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  1. HBhai Bidhi Chand never married and had no children.Baba Avtar Singh is descendant of Baba Lal Chand;a nephew of Bidhi Chand.Lal Chand was a grocer in village Sursingh during Guru Gobind time.Lal Chand took part in battle of Bhangani in 1689 on Guru side. Descendants of Lal Chand were-Gurdial Chand,Hukam Chand,Jeoun Singh,Jaspat Singh,Bhag Singh,Labh SIngh,Natha Singh,Sohan Singh,Daya Singh and Avtar Singh.Bidhi Chand was born during Akbar’s rule in village Theh Chhina in district Amritsar.Bidhi Chand was a jat of Chhina subcaste.His father’s name was Wassan.He died in 1640 in Ayodhya.The name
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