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  1. Through this would be interesting to share.
  2. Well where ever there's Shiv theres Shakti.
  3. Any comments on this video apart from me needing my eyes opened lol
  4. This is Guru ji encouraging his Sikh to change thier psyche. Someone may be very good at fighting but if a warrior were to face someone who is of stronger charater then he can lose just out of fear. If you have mastered self then you can take a whole army as some Babay have done in the past.
  5. Here is a documentary which I found on Youtube about Punjabi Kushti.
  6. Part 5 Part 6 has not been uploaded by the user, i'm assuming they will upload it?
  7. Here are some videos of where the origin of the word Hell came from. The series looks into different various different Religions. Have look... Part 1 Part 2 .........................
  8. Mystical


    One thing I wanna ask is that if the people outside Islam were not to corrupt the Muslims. Then does thats make those people outside islam unbelievers? And if there was one Muslim to engage in war with this "unbeliever" who had no intension of corrupting a Muslims belief' does that mean that Muslim has done Haram?
  9. I like this new upgrade even works good on Touchscreen devices!
  10. I agree with the jihad theory but in the context of dharam.
  11. dalsingh101, I agree with Mekhane'ch Jannat. External enemies are the same as internal. Havent you heard the term "You are your own worse enemy". When you know how to deal with theses forces you become the best swordsman. Internally knowledge is your sword and one day you become so sharp that you cut your verses. Having too much ego means a person can become arrogant, there by their learning process can stop.
  12. There is duality in life too. Good Bad, Hot cold, Male Female, Light Dark. If you ignore one side of the coin does that mean it does not exist? But yes everything is one and the same, its true because something exists and its been validated. Also simply reading texts doesnt mean its true, it needs to be tested with contemplation. The writer may know exactly what he/she is written but would the reader know what it means?
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