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  1. God's honest truth I am. you're welcome
  2. Thank you for relaxing your temper. To be honest I never even thought of it that way. And yes I should take extra precautions. It didnt even occur to me that what im saying is risky. So sorry for my mistake. meri problem aa hagia. sidi saadi kuri hagia. thori kamli v lol
  3. look I am a female. All I wanted is some help. You dont have to be so angry about it. The hate against muslims is clear in your words. Talking to "Anyone" online would have made more sense then using the word muslim!! I didnt think of it that way as I wouldnt do that to anyone anyway. I only wanted some help in my research. You dont have to be so full of hatred against me. The perverts are disgusting lowlifes and its obviously wrong. Your approach was uncalled for. There is a way of talking even online. I am getting the answers I need now. Its best to do this my way.
  4. I'm based in England. What does bhul chuk maaf mean? thanks,
  5. Is there any Bhen ji who I can speak to? I would like to have some direct answers and my husband would prefer me to speak to a Bhen ji. I would like to have the contact number with their permission. Please private message me. Thank you ji
  6. Thank you so much. I agree. I am learning to seek knowledge not to convert.
  7. hello Sat sri Akal, I had both doses of the Astrazenica and I feel fine...
  8. I've heard you guys don't believe in dreams/dream meanings. But you gotta read this one. I had a dream many years ago that I went into a Gurdwara and Guru Nanak Dev ji was there. He looked at me and said "tussi ethe ki kareyo?" I said "respect ich" He said welcome.. Can you believe it? makes me smile every time at the thought of it. I called my nearby Gurdwara and expressed my wish to learn more. I told Sardar ji the dream. He was so shocked and kept saying waheguru. Fizz786
  9. hello, Thank you ji, But does that mean you do not believe in one God if you say he is in human form? See, I asked some sikhs about their beliefs and one said they believe in Allah, waheguru and all Hindu Gods. Whereas another said they only believe in one God. So im reading this for the first time.. I'm a Shia muslim, so I noticed some similarities between sikhism and us hence why I wish to do more research on Sikhism. I also wish to read the Guru Granth Sahib to know more in detail only I can't read the Gurmukhi script as I am pakistani/kashmiri lol I hope I am welcome on this forum, It is purely to learn and seek knowledge. Not bash or disrespect Sikhism. This is especially for the mods lol. My husband was understanding of my quest to learn more knowledge which is both soothing and a huge happiness for me. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh. ps I also though Waheguru literally meant one God as the literal translation is "The pure ones belong to God, victory belongs to God. Many thanks, Fizz786
  10. loll no worries sardar ji
  11. Thank you. I have a question, My husband says you say waheguru to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. But I say that's not true. Please clarify...
  12. Sat sri Akal, Thank you so much. I'm a sister lol
  13. Say Sri Akal, hello all, I hope you are all well. I have some questions and wanted to do some research on Sikhism. I am hoping to go to a Gurdwara soon so I can talk to someone in person. But in the meanwhile, I wanted to know the following things. When did Sikhism start? how did it begin? Some more information on Guru Nanak Dev ji would be useful. Thank you.
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