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  1. Hey guys this is 1 you dnt wanna miss... Youth Akhand Path friday 10th-sunday 13th march 2006 Where: Shepard's Bush Gurdwara Nearest tube station: Sheperd's bush Open to all -sikhi to the max -sat 11th: feeding the homeless -youth keertan darbar -discussion -workshops -yoga BE DER!
  2. did u come to the event? i will as soon as i get them!
  3. did u go to this amazing keertan! gur kirpa it was brill!
  4. omg countdown begins!! 3 days!!! woohoo
  5. Love is in the air...!! "Gaaveeai suneeai man rakheeai bhaao || Sing, and listen, and let your mind be filled with love." Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Japji Sahib, Ang 2 Guru Granth Sahib Ji Xtra Specially extended student youf Simran @ Sunset with entire programme done in English for the youF, by the youf!! Including guest youf kirtanees from Kent and Oxford, amazing tabla players, dual screen, real- time projection of kirtan translated in English, cud u afford to miss this? No!!! Nor cud ur family, bring one, bring all Time: 7.30- 9.30pm Date: Wednesday 15th Feb 2006 Loc: Sri Guru
  6. what was the first letter given by guru ji?
  7. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Come, Chill and Enjoy an Evening with Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji on Wednesday 15th Feb 2006 Between: 7-9pm @ Hounslow Gurdwara Sri Guru Sngh Sabha, Alice Way • Projector screen to show English translation • Live English katha by Guest Keertanees • Chips Pasta and Beans for Guru Ka Langar • Bring all your friends and family • Everyone welcome WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT! See you there
  8. yea they wanted my brother n bhabhi to go n do that as they gt married in india! my bruva was like yea watever!!!! not happening! but thats first time i ever heard of this praying to shaheed!!
  9. then he wonders why he cant find a decent girl to marry :roll: also FAO Amrik Singh: is there anything in pipeline for dharmik/religious tracks?
  10. Gurupurab diyan Lakh Lakh Vadaiyan ***************************** Congratulations on Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Gurpurab today
  11. i feel so far but yea that article was rite i need to stop 'forcing' myself towards God it can only be done through his grace and kirpa! i still love him but rite now i have this yearning to jus talk to him i feel like crying cos i 'feel' distnat from him...my heart truly aches for him i miss him so much n i dnt knw why i am feeling like this! i have this yearning for him n i jus want to embrace him but i feel as if i cant...im not good nuff...i sed to mum yesterday mera man nehi lagda...i dnt knw why...she said u used to always have simran on in ur room...u ned to do simran n myabe she is r
  12. say if ur a really bad person like me and at the tim eof death u end up thinking of God...does that mean u attain mukti?
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