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  1. Wow! o my god i anit neva seen pics that beautiful eva!
  2. Wow, that wuz wicked! have u seriously taken amrit? i anit i only had chula.
  3. yes some of them are safe but some of them aren't i've got mates that are muslims and they are safe but the people in our skol who jump sikh's are the ones that i hate
  4. wow ur 9 yr old cuzin did that, me anit from london me from leicester een though i'd love to be from london. macuzin's iz from hanslow london n slough but leicester is just like london wen it cums to muslims no one likes them!
  5. if u go to the same skool that i go to which is crown hills you will understand what i am saying as the muslims there are agaainst all sikh's and they go round trying to beat up sikh's
  6. i understand what your saying and were your coming from on caling a muslim a sholla
  7. once a sola asked me 2 convert 2 a muslim and i said no he asked why and my answer was i was born a sikh i am a sikh i will die a sikh and i'm proud to be sikh ans some one turned around and said i thought sikh's is just another way to say you'r punjabi and i said no simply becasue the panjabi cultuar has been taken over by boo'z, meat and so on i have taken chola and when people say why i say simple becuase i'm not ready to have amrit but i don't wanna turn out like pinjabi's and be drinking and eating eat and if this is the way to do so than so be it.
  8. Grewal thanks for stickin up for me and your rite about the type of place that we live in, i understand what my perants are saying thats why i dont argue back with them i jst say ok now
  9. Mugermach Singh - wot u have said is true and that doez explain wots going on some of you wanted to know wot i've been told that i can do and wot i can't do. ma bro's allowed to go in 2 town and chill with his friends but i'm not because i'm a girl or i'm not allowed 2 or i cant go to my friends house becuase i'm a girl i dont find that fair but i guess wot Mugermach Singh said is true that we dont life in a gora world we live in the punjabi world
  10. i dont get why some people say that they are so religious than all of a sudden they turn round and say that you'r a girl and you can't do that and you can't do this. Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that every body is equal be it a girl or boy or disabled or not so why do some amartari people turn round and say that you cant do this because you'r a girl and that is so not fair will sombody please explain why this happens
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