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  1. http://www.geocities.com/islam_sikhism/
  2. Would luv to come, but Il be in India on wednesday, hope it goes well tho! Have fun..enjoy:)
  3. Neo saara yaad karla hun acha? kum aaooga. lol.
  4. People who think they are dogs will assume I was talking about them, for the record it was a general remark, anyway each to his own.
  5. Apologies to the mods, I will not be commenting on posts made by suman any longer as it is a waste of my time.
  6. Suman, what I say to you face to face is different, please dont misquote me, see me tomorrow and Il clarify exactly what I meant. I really dont want to continue back and forth defending my opinions, as I know you personally I thought I would comment on this thread, it was obviously a mistake, take care. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moderator Note: Please clear misunderstanding you may have and let us know that it has been resolved. Let's treat each other as Sikh sisters and brothers even though we have difference of opinion. Please review rul
  7. Er anyway, Suman I agree with one point you have made, it is very very rare to find a true Sant, but they do exist.
  8. BTW, I already explained my stance on the Shabad Hazareh, I have read it and I conclude Guru Jee used the word Sant for Baba Buddha Jee thus disapproving all of your anti-Sant theories, end of story, now stop trying to make a comeback and assuming Im talking to you.
  9. StopSingh dont tell me what to do, you failed last time, Il read what I want, my post was directed towards Suman, why can you not realise the world or a forum doesnt revolve around you? I will always respects the Sants of my Guru, dogs will carry on barking always, they did at the times of the Guru's, they will now.
  10. Chinderpal Singh, with all due respect, dont make sweeping generalised statements like the one above, you dont know what a person is doing spiritually, neither do I. However, the people who start these debates clearly have too much time on their hands, maybe they dont need to work on themselves anymore and can now bother about everyone else, those people are the Sants and Guru's, if people think they are at that stage, carry on by all means.
  11. There are so many references in Gurbani by Guru Jee on Sants, how can they be talking about themselves when they are clearly referring to others, Suman, go read the whole of the Guru Granth Sahib and work on your own spirituality, all this debate is just a waste of time, it's not helping your karms or kamaee even 1%.
  12. Suman, try to think outside of your little boxes.
  13. I think Suman would be happy if all Sants walked around wearing dirty rags, that would prove they are genuine.
  14. When someone quotes you they put your own words in your mouth, lol.
  15. So he was a Sant Sipahi as you said there, but a normal human being Sant Sipahi, hmm interesting. So he was a fake Sant Sipahi?
  16. So first Suman you say he was a Baba, now you say he was a Sant-Sipahi, make up your mind. A Sant Sipahi also is a Sant, as well as a warrior, yet on the other thread you very proudly mentioned there is NO SANT whatsoever apart from Guru Granth Sahib Jee. It seems your intention is only to start arguments and stir things up, why dont you concentrate on your own avastha instead of worrying about titles, and others? Im sure its what Guru Jee would tell all of us to do.
  17. Suman this was a very ignorant point to make. I have so been staying away from any debates on Sants as its all a waste of time but dont call all the people who respect them corrupt, people who are in the SGPC and anti-Sant are also corrupt, people who believe there are no Sants are also corrupt but I dont go around proclaiming that on forums.
  18. Good points as always Amrit Jee, not only is the Jaikara not said after Ardas but there is no Nishan Sahib in Darbar Sahib either.
  19. how is he not looking at himself? you're the one who started the thread chinderpal?
  20. Baba Isher Singh Jee (Nanaksar) Barsi today, Dhan Babaji.
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