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  1. Unfortunately theft at the Harimandir Sahib complex happens everyday. The best targets are NRI who after a 9+ hours flight go to the Harimandir Sahib carrying their passports and money with them. There have been many cases of such people having their passport and money stolen. The SGPC task force know exactly who the thieves are but are reluctant to take action. It is as if they get a cut from the thieves. The golak money getting stolen has been happening for years. I think the SGPC got upset as outsiders did the stealing in this case and not one of their own people.
  2. He refutes this allegation in the video link posted by someone. He says he told the organisers that he could not make the event but they still advertised it with him on their posters. Then on the day of the event they told everyone that he asked for lots of money.
  3. I did not see anyone foribly touching his feet in the birthday video. The whole event looked staged. His followers stood in a line with gifts, just like in the old days subjects used to offer nazar to the raja.
  4. That similar to what a giani who had studied at the DDT told me.
  5. Nice and simple (if you have your source files prepared) plus no need for a dodgy serial as it is opensource. http://dvdstyler.sourceforge.net/
  6. Another local case in the UK. Girl comes from India, stays with her husband and has two kids. As soon as she gets the indefinite stay stamp in her passport she leaves her husband and shacks up with some illegal immigrant from Punjab. she takes her two kids so she can get a council house. The kids tell their father that mummy sleeps with uncle in the other bedroom. It is time these brides were dealt with. They together with their families in Punjab should have 420 cases registered against them.
  7. Kulwinder Dhillon was one of the best singers to come out of Punjab over the last few years. His songs like Kacherian Che Mele are true classics. I think he only released a new tape a week or so ago. Yes, may Waheguru look after him.
  8. I have heard about this before. It is rather sad that we the Sikh quam failed these children. Enough money was raised during the torubled years but hardly any of it was used to help these innocent victims. I remember going to the Harimandir Sahib in the 1990s and seeing Sikh kids being forced to basically beg. They were given banners (I think they were children of Shaheed) and made to sit and beg. Later the Jathedar of the Akal Takht Bhai Sahib Ranjit Singh Ji put a stop to this. The sad thing was the people running the orphanage for the kids had a lot of money being sent to them from ov
  9. Double edge if you got nothing constructive to say why dont you mind your own business. The authors of the game have said nothing and appear to welcome comments. But for some unknown reason you are getting your dirty underwear in a twist. Try wearing underwear that fits you you big lemon. Taran Ji himself has mentioned Rome Total War. So what wrong with me suggesting a non Doom type game based on war strategy ?
  10. Why not do a war strategy game. It will make people use their brains.
  11. Looks like whitewash has been used since 1858. The 1858 picture shows no evidence of any white wash on the domes etc. The original weathered finish can be seen.
  12. Singh47 do you honestly think that Guru Gobind Singh Ji looked like those pop art Sobha Singh images ? I suggest you look back at the evolution of the horse. Start by looking at race horses from the early 20th century and compare them with race horses of today. There is a very noticable difference in the physical stature of horses. Do you think Guru Gobind Singh Ji only had one horse and went every where on that ? Horses do get tired and I have heard that Guru Hargobind Ji used to keep many horses at different locations so when travelling Guru Ji could swap to a fresh horse. I wou
  13. Singh47, how can you state that Guru Gobind Sigh Ji did not look like that ? You may prefer modern pop art type images but you still have to bear in mind that some of these pahari pictures date back to the time of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
  14. Top man Freed. That is the same picture they had on display at the Sikh Study Centre at Rakab Ganj.
  15. Thanks for sharing those incidents singh47. This is a growing problem. It is ignored by Ramoowalia and the Indian press. It is time such brides were just sent back to India. Their abuse of the Canadian immigration system should not be allowed. Same for any men who do this. Send them all back to India.
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