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  1. Thankyoh so much for sharing this but I don't know how to read or write in punjabi, I do know how to speak it. I Have Sri Sukhmani Sahib in hindi and that's how I am able to read it, and that's also a major reason why I don't reallh understand meaning of each and every shlok or ashtpadi. However I just downloaded an app today so that I can understand the meaning in hindi too! I don't really think I am doing very well at reciting guruji's name and sometimes it makes me feel bad but I am trying my best not to give up. Thankyou for helping me out though. Bhul chuk maaf.
  2. Thankyou for informing, though I never stopped doing the paath, I just didn't used to do it from the holy book, instead I used to read it on this mobile phone and yes I am trying my best, and with people like you that are trying to help me and guide me, I feel even more supported and blessed! so thankyou so much. May Waheguru ji bless every single one of you.
  3. Hello, thankyou for replying and yes I am trying to do the same, trying to absorb the meaning and by now I am able to undertand the meaning of many lines in the starting three ashtapadi all by myself and I feel so blessed to be able to do so. Though yesterday I read 3 ashtpadi and heard the whole sukhmani sahab paath without being able to undertand each line and I was feeling very sleepy (as it was 3 something AM), which is not good I know, I should be concentrated but I am so eager to being able to read the whole Sri Sukhmani sahab ji and being able to understand the meaning that I couldn't help myself. Today I recited the first 3 or 4 ashtpadi with the audio of the paath playing in my earphones but then I heard almost 2 or 3 more ashtpadi but could not pronounce or undertand them properly which makes me feel very weird. Also I am going through PMS right now so I don't touch Sri sukhmani Sahab ji instead I read it on my phone. Again, thankyou for replying, would love to gear more from you let me know what mistakes you feel I am making after you read everything I wrote above. Bhul chuk maaf.
  4. I like to do both, I keep reciting this verse because that way I have guru's name with me everytime, I mean I don't know if that means anything or it's gonna benefir me in any way or not because I don't care about the benefit, I care about having guru ji by my side that's all! Ofcourse I have some wishes which I would love to be fullfilled but doing the Paath and reciting the verse, it helps me to atleast calm my mind a little. Maybe if I will be able to learn an entire ashtapadi someday, I will recite it throughout the day. I am still doing the paath and I listen to the paath and read it at the same time, the ashtpadi that I don't know how to recite well, I just listen to them and try to catch up with the words, I get lost sometimes, feel hard to concentrate as many unwanted thoughts pop up in my head for no reason at all but I just don't want to stop doing the Paath and I will keep doing it as long as I can and as long as guruji wants me to, I would never stop I guess, maybe busy schedules in future will be the thorns in my spiritual journey but I will take out time in any time of the day to read atleast one ashtpadi, that is for sure and I hope I keep my word on this.
  5. It surely is alot helpful and I surely will pm you with questions if I have any. Thankyou veerji. May waheguru ji bless you too.
  6. Thankyou, I just took a screenshot of the manner that's written there to read and recite gurbani and everything and I will definitely try my best to follow it as much as I can. Thankyou for providing so much of information. Bhul chuk maaf.
  7. Thankyou, Haanji, I am so grateful that you replied and I will definitely take a look at the apps. And thankyou for saying may guru sahib ji do kirpa on me as I do really need that. I am an 18 years old girl right now and I am looking forward to go on this track if not slowly but as much as I can with my faith.
  8. Thankyou, This means alot to me, I will definently give all these links a go, I am so grateful that you helped me Veer ji. And I am a girl, 18 years old right now. Bhul chuk maaf.
  9. Thankyou, Haanji I want to learn the meaning too because I think that way I will enjoy it more and will receive more peace and thankyou for letting me know about PARAS KALA, definitely felt a little relieved as I was worried. Bhul chuk maaf.
  10. Thankyou With all due respect, Haanji I do that, I stop after an Ashtpadi but I've been reading the same three or 4 Ashtapadi's from past few days in order to see if I'd be able to learn the meaning, I do understand some lines but there are many lines that have me confused and I think if I'd just complete the Paath all in one sitting without even getting the meaning of single line, just rushing it, it won't be great to do that.
  11. Thankyou. With all due respect veer ji, I don't know what Santheya is and how and where to get it, I have Sri Sukhmani Sahab jee in hindi and I just read it. Bhul chuk maaf.
  12. Waheguru ji da khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh. Hello, I just started reading Sukhmani Sahab at 3:00 A.m in the morning. I am usually up studying or doing random stuff and that's why I read it at that time. Since I do not know how to read or write punjabi but I know how to speak it, my mother got Sukhmani Sahab translated in hindi from a gurudwara at Amritsar. I've been reading it since 3 days now but what I am a bit confused as I do not get the meaning of each and every line even when they're in hindi. I am punjabi not Sikh but I love every religion and culture and believe in "Sabka maalik ek" and I love being a part of sikhism as it makes me feel peaceful and loved. I read it with alot of faith, but my mind is constantly thinking about other things too as I am kind of an overthinker, but I read it with alot of love and patience. Though I don't undertand the meaning of each and every line, whenever I understand even one, I feel very blessed and happy and fortunately there are many lines that I do understand! Bhai Saheb Gurupreet singh ji has said in his videos of Amritvela channel that you can read or listen to it even if you don't understand it properly, it still can do wonders and I agree, it really gives me peace for some time. But let me know if that's not alright and if you think that it's important to know the meaning of each and every line because I am indeed going to watch a video or two regarding that. Also, what I am really confused about is that, I've been reading the same 2 ashtpadi from the last 3 days, because I am reading it slowly and with patience, but I think that's not the right way? I mean I am not sure, but yeah and I've been doing so for like 1 hour..like this is how slowly and patiently I read it. I read every line with pauses and try to get it's meaning but I don't know if that's alright or not. Should I complete it in one sitting? Or should I keep reading it the way I am? Any rituals to follow before reading it? Because I just wash my hands, legs and body, brush my teeth, cover my head and start to read it. I also say "ik onkar satnaam" after I finish and I've this line from the paath "prabh ke simran ridh sidh nau nidh" which I keep repeating throughout the day as much as I can. Please guide me, I will be very greatful for the same.
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