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  1. guramukh sachee aasakee jith preetham sachaa paaeeai || The love of the Gurmukh is true; through it, the True Beloved is attained.
  2. Are you living in a Muslim country in the Middle East?
  3. Thats the definition I heard on Sukhsagar radio once. Sehajdhari is someone of a non-Sikh background working towards taking Amrit, and to begin with he/she could be without kesh, although they do have to keep it at some point. As for those who don't have Sikhi saroop but are born in Sikh families, they are called patits. These are not my words, but what I heard.
  4. http://www.earthportals.com/Portal_Messenger/nanak.html Universal Redemptive Research Findings on the: Prophet Guru Nanak - The Founder of Sikhism Paper presented at the Assembly of World Religions in Washington DC Nov. 1997 His coming meticulously recorded in the Hindu Vedas and the Puranas By: Bhai Kirpal Singh Gill Founder: World Spiritual Foundation Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh Faith, was born in Nankana Sahib near Lahore now in Pakistan in 1469 and breathed his last in 1539 at the age of 70. He was endowed with extra-ordinary spiritual powers from a very young age. The b
  5. Yes I am . Its ok :cry: :cry: LOL But penji, the person because of whom you are calling me immature, I don't think you would place him in the mature category if you were fair, would you? Anyways...forget it...no use doing syappa now...thats for some other people to do syappa as a ritual... Happy Bandi Chhorr Diwas ( ps: I have justified their syappa to Sunnis on 1 occassion...some 12ers were surprised!!! )
  6. LOL...kyon bacheya kucheya magaj mukaan di gall karda veeray but i get ur point...
  7. I believe in Sikhi, for Sikhi is my religion and my faith - Mehtab Singh laa deyo kunDaa
  8. Gal te theek aa...eh jeher nu launa pena, te sama kaafi lagna...
  9. tony veeray kaanu apna sama swaa kari jande ho...bhajjan wala bhajj gya hunn shaddo parey...
  10. N30 Singha, aha thread nu vi taala maar shadd yaar...gal samjh aagi sab nu...LOL
  11. I heard on the news that he used to target American troops and Shia Muslim inhabitants of Iraq.
  12. sat shri akaal jee people I found this information on Yahoo Groups which I subscribe too. It might help you with this information. This is what veer Dalip Singh ji of Kashmir said about Science and Sikhism in his little booklet which received from gyani ji at Hazoor Sahib. Some extracts from a boolklet called A cursory look at Shree Guru Granth Sahib ( the treasure of Sipritual,scientific, cultural and musical knowledge) In the present age of science, new discoveries and inventions are achieving new heights every day. This progress has cut distances and remoteness. In this century
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oye yaar ho jandi galti insaan ton
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