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  1. What is the difference between Gurmukhi and Punjabi?
  2. Japji Sahib Katha 1 countined Guru Ji added the numeral 1 to show there is no duality. There is only 1 God. Oankar can be split into two separate syllables when trying to find the meaning. The first part is Aum and the second is Kar. Aum can be split into 3 different letters which are A,U and M. The three letters represent the word Akar,Ukar and Makar. The word Akar represents Brhama. Ukar represents Vishnu and Makar represents you gussed it Shiva. According to Hinduism the three demi gods are considered most sacred and are responsible for the welfare of creation. Brhama the creator. Vish
  3. 1 To the first one yes as I know Samt Jarnail Singh was married and has kids. 2 Yes And 3 yes
  4. Just want to add all I wrote was from a translation of katha and steeks by Giani Kamalpreet Singh Ji who also added vidya from other sants too. Here is the bibliography
  5. It is on GurmutVeechar.com This is not just from Katha but also Steeks by Sant ji which were translated into English by Giani Kamalpreet Singh Ji
  6. Part 4 Creation of Japji Sahib One day while Guru Nanak Dev Ji was at Kartarpur Bhai Lehnna Ji who would be Guru Angad. Mahraj did seva of the sangat. They asked him four questions. Those were 1. What path does your religion take 2. What is the mantra you use for the name of God 3. What is your Mool Mantar 4. What is your Mala Mantra To the first one Mahraj said there faith focused on the worship of Vahguru. To the second he said we use the name Vahguru. (Fun fact Maha Sant and Sarbloh Bani says that Vava comes from Brahma who created the Mantar of
  7. Part 3 Guru Nanak authenticity 1) Vedic Authenticity There is much proof written in many scriptures predicting Guru Nanak Examples are Gopal Tapni Upanishad, Bhagwat Purana Etc. Gopal Tapni Upanishad says I pay my salutations to the one God who is the form of supreme truth, supreme consciousness amd complete bliss. He is the one who rescues all from distress; he is understood by the Vednats and the Vedas. He is the supreme Guru and is the witness within the heart of everyone Bhavishat Purana says The Guru is Brhama, the Guru is Vishnu and the Guru is Sh
  8. Guru Nanak is Greater then a Puran avtar Guru Gobind Singh Ji went on to explain the five attributes 1 Shakti Ram showed his powers to his mother. When his mother went to pray to Devi he replaced the image with an image of himself. To show his powers. Krishna too did this. Krishna pretended to eat dirt so when his mother forced him to spit it out she saw his mouth and saw the whole world. The entire universe. Guru Nanak had a different miracle. At amrit vela all the devi devta came to worship Guru Mahraj. He was put on a throne like a Maharaja. He was given massages wi
  9. I originally made this on Sikhsangat time to post it here. Part 1 I have started reading my english tika by Sant ji and it is very deep. I will quote some parts I really liked. The Importance of Japji Sahib Kavi Santhok Singh Ji says about Japji Sahib In the way a rice husk is useless without a grain of rice, a Sikh is useless without having memorized Japji Sahib. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says to Guru Angad Dev Ji those who recite Japji Sahib with their heart will gain a seat close to me. Guru Ji also says The individual who forgets Jap Ji knowing it divinity is commiti
  10. In Guur Gobind Singh Ji's own bani he says that Bhai Daya Singh is a avtar of Luv Bhai Dharam Singh of Bhagat Dhanna Bhit Himmit Singh Unknown Bhai Mokham Singh Bhagat Namdev Bhai Sahib Singh Bhagat Sain
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