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  1. Kepp it as 2 seperate volumes, then you can treat them like regular gutkas
  2. how about making it possible to look at the whole site without loggin in, but not being able to post.
  3. people seriously need to realise that Guru Sahib is not a rule book so often you hear people argue that something is ok because 'its not written in Guru Sahib', from the pov of Sikhi its a nonsensical argument. Guru Sahib isnt a story book either edit: I know its kinda random, but it bugs me... so meh.
  4. Gurbani is Brahm vichar - All of Guru Granth Sahib is derived from 'Waheguru' and the Mool Mantar and is an elaboration of these mantars. Maybe thats what they meant. According to Sikhi a bhrahmgiani is the same as God, Guru Nanak Devji was Bhrahmgiani at the least ...I would say that your question fails to acknowledge this fact.
  5. this is not a genocide... its a freakin civil war, please - no aid agencies actually there agree it is genocide, it was just a random comment made by the US that sparked the whole zomg its a genocide story.
  6. its cheap if you're in India Otherwise $50 for a year isn't that expensive at all for a magazine subscription if you're not in India...
  7. anyone can read it but IIRC there is a certain maryada for doing chandi di vaar. if you're new to doing paat i doubt itll make a difference either way
  8. you keep posting stuff that no one else can see...
  9. none of us are perfect, everyone proceeds at their own pace or would you prefer him to be atheistic
  10. the point is that there are people in the mainstream lobbies with loud voices that actually believe this to be true. The picture is an example, not an absolute representation. Its the same with their rejection of the idea of Sant/Bhrahmgiani.
  11. and even though 'ward is guru' is a typo/incorrect translation it is still a true statement...
  12. A) - people of other religions will not understand Sikhi and may not treat it correctly, in terms of autocratic rule, they should not have power making a pilgrimage is to make a journey to a holy place specifically to get the fruit of visiting that place, and as such should not be done by Sikhs to non-Sikh places. Visiting is another matter altogether, and there is no prolbem with it.
  13. this is pranayam - like the stuff that guy does on aastha tv. ITs pretty ancient yoga, but its a physical thing, not a spiritual thing - and has nothing to do with Sikhism really. Though that doesnt make it wrong...
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