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  1. Yes as paapiman ji said that we respect all the prophets and saints but we only worship the creator behind them allah.
  2. Yes it's true because Guru Nanak dev ji themselves were god in human form. The gurmantar waheguru is something guru nanak dev ji gave us. Guru Ji spent many ages doing recitation on WA and then more ages on HE and GU RU. Even Rishi Muni (Great sages) had said that there will be a mantra which will liberate lost souls in Kaljug. His followers had asked why can't you just give us this mantar he said I do not have permission to give it only Guru Nanak can. The reason Guru Nanak Dev ji came on this earth was to liberate lost souls and lower the weight of sins on this world. Because avatars such as Krishan Ji had failed to liberate lost souls because they had got stuck in ego. Guru Nanak dev ji was the only one who had people do devotion of waheguru not his name. I hope this helps. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  3. I think your right because bhagat ji also says ਤੁਅਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ in the recording.
  4. Yes I suppose but they are great vidarthi of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa They studied along with Sant Kartar Singh ji. They probably have the most shudh uchaaran of bani in the whole world.
  5. This santhya recording by bhagat jaswant singh ji is amazing. As every matra is given full pronunciation. https://www.damdamitaksal.com/audio/listen/J/754-bhagat-jaswant-singh/728-nitnem-santhiya
  6. We can't use our manmat to conduct what guru sahib can or can not do Why guru sahib changed bani guru sahib themselves know we can't decide why or why not they did
  7. I suggest you go read a mahapurakhs jeevan singh ji. Such as bhai sahib Randhir Singh ji they have many events involving ghosts etc. Then come back and talk to us about the ""Rituals""
  8. Bhai Sahib means that you should put on dasam bani something like brahm kavach because it provides protection from spirits that have bad intent. In this situation the video has sounds which tends to attract such spirits so watch at your own risk.
  9. You should go to gurudwara with your family and do ardaas and hukumnama. Whatever guru ji says you should abide with.
  10. You should start watching basics of sikhi videos on youtube They provide a good foundation for anyone being first introduced to sikhi. You will get to know many good things from their videos which will help immensely on your journey.
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