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  1. He's saying our Avastha is weak as a Quom I think. That we should be more effectively using Gurmantar.
  2. Is that the marijuana and fish reference? It's a reference to specific sect. You had Bhang Sevadars historically.
  3. Ask your Guru bro and read your history on it and make your own decision. But It was a highly prestigous position to distribute it in Purtan Gursikhi.
  4. It's not psychoactive. More the pain relief side. It's in Bhang and Shaheed Degh.
  5. Brooo. The price is so low. Everybody buy this book. You sure you should put the price so low Hanji? Ohh my God. You have fakes selling books on "Sikhism" for eight dollars a piece. No other works on here for me to purchase? I have google dollars to use. Put your collected works up for 40 I'll grab the whole lot.
  6. The legal marriage is what allows for the greencard. The gov doesn't care if you did Anand Karaj or not.
  7. There are some members on sikhsangat that could help.
  8. Right. Babba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed. How old? 70 plus?
  9. While roles appeared to be played the Ten Guru Saibhan were Nehkalank, Akal Purakh themself.
  10. If I'm allowed to fully heal from the years of alcohol, tobacco and kaam I hope to be in the best shape of my life at 50. Gurbani says we aquire new strength up until this point. It's considered the top class in cycling and things like Aikido. You have ten more years of growth before going into maintenance mode Hanji. And that can last beyond your seventies. Look at Jack Lalanne.
  11. Bro I'm 39 and moving like I'm 17. People think I'm like 23. Do your free running bro. Or I'll put chalk in your rhoti. And I have melanin deficiency. We don't age as well. Lol.
  12. And I agree. This hiit version of intervals is absolutely unhealthy. It's just an extreme ugly cousin of actual intervals done with a mind towards going easy.
  13. An interval is using different durations of different speeds and ranges of motion to train. Like intervals of walk, run, jog, walk. You can literally find your sweet spot and stay there, while mixing it up, and getting speed , endurance and agility.
  14. Yeah because you long distance ran too much like a robot. Off road intervals dude. With your walks. You'll be running again. Joyfully. Short intervals in no time. Walking is the best, but you want to be able to emergency run right? Or play with a kid some day?
  15. So an 80 20 interval. Endurance is fine for exercise and good in life. But everyone needs to work speed too. Unless they intend to never run from or at anything.
  16. I'm happy when I wake up reciting Japji lol. Trying to get my nitnem down let alone hearing celestial Shabads.
  17. Or here. Try this. Apply maffetone to sprinting. What's it look?
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