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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLEw2OJdED8...;search=sikhism
  2. Saadh Sangat ji i have never seen such a disrespect of Jugo Jug atal Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ,I am very upset to see all that stuff and i want all of u too see it because its a shameful thing which is happening to us,If any one knows any right person who can take action regarding this disrespect plz inform him,as i cant stand such a disrespect of our guru,and i know that no one could,plz do something abt it Guru fathe
  3. i remmeber that ther was one sikhi ftp server but now i am not able to access it ,to see weather there r any updates in it ,is it still running and is therr any other ftp server also plz let me know ,i was talking abt ftp://www.sa.sikhiserver.co.uk/ password is neosingh and user u37971150-sa is it right plz tell me as soona s possible thankyou http://gurmatsms.googlepages.com
  4. Saadh Sangat ji plz see the site gurmatsms.googlepages.com and sanjitcool.googlepages.com dont add www to it thnakyou Guru fathe
  5. Sangat ji can any one tell me from wher i could download gurmat ,khalsa movie and and inspirational one also plz give me the site name or download like Guru fathe
  6. Can any one help me finding flash files ,gurmat veechar and banis imade in flash ,with the extenssion *.swf ,i need them any banis ,plz post soon it will be great help thankyou
  7. Sat Sri Akal ?(truth is god) veerji if any one is interested in receiving gurmat sms arround india on their mobile phones ,then plz send me the names and phone no's (try to send as many as u can,of ur relatives and manymore ) and u will all receive gurmat sms one per day ,u can alos contact me on satsriakal1@rediffmail.com Daas walo ae koshih rahege ki o ke sms roj bhej sake WaheGuru Ji Ka khalsa WaheGuru Ji KI fathe (Khalsa Belongs to waheGuru And victory also belongs to Him) bhul chuckan di mafi
  8. sanjit_h


    veerji caqn u tell me the name of the group or any of their contact no i would like to join the group plz reply fast thankyou WaheGuru ji ka khalsa WaheGuru ji ki fathe
  9. i have win 2000 pro plz help me
  10. can any one help me i have lost my admin password how to recover it or change it plz help me thanks waiting for your reply
  11. sanjit_h


    WaheGuru ji ka khalsa WaheGuru ji ki fathe Veereji i am telling that is it possible for us to form a group and send sms to all sikh people arround india and abroad also, can there be any chance of it , i want that people should atleast remember god ( akal purakh) because some of them dont have time to check email nor websites so i want to target them through sms Soory if my language is little straight and rude Sorry if ui have hurt anyone or any feelings ,Plz see this read this and do reply to this post it is an important topic Thankyou Sat Sri Akal WaheGuru ji ka khalsa Wa
  12. sanjit_h


    Sat Sri Akal Satnam sri waheguru Saadh Sangat Ji Does any one know about the group of sikhs who send sms to each other ( relegious sms ) if any one know about the groups plz tell me too as i want to register my name there as well as form a new group as them any one interested should aslo conatct me Thankyou in advance Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe
  13. Wahe guru ji ka khalsa whae guru ji ki fathe veerjio can any one send me the cd sikh di pechan by post plz reply soon bye guru fathe
  14. PLz reply to my post is any one has them ansd can send them to me plz
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