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  1. Bro paapiman, as per your question above, and in the context given by you in your post of 23rd March 2021 : Raag= Love with Partiality, I would say it means, one being proud of one´s limited view of love as whole, whether conscioussly or unconscioussly. It could well be also an expression of subtle ego. As I usually say, if ever one wants to know how much right or wrong one can be, the only valid source of true wisdom to discern correctly, is to check what with Gurbani oneself. Not to see what others say or do and copy them, because not all are at the same spiritual height
  2. Well, the only explanation for me according to the definition beside the word "Raag" above, I think, it means not to limit our love to a certain number of things, such as relations, properties, wealth and so on, but to let it flow in a wider range, or call it universal, covering all of His creation, for in all does He reside. Our limited extension of love, makes us bound by "moh", which in the end is also a reason for our sufferings. Does not the Bani say: Kis naal keejay dostee sabh jag chalan haar. Our attachment (love with limitations)with the temporary and perishable, kee
  3. Brother I do not want to dissapoint you, but we have to understand that spirituality has to be done within the mind, if only we want to go beyond the spheres of matter and mind. The purpose of real bhakti as suggested by Guru Jee, is to loose oneself into it, for if any counting is done with the body/mind, means that we are much with the body, and the body or mind is a barrier in our spiritual path within, which can only be overcomed by submitting oneself completely in the jaap of His Naam. Then too, when He has given us so much without any limits... we make big countings and tell Hi
  4. SSA Parunoid Jee, Following are the answers to your questions as per my view in the same order of them: 1) Each Saint, Gurmukh, Guru Sahiban, act as per the hukum of Waheguru, we are nobody to question them if only we believe and trust in them. 2) It is just a matter of undrstanding and interpreting those words, some take it literally, some base their belief on the general teachings, revelations, pointers, throughout the Bani. After all, each and everyone acts according to their budhi and past karam. 3) Mardana was muslim outwardLy, but within Him was the Jot of A
  5. From the ten fighting forms in Shastar Vidiya, at Number 6, we have Hanuman Yudhan, this combat form takes its inspiration from the famed deity Hanuman (half monkey, half man), the greatest disciple of Lord Rama, the avatar of Vishnu. Prime targets include the lower body, legs and groin. Use of grappling and counter levers, it not only negates the power of opponents, but directs their energy against them. In application, it advances upon the opponent, slipping past oncoming attacks, and targets the groin region. Sophisticated structure-breaks take place, finally resulting in the oppo
  6. Excellent thread. Thanks. I would just like to add that all Gurbani is about the praises, about the apaar wadeeayee of Waheguru's real form of Nam. Now about the question of this thread of if Gurbani or Nam? It is like as Gurbani is preparing food, and Nam is to eat The Food. What would happen if we just prepare food but do not eat it? We would die of hunger. Which means, we would have lost this priceless human form to reunite our souls with Him, thus stay strongly as prisoners in the wheel of 84. So Nam is our origin, Nam is our goal, Gurbani is the inspirat
  7. Samarbir Jee, to understand in the right perspective the question you are asking in this thread, I believe let us see what else is said in the following 2 verses to the one you have presented above, though since the start to the end, the whole bani should be read and understood, for it contains countless pearls, diamonds and rubies of highest spiritual value.. Here it goes: ਕਹਾ ਭਯੋ ਜੋ ਦੋਊ ਲੋਚਨ ਮੂੰਦ ਕੈ ਬੈਠਿ ਰਹਿਓ ਬਕ ਧਿਆਨ ਲਗਾਇਓ ॥ kahaa bhayo jo dhouoo lochan moo(n)dh kai baiTh rahio bak dhiaan lagaio || Of what use it is if one sits and meditates like a crane with his eyes clo
  8. Why Do Hindus Hate Sikhs For? I would say, the whole world is crazy/mad. Each and every follower of the different dharams on this earth has hatred for others. And not because the dharams are right or wrong, that is a different matter, but because of intolerance and ego, thus a heavy cover of ignorance covering their budhi. The fact is, nobody has seen that highest supreme Truth, be it in any dharam, not with their physical eyes, but with their inner spiritual faculty of seeing within. Had anybody seen that supreme Truth, would have realized that it is the One same Ligh
  9. Guest Shaheed Jee, as brother Souldfinder has perfectly said: amrit is amrit and it shouldn't be divided by marayada. So there is hardly anything to be added, but just to confirm that it is a fair and a practical answer, thus agreed with it. Cause, the Panj Pyare are just intermediators, are just witness of you seeking Him and to love Him for the sake of loving Him. That is it. After all in the end, the reality is that only we, each one of us as individual souls and Him is what remains, and counts. Then too, I would just add: Trust Waheguru with all your heart, do
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