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  1. I have already been in this confusion. Sursingh waale Mahapurakh is the descendant of Baba Bidhi Chand Ji or Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji? Also, any source that backs this point that all their kul will be Brahmgyanis? Don't want to trigger another topic or debate but I have seen Bhai Charanjeet Singh Ji (son of Baba Avtaar Singh Ji I guess) get matha-tekked by Farladhari Buzurg Nihang Singhs. Don't know the reason behind this but I just found this wrong (according to my mat). Bhul chuk maaf Trimandeep Singh
  2. I don't remember exactly, but I guess it was Damdami Beer in which 'Mahalla 10' was written as a Mangal for the last saloks of Salok Mahalla 9 we read today. Most scholars and gursikhs don't consider it the writing of Dasvein Patshaah though. I believe same is the case with this. Trimandeep Singh
  3. Veerji aren't we supposed to take only cold showers? Gurbani knows much better than Science about what is good for us. I don't know about the first point, but cold water is better than hot water for all other 9 benefits mentioned. Trimandeep Singh
  4. Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki Fateh! Hey brother, we don't know how much bani you have read and how many times you have visited a Gurudwara and the sacrifices you have made to please Guru sahib. I am just assuming that you came into Sikhi recently and hence have these trust issues, which is absolutely normal. I am not being rude but most probably, you are being ungrateful, what we call Akirtkanh. Maybe you have such bad previous karams that you are facing a dukh since long. Even a gursikh faces tough times, but because they firmly believe in Guru sahib, they read more bani and tend to remain in chardikala. Did you just do an ardaas or read some bani too? The reasons why praying may not have given you expected results can be- 1. You didn't have the required faith when doing ardaas. 2. You expected huge results with less efforts. 3. Not reading bani/doing ardaas with concentration Yes, God is responsible for everything but he's not responsible for your own karams. The reason why we commit bad karams is Maya and the punishments that we receive are decided according to the Karma System. Vaheguru is responsible for activating Maaya on earth and for creating the Karma system, and not your karams. Try to understand this. Well it's not hypocrisy but just the truth. To explain this, you would have to understand the working of Karma System (as in Gurmat). I would write a famous short story to just give you some understanding. Story starts* Once there was a shardhaalu (devotee) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He had firm belief in him while his friend, who was a thief was pretty much a stranger to this kind of stuff. The thief friend always used to mock him that even though he was a thief, he was still living a happier and comfortable life than the devotee's. One day, the devotee asked his thief friend to come along him and pay a visit to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. On the way, the thief found a gold coin while the devotee got his foot hurt by a sharp object. The thief again laughed at him but the devotee remained quiet and confidently told him that Guru Nanak Dev Ji will give the answer why this happened. When they reached, they asked Guru sahib to solve their shanka (doubt). Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji told them that because of the thief's good previous life karams, he would have found a pot full of gold coins but he got just one coin because he's a sinner. On the other hand, the devotee had his death (hanging) written today but because of his shardha in Vaheguru, the pain he had to go through was cut by a large extent, from phaansi to just a foot injury. Story ends* You can't blame guru sahib for your sufferings but if you read bani and apply principles of Sikhi, then he can interfere and reduce the pain/punishment. Here's a lecture on Gurmat Karam Philosophy. If you want to learn more about how karams work and how your punishments get reduced or minimised by reading bani, watch this. And it's really a must watch! One of my favs (Bhai Kulbir Singh Toronto) Trimandeep Singh
  5. Maybe this problem is increasing because sikhs and their families try to look for a suitable partner themselves rather than taking the help of senior gursikhs they know. Amritdhari Sikhs who don't have spiritually inclined families should especially take the help of a senior gursikh only, preferably such a gursikh who is rehitvaan and goes into sangat regularly. Trimandeep Singh
  6. I probably read this in a blog. Bhai Sahib Jagtar Singh Ji (Late Jathedar of Gurmat Bibek Jatha) used to say that whenever one visits a gurudwara, a Sikh should make sure that his/her shastars are visible so that Guru sahib can see them. And here's my opinion. I think a Sikh shouldn't hide his kirpan deliberately behind his/her chola or shirt to make sure that he stands out in the crowd. I think it would be acceptable in these situations. Never read or heard their comments on these. A little what I know is that puratan gursikhs of AKJ keep the dori shastars in their base keski with the kangha like Nihang Singhs. I am not saying it's some kind of Rehat or a rule...i just wrote the views of puratan gursikhs (particularly AKJ and most probably Taksaal too has the same view) Second one is valid and perhaps maybe the first point makes a Sikh kinda less tyar bar tyar. Rest guru sahib knows well Trimandeep Singh
  7. Sangat here can visit AKJ.Org and GurmatBibek.com. The websites have plenty of recipes of cookies, ice creams, cupcakes, pizza etc for those people who want to follow dietary bibek and make everything at home from scratch. I know a family here in Delhi and their home made namkeen and chips are much better than Haldirams and Bikano foods. Here are the links https://www.akj.org/blog.php?q=Ng== https://www.gurmatbibek.com/category.php?id=68 Trimandeep Singh
  8. Many gursikhs do avoid contact with the opposite gender because before reaching a certain avastha, one can fall into kaam's sharan easily. So, gursikhs say that one shouldn't chat or talk unnecessarily to the opposite gender, especially jigyasus. Just greet with a Fateh if you encounter someone. Regarding the situation when a beautiful (in terms of appearance) girl approaches you, then the first thing one should do is think that she's the daughter of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. If you can successfully fit this in your mind, it would reduce your chances of falling into kaamic thoughts by large. (Seekers should definitely try this...not only stops kaamic thoughts but also improves your behavior and thoughts about others) And obviously you are right in saying that just by avoiding travel and communication with the opposite gender, one can't get rid of kaam. We should always try to do jaap of Gurbani or mool mantar in our minds when we think that we are in a vulnerable situation. Trimandeep Singh
  9. Did she worship Vaheguru Ji or Jesus or any other prophet? Don't have much time today to see the whole video...will see tomorrow. Trimandeep Singh
  10. Haven't read anything related to this in any of the Rehatnamey. But senior gursikhs do believe that kirpaan shouldn't be worn under the Chola/shirts/kurta, whatever one is wearing. Trimandeep Singh
  11. I know that there are relatively less people today who do shanka on Sri Dasam Granth sahib Ji because of increased parchaar, especially by the Nihangs and Baba Banta Singh Ji (Munda Pind). I just found this video really interesting and informative so sharing it with the sangat. https://youtu.be/Th1BNq3EGIQ Vichar by Gurcharanjit Singh Ji on Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. Trimandeep Singh
  12. Watch this whole video! Bhai sahib had kept it simple and humorous.
  13. This Kirtan is a must listen. This is a short clip from the Har Har Naam Samagam at Malaysia. Whenever I feel sleepy, I just listen to it and all sleep goes away in a minute. My favorite part is when the gursikh wearing baana (Bhai Gurpreet Singh) recites the Karninaama. Dhan Dasam Patshah Di Baani. Trimandeep Singh
  14. Bhai sahib, I would recommend you a video of Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji BOS- 'How to deal with anger' That clip is a cut from a 1 hr workshop of his, where he gave a great solution to the Sangat and this tip has always worked for me. He asked the sangat to recite the following panktis when you feel any of the vices are coming over you... Anger: (i)Agyani Man Ross Karey (Sri Sukhmani Sahib) (ii)Farida bure da bhala kar, gussa man na handaaye Lust: (i)Par Triya Roop na Pekhai Netra (Sri Sukhmani Sahib) (ii)Par Beti ko beti jaane, Par istri ko maat bakhaane Aapan istri so rat hoyi, rehitvant singh hai soyi. (iii) Nij Naari ke saath Neh tum nit badheiyoo, par naari ki sej bhool supne hun na jaaiyo. (Charitropakhyan) Greed: (i) Deh Naam Santokhia Utrai Man ki bhukh Moh: (i) Hum Avgun Bharey Ek gun naahi.......'sut daara syon preet lagayi'........gur ramdaas rakhaho sharnayee Ahankar: (i) Jatan Bahut main kar raheyo mitiyo na man ko maan (Salok Mahalla 9) And obviously, there are endless panktis you can find in Gurbani. These were just the popular and 'easy to get Kanth' ones. Hope it helps Trimandeep Singh
  15. Almost everything you pointed out is mentioned in the Panthic Rehat Maryada except second and fourth point. And there's no mention in it whether bhog can be done to other eatables except Karah Prashad. (This should be cleared) Trimandeep Singh
  16. Bhai Saab 100% sure! And just for your information, he's also a Sarbloh Bibeki. I am sure he can never do this since his parents are also amritdhari and those people who commit such sins can't hide their real side for long, especially from their parents. The actions for which he has been accused may be true but he may have committed them long back when he didn't have any sangat. I don't know if it is actually the truth. But even if it was, at least now, he's a pure sarblohi rehitvaan gursikh and same is the case with Bhai Navreet Singh Ji. The Farladhari Nihangs of Tarna Dal Khayala often stay at his (Bhai Navreet Singh) home when they come to Canada to do parchaar. Trimandeep Singh
  17. But unfortunately there are disputes between jathebandis and it is liable to happen because Gurbani is beyond human intellect and we may interpret things differently...eg: whether to take any hukam or revelation as metaphorical or literal. I think the current Rehat Maryada is still better. If we come up with a uniform Rehat for all khalsa Panth, then most likely people will reject it with reasons like it (The Rehat Maryada) is biased towards this particular jathebandi. After all, it's Kalyug. Everything under Guru Sahib's hukam. Trimandeep Singh
  18. Try to follow the tips of members here as much as you can. But don't let these things stop you from doing a jaap. Everyone in my family except me and my parents eat khulla maas but that doesn't stop us from doing our Nitnem or read Sukhmani sahib. It instead motivates us to do more Paath and do ardaas to guru sahib to bless our family some bibek budhi. But do try to do your jaap at Amrit Vela in a room where they don't bring non veg. Don't stop, just start your jaap. Trimandeep Singh
  19. It's most probably false or a misunderstanding. Bhai Manvir Singh Ji started doing Sewa of Panth long back. He works in a prison where he tries to reform the prisoners, particularly Sikh or Punjabi prisoners. He has told many stories about the transformation of prisoners in his lectures, that how they changed after they started doing Sri Rehraas Sahib everyday. He usually gives English translations of books of Bhai Raghbir Singh Ji Bir and Bhai sahib Randhir Singh Ji to the prisoners. Also, Bhai Manvir Singh Ji has close contact with Singhs of Gurmat Bibek. If he had been accused of doing this Paap, then they would have taken strict action against him as you already know how serious they are related to these kind of matters. And he is still invited to speak at Khalsa Camps where renowned parcharaks of even Damdami Taksaal voluntarily come. I had a good laugh though. The author is quite creative with his story making skills. It's all fake propaganda against him. Just ignore these articles. Trimandeep Singh
  20. The Panthic Maryada is incomplete and has been designed in such a way that it doesn't disturb the peace and cooperation between the panthic jathebandis. So it's not much detailed and is silent on rehats mentioned in puratan Rehatnamey. And I already told you that Bhai Manvir Singh Ji is a very knowledgeable and khoji gursikh so we can trust him. Anyways, I don't have a problem if you consider it a Paap and not a bajjar Paap. Trimandeep Singh
  21. I have probably heard this in Bhai Manvir Singh Ji's lectures. He said that cutting hairs is not the only bajjar qurehit related to Kesh but it is included in the Bajjar qurehit- 'Kesaan Di Beadbi Nahi Karni' (Don't disrespect your hairs) This includes cutting hairs, dyeing/colouring them, waxing, applying chemical products deliberately like fixers and beard sprays, throwing kes in the dustbin etc. He has done research on Khalsa Rehat Maryada for nearly a decade now. He has taken help and advice from gianis and Mahapurakhs of various jathebandis too so he's pretty much reliable in my opinion. Trimandeep Singh
  22. If the hairs get damaged/removed while tying beard then surely it's a bajjar qurehit just like dyeing/colouring hairs. Guru sahib bibek budhi bakshan Trimandeep Singh
  23. I have never heard or read about these rehats though. Anyways, thank you for posting...i will start my research on puratan Rehat Maryada again. I wanted to get a book of Bhai Manvir Singh UK on Authentic Rehat Maryada which can be purchased from Khalsa Foundation Store but they don't export it. But they can deliver in Canada. Bhaisaab, if you want to research more about Rehat Maryada...then do get that book and don't forget to share some valuable information from it : ) Trimandeep Singh
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