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  1. This is Guru ji encouraging his Sikh to change thier psyche. Someone may be very good at fighting but if a warrior were to face someone who is of stronger charater then he can lose just out of fear. If you have mastered self then you can take a whole army as some Babay have done in the past.
  2. I agree with the jihad theory but in the context of dharam.
  3. dalsingh101, I agree with Mekhane'ch Jannat. External enemies are the same as internal. Havent you heard the term "You are your own worse enemy". When you know how to deal with theses forces you become the best swordsman. Internally knowledge is your sword and one day you become so sharp that you cut your verses. Having too much ego means a person can become arrogant, there by their learning process can stop.
  4. dsd108 getting cheap thrills.

  5. I actually got a copy of Pandit Gulab Singh's Bhavrasamrit, its a good book.
  6. But Vishnu is the preserving aspect of God? Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the features of Akaal himself, he himself creates, he himself preserves, he himself destroies. ‘You [God] are Mach, Kacch and Bavan Avatar, Narsingha, Buddha you are essence of the world.’ (‘Dasam Guru Durbar’, Shastar Naam Mala) http://www.sarbloh.info/htmls/faith_universal.html He is the cause of causes.
  7. This below was said by Guru Nanak Dev Ji to his disciple. Raj Nama Spoken by the First Master First, Nanak went to Mecca; Medina he afterwards visited. The lord of Mecca and Medina, Kaarun, he made his disciple. When Nanak was about to depart, Kaarun, the fortunate, thus spoke: Now thou art about to go, But when wilt thou return? Then the Guru thus answered: When I put on my tenth dress I shall be called Gobind Singh; Then shall all Singhs wear their hair; They shall accept the Pahal of the two-edged Sword Then shall the Khalsa be established; Then shall men exclaim
  8. I swear this explains everything, ive read in some texts that Guru Gobind Singh Ji came to establish Satjug. Some of theses writings were on this website. But then again I might be wrong. But Guru Gobind Singh Ji is Guru Nanak Dev Ji too.
  9. What Guru Ji is saying is to praise God day and night. Remember him with every breath and every bite of your food. You could try say waheguru in your mind, without vocabulary saying Waheguru. Ever tried doing simran just with your mind (Just by saying Waheguru in your mind)?
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