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  1. Underwater volcanoes miss most people's mention. The advanced scientific mindset present in Gurbani is undeniable.
  2. Thank you Hanji. I listened and I was reading along for a bit, but I got hit with such bliss, that I just drifted into the deepest sleep. I'll have to watch a few times. I was sitting on the floor watching then boom I was laying in bliss then gone. I only passed out maybe two hours but I feel like I slept a whole night.
  3. Shukria Hanji. I had never heard of Pitta before. Also it is very important to keep your bowels clean. "Make sure you bust several grumpies a day lest you act like a grumpie yourself", so says Dave. In the military, for ground forces, the number one cause of soldiers becoming too ill to fight is they neglect poopin out of fear, and their body becomes toxic then ill. My cousin who was a Navy Corpsman said when he was nested with ground troops his job as a medic ultimately was play mom, carry the guys extra gear to give them a break, and make them poop regularly. He said the rest was iv and salt water balance and the odd patch up job before evac.
  4. You can genourously apply coconut oil to better clean out your pores. It's far beyond what you can do with hot water and what they pass off for soap these days. Since I started adding essential oils to coconut oil, I almost never touch soap these days. When I do it tends to be real soap or high quality conditioner.
  5. This is neither here nor there, more for a laugh, but when I was at university I flyered all over campus for an Aikido class for persons with blindness. Ironically nobody that it applied to saw it.
  6. Love the share friend. We certainly get bombarded. Interesting that housing specifically is mentioned as part of the control mechanisms of Kalyug.
  7. Hah. I used to think that when I'd look at reflexology charts of the foot and the points and what health benefit and organ they stimulate etc, and I'd think that's incredible they figured all this out, and I believe them really but.... can't I just press my whole foot especially the parts that hurt? Different Shaheeds used different Pangtis and maintained their equipose while Akal demonstrated supernatural feats. For some it was Japji, others just the Gurmantar. But what they all had in common was a lot, a lot, of recititation, a lot of repetition, amazing amounts of focus and Prem Bhagti. Everybody learns differently and internalizes information and grows differently. Anyone who embraces Naam will taste it's perfection and the perfection of all its' fruits.
  8. Sort of a tangent. I did some mushrooms 20 years ago with my buddy Dave. And we commenced to hallucinating out in the wilderness and we started hearing weird unearthly noises and felt a pressence nearby unseen. We heard crazy unnatural noises. So we individually assume that it's a hallucination. Then say to each other hey you hear that? Except we both had the same hallucinations. If two people have the same hallucination...is it a hallucination? Shouldn't hallucinations be individualized? We've both spent a lot of time in that forest and never had any experience like that, heard anything like that before. And when we did hear whatever, it was real and evident to both of us and consistent.
  9. It's hard to say. That's part of what's interesting. She's definitely talking to someone I don't see to begin with. I'm sure a dr would find her mentally ill. But then why be effected by a Jaikara she can't hear? Why did her hallucination offer her exactly what Sikhi offers all of us? Whoever was offering her help was persistent but she was refusing it adamantly. I'm not sure if this a word but she was talking about persuing asanjog. Committed to asanjog. So whoever was addressing her was talking about moving towards the light from the darkness. Was talking about Sanjog. Was talking about God. Which I wasn't. I said hey you want a slice? Only way to infer what the invisible was saying to her was in her responses to it. Could that be just a hallucination? Sure. One that is absolutely in sync with the spiritual aspects that had occured that the woman is unaware of.
  10. Had this experience just this evening. Went out for a pizza and on my way out I hear this woman confronting the invisible coming down the street. So I quietly utter the Jaikara and then as we get closer she starts swerving like lining up with me as we approach. I offer her a slice and she sort of continues her conversation with me about her drug addiction, and homelessness, and crime she intends to commit for drugs now and shelter if caught, and I haven't said anything, managed a few consilitory statememts in. And the entire time she keeps shifting from looking at me to looking over my left shoulder and up at something taller than me. And she goes on to vent, and I haven't mentioned anything about anything, and she keeps addressing me and whoever is up and to my left about how angry she is at God and that she fully intends to keep walking away from God in the direction of seperateness, and it was like she was responding to an invitation or warning but certainly not one I gave her.
  11. Lol. This dude is great. I watched it twice. Lol.
  12. Sort of a tangent, but when I am not doing a direct Ardas and I want, or need help, or wish help for someone I see suffering, I let loose a loud singing of Jo Bole So Nihal Sat Sri Akal!!! To bring the awareness of Shaeed Singhs to whoever or whatever is happening. I use it a lot for myself when I'm feeling attacked or beset and when I see the homeless fighting their invisible tormentors I ask Shaheed Singhs to come be with them in that moment too and to ride down on whatever is tormenting the poor person. And the number of times the poor person stops their delusional fight a moment and looks around or changes their interaction with what they're seeing is profound. Sometimes they stop entirely. Their entire face lights up and they get excited, and you can tell they are watching their bully get sorted. Other times the relief is more brief and less noticeable and they go right back to the torment. Every time. Every time. You see it have some effect from a distance and a lot of the time they start looking around to see who's Interacting with them.
  13. Just woke up. Brain isn't working yet. But I think you guys are agreeing here. Yes. Devte have always been sent to help creation and humanity. Yes. You will see their forces join the forces of the Khalsa in battle. No. We don't pray to them. We can praise Akal and the Guru Sahiban, and even reference Devte as they appear in Gurbani. Dasam Granth has praises for those great spiritual warriors that help us, with whom the Guru is impressed. Mainly females which is awesome. If some Dasam Granth like things were happening again, you'd be praying to Akal and your prayers may be answered by a Devte and their forces. Because we all work for Akal as Dharmis. Like when you radio hq for air support. You radio command. They send the a10 warthog to be your angel. You don't need a relationship with the a10 pilot, you do need respect and gratitude for what the pilot does. Khalsa Paanth is stil Maharaja's Own. It's a coalition of forces and we answer to the Most High directly and yes we fight alongside a variety of Dharmi forces. Whelp. Slightly more awake. Hopefully that made sense. Lol.
  14. That was awesome. I think however it is said that it is not formed from the names but what the Mantar was?
  15. Busy, but let find that and compare it if we can. Edit: Have a moment. Does Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji say that the order of Mantar was Vishnu, Har, Gobind, Ram? I do seem to remember encountering a slightly different order and attribution like you said. Because in Kalyug the Dharmi Mantar for non Siks is Ram isnt? I know people use variety of Mantars, but for Kalyug isn't it Ram? For us Vaheguru. Oh it's short lemme see if I can follow along.
  16. Sometimes a Sensei takes over a class and we all have to start doing countless more assertive, more agressive, bokken cuts with louder kiai. It's usually when the Sensei has seen in the Dojo as a whole, or in an individual who has triggered them, a lack of respect and discipline or lack of Bir Ras which they call Damashi.
  17. There are two direct ways to move through space time. Through space. And through time. Brachristchromatic movement, cycloids, light, and gravity all travel optimally through time. Most of us seek to optimally travel through space.
  18. Great revival post Hanji. Catholicism and Christianity has produced some true gems in their swamp. It's proof of the power of prayer and devotion. I will warn you as an former irish catholic you must learn to discern and trust specific christians only. In the spiritual realm we are allies. The vast majority of christian organizations however, and their doctrines, and missionaries are dangerous to the Paanth and anyone they encounter. The christian faith by and large is two faiths, and the dominant one is not dedicated to Christ. Compete no. Protect ourselves yes. Discern and calloborate yes. We do need ways to interface with Dharmi Christians. They did leave mass graves behind them all over the world and even the recent iterations are known racists. To be honest real Christians would benefit from consulting Gurmat and the Khalsa for ideas how to sort their own over run house out. We need to sort our house out as an example. I also believe that it is Christ's wish that real Christians become Khalsa Sikhs, and short of that is the recitation of YHWH, Our Father, Hosanna, and reform based on Gospel and Gurbani.
  19. I hope it results in a better understanding for them. And for me as well. It's an extended family member I support lol. If it results in everyone being well, my rog of hau me being taken and their head poppin out of their uhhh...then it's all worth it. Lol.
  20. I am. @dalsingh101 has pm disabled on all platforms.
  21. I know bro. What I'm saying is if you read it verbatim it doesn't say what you're saying Hanji. And that it's best to quote Gurbani verbatim when possible especially in disagreement or controversy. What you've done is misquote it.
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