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  1. make chips and tarkhe vale beans / pizza and the kids will come flocking in (and some over 18s like me)
  2. you make a start then, if it is good others may follow your lead
  3. can you define nindia chugli gossip a bit please?
  4. Let us take Guru Nanak Dev Ji as an example: -did he remain silent in his life - keeping his knowledge to himself? -or did he travel 1000s of miles dispensing his wisdom to people of all different religions, different cultures and different countries? (bit like some christian missionaries do) we all know the answer: Guru Sahib did not sit at home waiting for for his shagird to mystically appear at his house. In fact, he travelled 1000s of miles by foot to give people the opportunity to gain wisdom from him! Should we today keep secret these same beautiful teachings ?
  5. Some important concepts to be noted here in any serious research. when you understand this then you will realise that its not straight forward enough to simply ask: "Does anyone know what Indian was called back in the days?"
  6. have the latter 5 Gurus (6th -10th) got Sahib because of their temporal power, which was stressed by Guru Har Gobind Sahib with miri piri?
  7. Anyone who wishes to impose strict vegetarian code on all sikhs, please answer this point first. Would the mahapursh have ignored this going on in the Gurdwara complex if they thought it was totally wrong? were they too scared to say anything? or were they not real mahapursh?
  8. do you have such a judgemental atittude towards all people who play 'entertaining' tunes? It is a big thing to claim someone has no love for God. Do you think it is impossible for an individual to have love for God while playing a tune that someone else may perceive to be entertaining? . . . or is it a judgemental bias you reserve only for akj ?
  9. loveless tunes? do you mean they have no love while using these tunes. Is there an exact science to measuring how much 'love' there is in a tune? or would you say it's a personal experience?
  10. . . . and what a joke us diaspora , especially British Sikhs are for not managing to protest strongly enough to stop this, if he is being setup. Were there any coordinated efforts of lobbying and protests? What did Gurdwaras do ? I dont know this guy, or if he's genuine, or what happened, but I do know that this story is perfectly plausible, the way things are in India and it could happen in the future again - if there is a brave soul who is willing to stand up for us, that is: By not doing anything, we not only allow a justice seeker of ours to get tortured and improsoned, but we wil
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