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  1. Today is one of those days where I feel so happy but unsure why. Dearest God, I don’t understand anything. I’m always asking you for more and you never stop giving. I forever look at the single thing I don’t have not realising the countless blessings you gave. I will never know how lucky I am. I just want to say thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much God. To the random person reading who I will never meet, I truly hope you find happiness in this lifetime.
  2. All people are welcome on Sikh forums, welcome to visit gurdwaras and equally welcome to read gurbani and receive unconditional blessings from the limitless ocean of treasures. One out of millions are those souls blessed with enlightenment of realising true purpose of their human life as an opportunity to merge back with the Lord. To compare one religion with another is like comparing features of different cars where our real purpose was to simply reach the far destination through use of a vehicle. The point of a religion was only to teach you to live as a good citizen in this world, as a bonus it should teach you spirituality. All religions today have lost spirituality, except for Sikhi which has it but 99.9% of today ‘Sikhs’ haven’t got a clue. Just as the student shouldn’t attempt to explore the origin, extent or limit of their teacher. The good student receives the teaching and puts it to practice through hard work. Gurbani talks repeatedly of ‘Satguru’ meaning true teacher, without who nothing is possible. In the darkest time of Kalyug where all are blind, Guru Nanak Ji are the true Guru (teacher) who enlighten us to our biggest question - ‘who am I?’ Guru Nanak Ji’s main teaching is man tu jot saroop hai apnaa mool paichan - mind you are a soul recognise your true self. The vehicle/method Guru Ji gave for this is Gur-Shabad (word of the Guru) with encouragement to attach our Surat (mental state of being/awareness) with the Shabad. Everything including body remains here when death comes and our soul leaves naked. So the direct liberation path Guru Nanak Ji gave is through meditating on Shabad ‘detach’ our awareness from body completely and ‘attach’ with shabad. With due time the Guru’s shabad will even liberate a soul before their time of death arrives. This is called jeevan mukhti. This is a lifelong journey which Guru Nanak Ji encouraged us to practice while living a householder life. Many Sikhs and sources can tell you about Sikh way of life. But the most incredible inward journey - really only one out of millions witnesses purely on blessings of almighty God. Such people live hidden completely though. Words can’t do justice what Guru Nanak Ji gave or who they are. Incredibly lucky readers will understand because they have experienced it themselves.
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