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  1. Bravo Guest Prabhtej Jee. In your quote above in black, is in fact the simplest secret of God realization, if only any such lover of His could apply it practically in their daily lives.
  2. Pen Jee, I am going to answer your points in "black" above. * The real Amrit is got within,by the constant jaap of His Name, which washes away all our karmas and thus make us free from maya and we get merged into Waheguru. * The 2 souls joining in marriage is not spiritual but at a physical level to settle our karmic acconts, our True husband is Waheguru Himself, and to Him we have to please by chanting His Name, then as a Father, as an Husband, He will give us shelter at His Lotus feet, it is to Him for whom we have to look for and please Him, He alone is pure, true and perfect
  3. Bramacharaya is a very high state of mind, and for that one has to do a lot of kamaee. It is not just saying I will do so and get it, it is to fight with the mind on the internal level with the weapon of Naam alone. That is the right weapon to knock out the mind, for with other methods and weapons, the mind can not be subdued, for as seen in the history, it has defeated big rishis, munis and sanyasis. So to deal properly with this enemy of kaam, one needs the correct weapon, which is His sacred Name as per Bani, all other efforts are futile and a waste of time. And also do not r
  4. He is omnipresent, so physical or geographical locations have no value, your inner being is His real temple where you can find Him for sure. A Brahmgyani, is also His form as seen in Sukhmani Sahib. Unlike we humans, They do not need to be close to us to give their blessings. Wherever one is and sincerely pray to Him, He himself will make us meet Them. Meanwhile continue with your daily practices of meditating on Him, He will pull and put you on the right tracks. Your kamaee can never be lost, for as the Bani says: no thief can steal it, water drown it or fire burn it, it i
  5. Just be aware that for one engaging in His bhakti, is more a pull from His side than any of our biggest efforts, thus if He himself pulls us, which power or who can stop us? So please do not let your mind get you confused, for the jahaaz of His Naam which will ferry us across, has nothing to do with age, gender, nationality or anything alike, but just to sit comfortably and let the pilot of Guru Jee take us across. Why are you worried of old age? What guarantee is that you will reach there? In your hands you only have today and now, so make the most of it. He has given us
  6. Just a few points. Each breath without His remembrance is a waste. As long as one has breaths, one has still time to reverse our direction and go towards Him with humility, love and utter devotion. Do not look back from the mirror of your mind, rather look forward the broad wide horizons which awaits you to meet your goal with the aid of Guru Jee, for if you hold His hand, no matter how much fallen one maybe, but with His mighty arm, He will surely pull us out, that is His mahaantaa. We should always be positive and hopeful, and leave not even a byte for negativity. Th
  7. My thoughts are that, it is a real pity, that inspite of supposedly being a spiritual leader, he is creating divisions among human beings, instead of making people "better equal beings", he is discriminating. This speaks very little of him, for in His eyes, only purity of mind counts in order to devote and submit ourselves to His Bhaana. Rest is all maya and tightly binding ourselves to the wheel of 84.
  8. There will always be failure, if we do not abide by the teachings of Guru Sahiban in the Bani, and corrupt them with our manmukhta and agyanta, thus ignoring the truth on one side, and move further with untruth, we have to listen and get hold on to those who have eyes: Guru Jee, not the blind ignorant manmukhs with their own fashioned philosophies. Only Gurbani is Truth, all else is futile, if we do not abide by the teachings in it
  9. Every other thing apart from only one Him is a trap. One does not get spiritually enlightened at particular planes, it is with our constant association with the Truth of Nam, through simran that we get enlightened throughly. Do not expect much, only wish strongly to be able to receive His meher/kirpa in order to merge in Him, for until He Himself pulls us out, and we hold on tightly to Him only, with love and devotion, we can never ever acheive anything, in terms of our union with Him.
  10. Bro, I just love your posts, for bringing out the best contents related to pure spirituality from the perspective of sikhee or Gurbani. Please keep it up.
  11. Not wanting to enter into any controversy whether women can be in the Panj Pyare or not, all this discussion will go on for long time, as long as people are not fair or are sadly being influenced by those who have not realized that Divinity within. This is how the society moves, means in constant conflicts and confusion. But from there to say, that if there is any combination of genders between them, thus not all men, then the light of the Guru will not come forth? This is not correct at all, because, whether singhs or singhnis, it is diferentiated at the physical level, which is no
  12. Verily true. As long as one is in ego, there is no trace of Naam. Only when one subdues the ego, then the Jot and dhun of Naam permeates and luminates our being.
  13. Well Sikhilove Ji, there are many things which you say with which I do not agree, but yet are respectful, as not all of us are at the same consciouss level, so no need to further arguments which leads nowhere but to bitterness, inspite of that, I would just like to bring forward a couple of simple, clarifying and inspiring verses from Guru Jee in reference to what we are talking about: ਦੁਨੀਆ ਸਾਗਰੁ ਦੁਤਰੁ ਕਹੀਐ ਕਿਉ ਕਰਿ ਪਾਈਐ ਪਾਰੋ ॥ Dhuneeaa Saagar Dhuthar Keheeai Kio Kar Paaeeai Paaro || दुनीआ सागरु दुतरु कहीऐ किउ करि पाईऐ पारो ॥ "The world-ocean is treacherous and impas
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