avatrs, celestial beings, gods, devtays, etc, are all there as obstacles placed by Maya, so that we may grow and become strong by overcoming them, and by wanting the only ONE mercilfull and beloved Waheguru Akal Purukh.
  12. The best way to know how much anybody is near the Truth, is as simple as seeing how much they stress in applying the teachings of Gurbani into our daily lives. Each person may or may not have different points of views and differ from others, whosoever it maybe, because when it comes to Gurbani which is all that matters in the end for it is that what will be for our spiritual benefit only, then that is what we should take it. No real mahapurukh comes to contradict Gurmat, rather to make us aware of that supreme Truth (SATNAM) which lies within all living beings as our sole source and support for our liberation forever from the mayavee creation by merging in that everlasting and changeless Truth for all past, present, and future times. Time changes, conditions change, places change, all the creation changes, but, that One supreme Truth, Satnam, is changless, and is always the way for the salvation of the jeev atma-soul. He alone who awakens our awareness, and helps us realize that changless Truth within ourselves can be called as a mahapurukh.
  13. Pen Jee if one plays with fire, one should be consciouss that one can get burnt. So both of you knew, that living in relationship does have the chances of getting pregnant. And if you were confident and strong then, then be the same now and face whatever you have to, with dignity. You may evade somehow the so called society, but have you ever thought of what face will you take when yamdoots or Dharam Rai ask you for killing a life? And there you will be all alone, nobody will stand beside you. Have you ever thought of that? You say you are a sikh woman, then, did you forget Waheguru is all omnipresent and was aware of this your relationship? If no shame then, what shame now? See, what is done is done, do not get things worse by killing a life. Marry ths man now, and let the people talk as much as they want, nothing lasts forever, it is your life, to the hell with the so called society. What matters is your morality and self respect. Believe it, having a child in one´s arms, is such a blessing, a most loving act, that no other relationship can be ever compared to it. So start making plans to have this baby by all means, and be grateful to Him for this blessing, of having a child. Nothing happens just like that, the child has to come as it is so destined at a particular time, so please it is a benti, do not do anything which will make you incurr in heavy karma, and for which you alone will have to pay. Aapay beejeh aapay khaae. Lastly, be bold, be strong and above all thankful to Him, there is no such thing compared in having a child. It is one of the biggest blessings, which one can have. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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