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  1. Jeonwala was there to oppose DG. Jeonwala did screw up on some things but the other guys failed to answer Jeonwala on the following points: 1) Mahakal Ko Sikh Kar Madraa Bhaang Peevaye 2) In Istareen Kay Chrit Aparaa Saj Pashtaneo In Kartara 3) Why no mention of Piir Buddhu Shah in DG 4) Stanzas in Ustat being translations of some sanskrit granth 5) Total stanzas in 24 avtars. There were some more which I don't remember now.
  2. Why do you keep bringing in congress when you talk to me? I am not congress. I am totally Shiromani Akali Dal. Other than that, show proof of the things you said or don't say them now. Simple and clear. How hard is it to self control? I don't care what someone's political agenda is. It doesn't affect me at all. Maybe Raagi has become anti-Khalistan due to activities of so called Khalistanis? admin cut.
  3. I don't believe you at all. Bring me proof of Jachak and company drinking wine or stop making false allegations. Also, bring proof that there is a movie. Give me the # and ID of the police official that told you about the video. I would like a chat with whoever told you about the video to know more because I don't believe anything you say. How is it that you declare me GOI and whatever and I don't any info on the stuff you mentioned. Weird! Isn't it?
  4. Why was my post deleted? Can't handle truth as usual? Admin Note: It was edited not deleted.
  5. Questions for Shahedsar guy: How do you there is Darshan Singh video with vaishya? Do you have access to Indian agencies? You are govt. agent? Weren't you accusing me of being RSS and govt. agent? Looks like someone exposed himself as govt. agent. How? Only agency agents know what agencies have. By the way, pro DG stoop to low level nindya chugli by making allegations such as above. Prof. and vaishya wouldn't happen even if Prof. had gun to head. He is a man of honor and self-respect. Spoksman daughter thing is most likely a big lie too. You people have stooped to another low by defaming an
  6. N30! I agree. DG discussion can't be held in a day or even 2 hours. It is a huge granth. Ending was really bad. No swords but ending wasn't nice either. Inder Singh Ghagga and Kulbir debate was cool and calm. Sukhbir kept making allegations instead of answering. That isn't a way to debate properly. It was bad to show drama in the end to non Sikhs who were watching.
  7. Debate was alright. Sukhbir Singh didn't answer many questions and changed topic when he was asked some tough questions. Jeonwala was really bad with that laindee thing. I am not sure if either could read that sanskrit granth. Sukhbir also failed to do arths of CP quotes. Ending of debate was bad as it got personal.
  8. I have talked to Sukhbir Singh but not Sukhmander Singh. I met Sukhbir Singh some time ago I asked him who came first between Ramanand or Mohammed. He said no one knows because it is like chicken and egg. Who came first? Chicken or egg? It was pure jokes talk.
  9. Sukhbir Singh and Sukhmander Singh had no answer for that quote. All they could say was he doesn't understand Dasam Granth, he is truck driver, bla bla bla. What kind of answer is that? They didn't give answers for many other questions.
  10. It goes, Eh Shal So Mishreh Shlaa Pahan Daye Bahaaye Mahakal Ko SIkh Kar Madraa Bhaang Peevaye It is Chariter 266.
  11. I also know a singh who has it on PVR. I will try to get to his house and watch it some time soon. I heard it was around 1 hour and 40 minutes. I will watch and analyze and see where who messed up.
  12. SGPC was going to fix this issue. However, as always, sant babas made a big issue saying oh they are doing adlaa badlee in Gurbani Admin note: Empty blank statements against knights of the panth won't be tolerated. The reason why some places have raag before and some places after is due to copying. In th old times, mangal was written on the right and was writen a bit above the raag which was written on the left. When reading, mangal was to be read before the raag because it was to be written a bit above on the right. However, over time, scribes wrote some mangals after the raag
  13. What does a Sikh of Mahakal do as per Dasam Granth? I think it says: Mahakal Ko Sikh Kar Madraa Bhaang Peevaye How many pegs you drink before sleep?
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