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  1. Upcoming Shastarvidiya Seminar in Toronto, Canada - June 14th, 2014. Details of Seminar: This seminar will cover the spilling footwork of Shastar Vidiya, allowing for swift and agile movement and is conducive to both armed and unarmed combat. Such stealthy footwork is unique to Shastar Vidiya and allows one to constantly press the opponent or opponents as one takes up a superior tactical position to launch attacks. Such effortless mass spilling footwork was historically employed by armoured warriors as it greatly reduces muscular generation of power and therefore allowed soldiers to figh
  2. if only people could post in punjabi, vijaydeep would run sikhawareness then. but i do chuckle when reading his posts, probably just as much as people chuckle when hearing my punjabi lol
  3. akaali


    isnt halal also promoted by mohammad?
  4. "So the man, budhi, chit and ahankar (referred to in japuji sahib, with two in colloquial terms) constitute the subdivisions of the broader term 'man'." You mentioned this earlier in another post. Which pauri is this from in Japji sahib?
  5. whos to say traditionally women were 'amritdhari' ?
  6. who says women use to take khande di pahul? or is that another debate... but basically thats involved in this discussion
  7. is there any basis to what yogi bhajan is saying tho? if so thats interesting with the whole hari avtar thing, any other similarties?
  8. freed you are amazing. we should have a freed appreciation day, im going to send u roses and chocolates. well....maybe just chocolates
  9. I've read and heard about some udasi's, udasi prem das for one, who during guru sahibs time became 'khalsay' or nihungs. Are there any cases of any Nihungs who have become Nirmalay? or Udasis? I remember reading one story where the apparent Udasi who found Sarbloh Granth use to be a Nihung. Again this story is most likely just a story. Any documented cases? In terms of Nirmala Sampardya they would need to be blessed and taken in by a Gurdev correct? Same goes with Udasis?
  10. why will singhs use kirpans now, more like have a m16 or a ak in one hand, and a gutka in the other?
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