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  1. Ego is an illusion. We’re all One, there’s only One. We fools in ego just run around deluded. When we finally sit in our trueselves, we understand that there is no high or low or seperatedness. We are One, we’re in God he’s In Us.
  2. Hi. Everything’s Karam, according to our past deeds and actions. We as Walkers of the path of Truth are taught to fight for justice when it is required and that’s what the farmers have done. Look at some of the Gurus and their Sikhs, burned on hot plates, tortured in horrific ways, and the Gurus sons. The bad souls will answer for their deeds in this life of after death. Their karmas are read out and just when they think they’ve gotten away with their deeds, they will suffer for them. God is fair and no bad deed goes unpunished in the end, it’s His law. This earth is a Test World. Gu
  3. Naam is Truth, it Is Gurbani. It’s the same. When you apply Truth (Gurbani) to your life, it’s the same as japping Naam, you live in a higher frequency of Truth. Naam simran is also required, at Amrit vela, ie 12.30am onwards. The Bhagat should go into samadhi and stay grounded in Truth during the day.
  4. For Naam to truly work, Gurbani needs to be applied, it needs to be a practice of Bandgi during the day, in your everyday life. All that needs to be done is for the gyan of gurbani to be applied, ie thought of and practiced during the day. ie, if someone tries to wind you up, and you feel a lot of anger rising, remember they’re just God dressed up and don’t fall for it, it’s just Maya. If an attractive woman walks past, see her as a sister and for woman see men as brothers, other than your spouse or someone who’s actually your type if looking for someone. Be kind and comp
  5. If you google governement or VIP peadophile ring, you’ll see that the issue of peadophilia is a massive issue which has largely been covered up by the elite.
  6. Well done for staying clean. I know someone who was never spiritual before they got clean but after rehab does Japji Sahib every morning, does a mindfulness meditation each morning and gets therapy. And it’s done them wonders. I’m sure there’s a lot more they need to do to keep clean, but it’s a large part of how they go through life now. Seeing how dukhi can turn turn a human towards God is a truly Beautiful thing. Seeing the bright side of recovery from addiction, in moving closer to Truth is key I believe. Sometimes people come out of it stronger and better than they were before.
  7. The government is still run by the same people that were involved in 1984 and their relatives. It hasn’t changed, this is the same old RSS thing happening, hence the RSS government branding peacefully protesting Sikhs as terrorists all over the Indian media. The injustices committed against Sikhs are way past being too many and the people who are still committing these I’m Sure will get their karam hit them hard.
  8. You can pray for them to have clarity if it’s in Gods will. But Dukhi causes us to turn to God a lot of the time so it’s good to let people learn for themselves. Myself as an example, I turned to God a lot when I had a lot of dukhi, hence it can be a blessing.
  9. It’s pretty bad. Slanderers of saints suffer the fate described in Sukhmani Sahib without a doubt. Everyone pays for their deeds in the end.
  10. If you know about the Illuminati(group that consists of the richest families in the world and others and who run the world), you’ll know that it’s been normalized for many in positions of power in the world. They are truly mentally ill and heartless people.
  11. You need to write it down, and go through the appropriate channels if bullying is taking place. If your manager doesn’t care, take it higher up. Be assertive, ie stick up for yourself and your rights. We are taught to be strong, to fight for justice and attack if needed, not be passive. Don’t forget that Guru Nanak walked into Mecca like a badass, imagine someone doing that now or especially back in those days. Every Guru up to the last one had/ has strength and an I don’t give a f**k attitude. They don’t care what others think of them, they do what they need to and what they want.
  12. You just need to be positive. Practicing gurbani, Naam Jaap is positivity. And ignore any ghosts around. It’s just a khel. Bad ghosts are the same as bad people. A bad persons astral body is not a pretty sight either, and they’re capable of bad things. Ignore and avoid them and accept that they’re an illusion, they’re just God dressed up in the khel, as are we and everything around us. And you just get on with and focus on your own life without fear.
  13. It depends what the addiction is. But yoga is very good, mediation, practicing Truth from Gurbani etc. It could be good to see a therapist. Surrounding yourself with good positive people is always a good thing.
  14. Siddhis can be distractions on the path. Try just loving God. He made this khel for us out of True Love. He loves us more than most of us realize.
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