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  1. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh! The main focus of Gurbani is to accept your fate, refrain from worldy desires and surrender to Satguru and Akalpurkh, but still we have a life to live and I think i deserve the best.. God will give me the best and hence I am sharing my relationship story: By God's kirpa, I came in contact with a very pure soul and she approached me to be her boyfriend. From the start, we always thought of spending life together and I always consider myself lucky to met someone so childish yet so mature. Our relationship was perfect for almost a year! But things took a turn as differences were created by someone within her family and then I did some stupid things like blaming the person in front of her, knowing my partner respects them- and when my lovely partner decided to have a breakup- i kept showing my desperation of sticking and begging to them. I consider our relation to be very pure and full of love. We both are deep thinkers and creative, kind of perfectionists and our discussions are always meaningful. I don't want to replace or share the same feelings with some other person. After breakup, I have decided to change myself and adapted some changes already.. I want to be perfect for her. I want to live the best married life and give the best to her. I want to give my 100 percent to create that soulmate connection because the time we were together as a couple was a blessing every second. My lovely partner said to her mother and my mother that she is doing this breakup to make me realize certain things but always she tells me that this is over and can't continue. Even she do phone calls to me herself, often claiming she won't call again but yet she has been hot and cold- showing minute signs of care but denying any further connection. I have done ardaas from my pind gurudwara, city gurudwara, a few aethaasik gurudwaras, at Nanaksar Kalera and at Harmandar Sahib too. I always ask Waheguru to make our relation happy again and bless us with the 'matt' to build a very divine and meaningful connection. But everything is not falling in place yet- i am being impatient but I do have trust on Waheguru and Satguru ji. I even cried at times while doing ardaas and my gut feeling says that Satguru ji can not make ardaas go empty but the current statements of my partner things between us is not sorted. I am doing pratical things alongside.. even if all the things are against me- I know Guru ji would do his kirpa. But keeping the motivation sometimes feels tough, i get break down as my lovely partner and Waheguru is testing me. Anyone want to share something ? Should I keep doing ardaas and changing myself ? Any personal experience when someone got something through ardaas which seemed impossible.. even if the world goes against.. I still want to keep faith and make myself a perfect partner. Please share what you can sangat ji Bhul chuk maaf.. May Waheguru Bless all
  2. Hello everyone! I have been a firm believer of God and Sikhism and i find Sikhism to be most sensible religion but Waheguru or Satguru can change your life or they can cut your sorrows, I don't believe it anymore. Everyone get sorrows, tough patches and sadness in their life and they are responsible for it.. praying to God can give someone a temporary motivation but it can not help you otherwise. I have been praying and then trying practically to sort some things but every time i come out as a failure. If God is responsible for everything then how humans are responsible for bad karma ? It's a hypocrisy- if something good happens.. everyone say God gave his kirpa and for sadness and failures, they say it's bad karma that the human has. I still want to believe that Meditating to the supreme lord can do wonders but my day to day life and sufferings are making me think otherwise.. I am open to discussion.
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