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  1. In fact after reading the text. It doesn't mention the creation of Nitnem or anything. It mentions that he altered Gurbani. Guys please put your input into this and if you can please cite sources aswell.
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I found this http://sikhinstitute.org/sgpp_ful_vol_2.pdf however it doesn't mention what type of modifications or alterations he made any further help would be of great help
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh A simple question. Who compiled the Nitnem. Who decided which banis to take and why specially those banis? i have always heard from people that it was Bhai Mani Singh who compiled Nitnem and because he did this act of separating bani from Siri SatGuru Granth Sahib Ji, SatGuru Gobind Singh Ji told him he will meet his fate in a similar fashion. But I have been searching online for some sort of reference for this story and I can't find any. Also I can't find any source about who complied Nitnem banis. I am asking becaus
  4. just straws bruh, just straws....you opening a stable????
  5. NEWSFLASH - panth is already broken (long topic) Who will enforce this Maryada? What does the Sikh Rehit say on this? problem with the maryada card is you will get loads of so called two penny scholars, (basically anybody who can hold a pen) saying "oh yes but, according to the records found in the british library, there was a witness, blah blah blah".... This really is a non-issue. What you should be saying is it necessary for Gurdwaras to have multiple akhand paaths starting simultaneously, i.e. 10 akhand paaths at the same time, or 20, etc. I think you are making a issu
  6. Muslims have a thing about breeding like rabbits, if we can't convert you, we will breed you out.... I feel sorry for their wives (sisters)...
  7. You would get them to do couple of hours each, I think the ddt 5 singh recommendation is the minimum, as anything less than that it would get tiresome
  8. I don't know of all gurdwaras should adopt this policy, as they are doing what they feel is right. As for practicality, isn't it better to have more people doing Akhand Paath Sahib than a few? What panth will be split? As for making sangat aware, I think they need to be made aware of more pressing matters, than 25 singhs doing akhand paath sahib. I agree with your opinion, more parchaar should be done by explaining Gurbani to sangat, not just the juicy parts which make people emotional so that they part with their money. I believe the sangat want to participate, but however
  9. If you are referring to Mr Bhangal not giving two hoots about his clients, then you are right. Ever been down to his office in Southall. Its a mini Royal Mint. Didn't he win an award for "helping" his fellow punjabis??
  10. You can try getting in touch with the editor who published the article for details. However, when it comes to donation, I personally prefer to give them in person. brilliant story.
  11. Looking for some Vaheguru Naam simran with a heavy table beat to it....can anyone help???

  12. I can't comment on the narrow-mindedness of the presenters, however it does raise questions for the Sikh Nation, re - Heritage, etc, history, etc. I will send Sikh Channel another email..
  13. It was ok, didn't really do anything for me though...but thats me..lol
  14. Yup, Ganesh is asked to bless the occasion, just like Sikhs do an Akhand Paath, although its not necessary in my personal opinion, as just love for Vaheguru should be sufficient enough. But we are humans and we all have our failings, doubts. In Snatan Dharam (Hinduism), there is a lot of "personalisation" of God, you can see this in the humanisation of the the murtis of what they think/believe God to be. Asking for blessing is a good thing and should be done, as for the ceremonies, its good too, as it gets the family together. To be honest, I wouldn't look too much into it.
  15. Thats subjective and maybe in a another thread life..lol Thats just brilliant. lol, I was getting all geared up to read "your story" of how you "found god"...lol
  16. However, there is no Sikh connection, other than a cultural one which changes from area to area. Scripturally, No connection whatsoever. Giving respect is another matter, following a certain "outside" ritual is another. I respect Muhammed, Jesus, Buddha, but that doesn't mean I celebrate Eid or Christmas....however on that note, Christmas has become more commercial..lol....I miss those good old days...anyone remember snowman, scrooge, etc..lol Converted to what? Forgive me for asking, just curious, you know normal human behaviour. I am intrigued as to why people convert, did you ha
  17. The Gurdwara commities don't tell us, because if we found out the truth, we would hold them and the babey accountable. THE SHOW MUST GO ON and what a show it is. Wait till you recieve your "jalak", "peep" at you know who, it will be faster than a millisecond pulsar, so fast you will be begging for the door to open wider. Amazing, brilliant journey and Thank you
  18. Firstly, there is no connection per say between Ganesh Ji and Sikh weddings. (lets talk technical now) However, there is a connection. Remember that pre-sikh days, even pre-islamic days, everyone followed their specific tradition or culture you can say. "hinduism" is a myth However its not as simple as that, but it really is at the same time. When it comes to Snatan Dharam, I always think symbolically and allegorically. Its not what its made out to be in reality. Thats MY PERSONAL opinion, might be wrong, please correct me if I am wrong, I am open to criticism, etc. Ganesh is
  19. I think the last time this site was busy when that person (whose name we must not utter harjas kaur) started posting massive threads..etc... plus, I think if people actually replied to posts, then we could get some activity going. I prefer this forum to other forums ok bye *hurricane sandy whisks me away*
  20. VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh, I hope this topic raises some sort of constructive discussion here, where we can learn something. This is a issue which is very close to everyone, as it involves you giving part of something which belongs to a complete stranger with whom you have no affiliation, most of the time this "something" is Money. Most of the time, only Money is asked for, very few organisations ask for skills of an individual, etc. This is the case for all religious organisations, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Jain, Sikhi, Christianity, etc. There is some sort o
  21. I'm still here. lol. although that counts for nothing..
  22. Yes, thats what I have read too. But according to that Show, the presenters claimed that when the muslims came and attacked Tham Sahib, instead of fighting, he fled and left even his followers. It was one of the Misl's that found out about Tham Sahib, avenged it. But I don't know to be honest, maybe somebody else here can shed some light, with sources of course. I will try and get sikh channel to upload that programme on sikh channel youtube website, which will probably take around 10 years..LOL
  23. Sad really, I understand that peoples lives get busy, but we need to try and surpress those typical "panjabi" feelings and start reviving those Guru Khalsa Panth feelings and come back... I spend most times going through the archives..lol. by the way, you have a PM
  24. Where is everyone? Hopefully connected to G-D. If not, then get back on here...

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      just make sure you carry a mirror with you....incase you need to find yourself.. ;o)..works for me..LOL

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      You didn't miss much other than us being attacked by white supremacists in the US. People been so focused on sullay that they missed that threat....duhhh!!

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      I heard. I guess even that wasnt enough to wake people up to the real threat of violence that exists in the depressed economies of the West. Even worse, I heard some Sikhs were saying they werent muslims. Errr, the guy was a hammerskin - he would have killed any Sikh/Muslim/Black/Native American he could get his hand on. It's just that we, as usual, are a soft target.

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