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  1. Thank you for that in depth reply to my question. I agree with you to a large extent that Sikhi does place a lot of emphasis on the grace of God, although I have come across some schools of modified non-dualism that emphasize this a lot, as well. One question that arises a lot when I read Gurbani is who is the Guru that the Gurus are referencing... I take it to be Waheguru, or God, or whatever name one wants to place on the supreme being, am I correct in that understanding?
  2. Yeah, I agree with what you are saying. I guess I misspoke saying non-Punjabi and probably really more as someone who wasn't brought up Sikh that part of it is a little hard for me. Lately I have been regarding myself more as a Vedanta-Nanakpanthi. I feel like it gives me a little more "freedom" which is still necessary for me.
  3. Yes, I agree that the Social structure of Sikhi is very unique and different from Vedanta, but the beliefs and practices are very similar. As a non-Punjabi the social structure and culture of Sikhi is challenging for me which is where Vedanta is quite helpful. But, I still love the teachings and writings of the Sikh Gurus and blending Sikhi and Advaita Vedanta has been very satisfying for me.
  4. I'm relatively new to Sikhi, study/practicing off and on for several years now. I am even newer to Advaita Vedanta, but through the studies of it so far it seems like there are many, many similarities between the two paths. It seems like maybe the biggest difference is the emphasis put on devotion to Waheguru, or Brhaman, or whatever name you want to apply, but the essential teaching and philosophy is pretty similar. What do you guys who probably know way more about Sikhi and maybe Vedanta, as well, think? Om shanti shanti shanti. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.
  5. Hi everyone, I am relatively new to Sikhi faith and have been studying/practicing off and on for the past few years now. Prior to Sikhi I practiced Buddhism for the better part of 15 years and before that was raised Christian and "dabbled" in Judaism before being introduced to Indian philosophy and religion. Lately I have been learning more about Hinduism, specifically Advaita Vedanta. At the moment I kind of consider myself to be a Vedanta-Nanakpanthi. I see a lot of overlap between Advaita Vedanta and Sikhi and for me Vedanta helps me with the philosophical and knowledge while Sikhi he
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