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  1. This is the cloak Guru Nanak's used to wear You can clearly see, even for the fact that some of the writings are a bit smudgy, not obliterated, but do not have the same quality as they had previously, but they are legible. So anybody who is interested can see - Surah Fatiha (from the Holy Qur'an) written on it, La ilaha ilialah Muhamadar Rasoolullah and no verse of any other book is mentioned there at all. Those who believe that he mixed religions, like Akbar attempted to do, that he took something from Hinduism, something from Islam and as such he molded a new religion, that Chola stands
  2. That was truely unbelievable.
  3. Nice post above, and as for the modern times with guns etc. On the street Shastar vidya has plenty of techniques for close contact. Carrying a glock with you is not going to solve the problem. We had the resources of Guns back in the day. If the time came that Guns and ammo were neede to defend the faith or injustice then so be it. But as of today today i think we dont really need guns, depending on where you are from of course.
  4. Dont start dissing the girl coz she wrote Jatt in her name, she did not mention that she feels superior/inferior to anyone on this board. Dont assume so much. Jatt = Farmer. I am a Jatt that would be my trade. I know the "typical" Jatt self proclaiming idoit. But this gal did not say anything offensive or put anyone down. So give her a break.
  5. Beautiful, simple short sweet and to the point. Hard concept in reality but i guess is the only way.
  6. Well i dunno about a lot of your family life but my sisters understand it is not very safe for a gal to be roaming the streets bythemselves in this day and age. There are lot of nasty evil people around. Instead of fightin youir parents you should try to see there point of view. If it makes sense then cool, but if it does not try to justify and clarify it as best as you can. We have some double standards but if you are fighting just to fight then your only digging yourself a bigger hole.
  7. No no no!!!!!!!!!! Ustad Nihang Nidhar Singh Ji is asking Uptej to duel not for ego!! But from what i gathered it is more like that Uptej Singh Ji has been teaching Gatka and criticizin the ShastarVidya style. Shastar Vidya is the style they used way back when. Uptej singh seems to have incorporated a more modern approach. Those who have seen the gatka displays will know that this style does not stand a chance to the Shastarvidya. The Singhs are wasting there time learning Gatka the dance routine. Shastarvidya is the real way of the warrior. Put it this way you may not agree with Nihang jis in
  8. I thought Kaam was lust, there is a fine line with Lust and Love. If you can control your thougts and actions respecting the girl or boy enough then why not? There are not too many out there who can lay to this claim, but there is nothing wrong in affection, especially if your whole intent is to get married. Better to find out who you are to get married to for some time rather than being lumbered with them can only be a good thing. You are thejudge of your own Sikhi and how far you have progressed, if you feel that you can have a relationship with good intent without the kaam then go for
  9. You dont have to be a Nihang to practice Shastarvidya, its there for self defence in the old martial tradition. So go ahead knock yourself out. As Far as Gatka Vs Shastarvidya are concerned, it does seem like Gatka is a play a choreographed dance and Shastar Vidya is the real deal. Anyone who has been to a karate lesson know that it never worked in a street ruck, but those who have been to Muai Thai or boxing etc, know that this technique is far more effective. Ustad Nihang Niddar Singh ji has challenged Uptej Singh but Uptej singh had not responded. If he had nothing to fear he should acc
  10. When i wrote Sikhi is not a Buffet, where we can choose to mix and match, why is that the Dasam Granth is not taken for its entirety? People removed the Dasam Granth thanks to the SGPC, but then as you said why do we get some prayers from it. What about the rest of the Dasam Granth, why is it not an integral part of "mainstream Skihi" today? The website shastarvidya.com contains many references to the Dasam Granth including the Hindu Demigods, yet people seem to condemn their work and efforts.
  11. Your aswer to the prevoius post was answered on this site on a different link.
  12. Harbhajan Singh Yogi is a Sant in the definition, there is absolutely nothing bad to be said about him. I have met him and seems very down to earth. He practices Sikhi and preaches Sikhi. So cant be much wrong there. He goes by Guru Granth Sahib so there is no hesitation in saying his seva should go without saying bad stuff. He is rich, he has many gas stations, but he does parchar for the sangat. So what if he gives names to converting Sikhs. Is that a big deal? He gives names that are inspirational. I think those Sikhs in New Mexico are refreshing as they are devout Sikhs without the Punjabi
  13. With all love and interest for the panth. I can tell you that Ustad Nihang Niddhar Singh Ji does not aim to confuse Singhs around the world. And to the Singh of Muslim descent, The muslims that were of that time and age of that location were converts to the religion adopting the Islamic faith, so even they understood the stories of Chandi etc. The dasam granth cannot be excluded from the panth, but should not be taken as Bani, asthe purest without a doubt bani is the SGGS. But it is so wrong to disclaim it, afterall Sikhi is not a buffet, if in rehit some people read some paath from Dasam
  14. I really cant see what all the fuss is about! If you personally email Ustad Nihang Niddhar Singh Ji he will explain his motive and the promotion of Shastarvidya. It is part of the direct martial status of the Sikhs and Warriors of old. The relationship of "Hindu Gods" are stories of inspiration and not for worship. Many warriors were of different background who fought along with Guru Maheraj. If during the Dehli riots Sikhs had practiced Shastarvidya, then im sure there would have been less casualties. We are not only trying to better ourselves mentally but physically as well. Peace is g
  15. theres allot of apney people who have negative views against the gurdwara - ive heard many people say bad stuff about the gurdwara just for a laugh - its not a laughing matter - u say something bad about the gurdwara and ur sayin something bad about the path to waheguru THIS IS NOT FOR A LAUGH. Its a valid point/question that i felt strongly about so i posted. If i say something bad about the gurdwara im sayin something bad about the path to Waheguru? Well I guess i am the ultimate sinner after my post. Gurwara is just a building for worship. The SGGS is the essence of the building. But if
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