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  1. I have heard people give different names to Guru Ji so which is the correct one? Also on Guru Har Rai some spell it as Guru Hari Rai so which is correct?
  2. Mach avtar isn't ment to be taken literally instead I believe it is made to make theological points. Teach lessons inspire us with Bir Rass.
  3. What is your riding and Imo the Conservatives would be better than the Liberals
  4. The book up there is so good. It is called faith and philosophy of Sikhism I do a benti to everyone please read it. It has so much gian.
  5. This Mahalla is in the Kirtarpur Bir. It starts with Through the voice of Har Rai, the Guru. Thoughts?
  6. But where does it say anand karaj is ONLY between male and female.
  7. I don't think Gurbani has any references to homosexuality.
  8. Abput Ranjit Singh he was a good king (maybe oppressive in Kashmir) but a bad Sikh. He was an alcoholic and was addicted to opium. He had many affairs and married non Sikh. His policies on Kashmir were bad and oppressive but that might not be on hime might be on the Governors.
  9. IMHO Vahguru doesn't care who you love. That has no importance.
  10. Saw some people talking about Banda so here we go. He was not a true Sikh and we should not hold him in a holy light. He was a Good General but not a good Skkh or even person. He was genocideal and like Hitler who blamed WW1 on the Jews he blamed it on the Muslims. He killed them brutally. Sant Jarnail Singh says he was a fake guru and compared him to thr Nirankari Gurus. There is an overwhelming evidence proving he did killings of innocents.
  11. I had Darshan of the Guru sometime ago and it was when I had fallen back into maya and stopped reading bani for sometime. It was a dream. I was with another Singh in the forest in Blue Bana we were carrying something and then we went to a tent I think it was and Guru Gobind Singh was sitting on a Manja. I remember bowing my hands but after that I don't remember much.
  12. Thakur Singh katha may be moving but don't listen to it. He says some weird stuff. Aside from the scandals he says if you don't do long mool mantar you will go to hell and stuff like that. He promotes superstitious beliefs. Also his lies about Bluestar. Just don't listen to him. There are many better kathavachiks.
  13. Not saying there isn't a rehat for the Bani but why are Sikh now days being superstitious?
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