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  1. Veer ji im reverting back to my old ways and keep watch pornography and masterbaiting i want to stop but the urge becomes so strong. How do i come back into sikhi ive stopped doing allot of my path. I dont want to lose sikhi but its happening...
  2. I wake up at 4 but then end up falling asleep and up at six WHATS HAPPENING I used to be able to wake at 4 or before for over months but ever since my finals I don’t feel any motivation towards Sikhi. Please explain what’s happening to me
  3. Can I believe in Hindu Mythology as a Sikh? Should I believe it such why Brahma married his daughter? Shiva and mohini(Vishnu). Is this true? Should I read about this stuff???
  4. Parents won’t let me brother plus I have school and workout in order to keep this body good for use
  5. I went on a vacation and my cousions were and he is bad influence and starting talking to me about sex and stuff like that and because we were on vacation I missed out on rehras sahib and Kirtan Sohila and morning nitnem the next day also I masterbaited and relapsed and I feel so bad and I mad at myself how stupid I am will I be forgiven
  6. Thank you it looks right paper but irl it doesn’t always workout I’ll try for sure though
  7. So I wake up at 4:00 am and sit down at 5 and I try to 1:30 to 2 hours of Simran and then do my nitnem. but since I have school 9 and have to be done with everything at 8:30 but when I do my nitnem I can’t find rythem and end up rushing it or going to slow before I go to school. so today I did my nitnem first I got a lot more anand but then I couldn’t focus on Simran. so if someone can help me out on my routine that would be great.
  8. Hello Gurmukh piraro I was just sitting and watching video and Sant baba isher singh ji came to mind I’ve heard the name a lot but don’t know much about them or there avasta if someone with this knowledge can share and help me out that would be great.
  9. Bibi Ji has lot of giaan but i am new to akath katha so if someone can explain what shes talking about. Whats the first stage of prema bhakti?
  10. is what needs to be done to receive blessing of my beloved Guru Nanak?
  11. I long for darshan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. How can receive darshan? Will he bless me? Its hard to survive without seeing his Charan. I am a 15 year old practicing sikh. My yearning hurts when i remember my Guru. When i listen to Asa Di Vaar it reminds me what ive been missing out on. @Lucky@Sat1176
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