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  1. Lol then why would I put my kesh in a bucket otherwise I would have millions of buckets filled with kesh lol.
  2. Usually if I find kesh on the ground somewhere I pick them up and put it in the bucket. After keshi ishnaan I pick up the kesh left in the bathtub. Thats just what I do.
  3. Or I brought back the ghost with me while on this ghost hunt thing lol. akaal..
  4. Everytime I do jaap of mool mantar or gurmantar and close my eyes why do I feel like I am being watched or I am seriously paranoid.
  5. I learned a interesting fact from my ustadji for santhya, If you paka your santhya 25 times it equals some sehaj paths I can't remember right now the exact number but its pretty cool.
  6. When someone uses their sword of power to hurt the poor and needy. Then gods sword is ready to strike him
  7. I used citric acid once and it worked pretty well taking of the rust and particles.
  8. Thank you very much Bhenji may waheguru ji bless you.
  9. Thank you very much veerji. May Vaheguru ji do kirpa on you veerji
  10. Wjkk Wjkf I'm Upkaar Singh, I'm 13 about to turn 14 in two days, I'm from America (I wish my birthday was with baba fateh singh ji which is a day before mine) I'm a big fan of 96 Crori Jathedar Akali Nihang Baba Surjit Singh Ji and all the nihang dals I love to play gatka and also play tabla. I am getting into simran and bhagti more. I will most likely join buddha dal or any other dal I also like to help make shaheedi degh with my brothers. I really love to do sangat of sadhu's and mahapurakhs ( I was going to go to india this month with a mahapurakh and do darshan
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